5 Ways URL Shorteners Can Boost Your Marketing

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Social media presence, advertisements, interaction with the audience, and overall any kind of marketing is essential for the success of a business. Obviously, there is a possibility for a company to reach a certain level of success without any kind of marketing, but it will be at a much lower level. If you want to push even further, you will have to consider useful in advance marketing strategies. These days, it can be difficult to keep up with all those different strategies. The most popular and expensive one has to be the use of URL shorteners.

Right now you are probably wondering what your URLs have to do anything with boosting the marketing of your business. Well, I reacted the same way, but once you delve a little bit deeper into the subject, you will find out that it actually can be quite helpful.

The URLs that you share or post on social media platforms or on your own website, it is a direct way that you communicate with your audience. It boosts your SEO, makes sure posts cleaner which leads to a better experience for the user.

There are so many benefits to using URL shorteners, it does not make sense not to use these. They will not cost you a thing while providing you with a certain number of advantages. If you are still not convinced why you should implement a URL shortener in your daily tasks at the office, I would recommend reading through this article to see you how a better URL can help.

1. Provides better tracking

You probably did not know this, but most of the URL shorteners that you can find online have implemented all kinds of information tracking. With it, you can track a lot more things that you could not in the past. You can obtain all kinds of data from certain people. You will be able to see the number of clicks on the link, the location, the time and they pressed that link, and a bunch of other data that you can opt-in or out of.

Keep in mind, the number of different options will depend entirely on the website for URL shortening you decided to use. Some are rich with several features and others are simple and fast.

Also, I am not sure about this, but I believe there are some websites out there that require payment for premium features. Some want one-time payment while others rely on a subscription-based payment.

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2. Makes your posts cleaner

Owning a business in 2024 means that you have to be very active on almost every social media. The number of clients that you will get will proportionally increase as you become more active on your social media profiles. I advised every start a business to make an account everywhere including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

But, when you start posting stuff on your profiles, there is one thing that you cannot forget about. To make all of your posts more aesthetically pleasing and cleaner, you will have to rely on a URL shortener. Instead of posting a link that is 100 characters long, you can post a URL that is only 10 or 15 characters long. Depending on the website they use, you might even get a link with even fewer characters.

Obviously, you will need to use a well-known and reliable site otherwise your audience will be hesitant on clicking on such a “sketchy” link.

You also get an option to modify the URL to your advantage. So, instead of using random numbers or letters, you can basically write anything you want. Obviously, you want your link to be a word and something very easy to remember as suggested by encurtaa.com.

3. Makes sharing easier

Whenever someone from your audience wants to share what you have posted, they have to enter the link and then copy it from the address bar. This is much easier than having to copy a URL in between text. It is especially difficult when the length of the URL is over 100 characters.

Once the link is shared, the other user will also have a bad experience if it is hundreds of characters long.

Fortunately, with a URL shortener, you can fix that. It makes the experience for everyone much better and smoother. The first user that wants to share the website, you can just copy that link which will be only 10 characters long. They will not have to copy it from the address bar after opening the link because they can just copy it directly from the post.

The other user that receives the message from the first user will also have a much better experience because their messages will not be clutter a URL that is simply too long.

Keep in mind, if you are URL is easily recognizable with familiar words, it can even be shared out of the digital world. Yes, URLs today can be shared words to mouth. That is also another benefit that you should definitely consider. To get more information on this topic visit rebrandly.com.

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4. Improved brand visibility

As I said previously, you can customize your URL in any way you want. Of course, adding the entire name of your business into the URL is not exactly the most efficient use of this kind of marketing. Instead, if you are creative, you can think of a way to shorten the name of your business and then implement it into your URL.

A great example of good use of a link shortener has to be Amazon. Instead of linking their entire website, they just share their amzn.to URL which looks much cleaner and it is recognizable. Once you read the link, you immediately understand that it is related to Amazon in one way or another.

5. Increased trust

Once your clients and your audience see that you have invested time and effort to shorten your URLs, they will understand that you are ready to do anything to improve their experience and to make their surfing safer. This builds a certain level of trust between your business and your customers.

I could go on with several other ways URL shorteners can boost your marketing, but I believe these five points I made are the most important ones. I hope that after reading this article, I have convinced you to start using this to your advantage.