U.S. 2024 Election and What to Learn From It

The 2024 Presidential election is said to be one of the most significant elections in America’s history. It was the 59th quadrennial presidential election that was held on the 3rd of November 2024. This election saw a record number of ballots cast early and by mail. This was due to the ongoing pandemic that also resulted in a delay in vote counting and reporting.

The race for the U.S. election 2024 was set, and the results would significantly impact the world. Millions of people worldwide were keen to know the winners of this election that makes it so unique. President Donald Trump was the nominee from the Republican side, whereas against him was Joe Biden, a nominee from the Democratic side. Due to the pandemic, this election was fought between the two in a very different manner.

All the campaigns were done indoors. For the first time in American election history, there were no rallies or rope lines to be seen. There are generally two main parties in the U.S. Election. These parties are better known as Democrats and Republicans. There are other third parties, too, named Libertarian, Green, and several others who put forward their nominees.

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Donald Trump from the Republican Party will be fighting for his second term. From the start, President Trump has been keen on reshaping the American government in an unprecedented manner. The refocusing of foreign policies also has caused a significant impact on the economy of the nation. On the other hand, Joe Biden, the Democratic Party representative, has been projected as a liberal candidate that is eligible to represent them as the president.

The election of 2024 has shown a consistent fall in Trump’s approval rating. Though Trump has been seeing decreasing in popularity, there is no certainty that Trump would lose the election. Taking reference from the 2016 election where the results showed a mismatch between the popular votes and Electoral College outcomes. Though Hillary Clinton was winning with more than 2.9 million popular votes, she lost the Trump election.

This does not seem to be the case in the 2024 election. The Democrats defended a new majority, including the 31 districts that President Trump had won in the 2016 election. They had also planned to target another 44 Republican seats in Alaska, North Carolina, and Florida.

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The election of 2024 was significant for Indians as well. This is because Trump’s America First Policy and strict immigration norms have put many Indians in a confused state living in America. Despite the good relations between Modi and Trump there, have been minimal efforts to encourage trade and immigration with India. If Trump is to win, Indian may face the problem for the next five years. With Joe Biden winning the election of 2024, many Indians living in the country are relaxed as they hope the restriction will be eased with the beginning of Joe Biden’s term.

Joe Biden has promised many things before the election to Indians immigrants. He has pledged to reverse the VISA restrictions set by the Trump administration. He will also be eliminating the country quota for green cards. These are some of the issues, which are essential for the Indian American community living there. They hope, will be resolved with the beginning of Joe Biden’s term.

U.S. 2024 Election Results:

The U.S. election 2024 witnessed the defeat of Donald Trump by a considerable margin. Despite Trump’s continued refusal to formally concede, it was Joe Biden’s victory. Joe Biden was elected the 46th president of the United States on the day of the election results. Millions of people worldwide waited silently to know the newest, most powerful man in the world.

This election has shown us many things: how crucial independent journalism is in a democracy.

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What can we learn from the Election of 2024?

There is a lot to learn from the Election of 2024. Click here to learn more. This election has shown American citizens and the entire nation what power independent journalism has in a democracy. It is said that a lot of the reporting is done by the independent journalist, which was fact based. This took the election in the hands of Joe Biden. Below are some of the points that the 2024 Election can teach us all.

  • Many believe that politics are local, but the truth is that it is even smaller than that. Politics are personal, and that is one thing that this election has taught us. The personal view of every person in the nation matters. When it comes to the elections, there is no group of parties. It is all personal. We, for the betterment of the nation, should have positive views that shape the country personally.
  • When the country works in debate mode rather than focusing on the issues, chaos is waiting to happen. The person in power has to improve the nation’s situations better than debating about it.
  • To get the voters’ confidence, political parties should focus on their people and not on the needs of the politicians. Voting should not be for survival but the expression of liberty. If we start voting for survival, then the country is heading for a significant loss. This election has taught us how important the people are for the nation and what can be done.
  • This election taught us that there should be more diversification in the candidate’s s that all government levels are represented. This will also help get good feedback from the entire population at large—the white people who hold 60% of the U.S. population hold around 78% of seats. If there is more diversification, the country would connect to more people and take their feedback for the betterment.
Source: European Parliamentary Research Service Blog


The election of 2024 was very different and would be remembered for years to come. The citizens made the best use of the election and voted in large numbers. The states also played a very positive role by ensuring they counted every ballot that came their way. The win of Joe Biden in the 2024 U.S. Election would one day go down in history. Still, the integrity and liberty practiced in this election by the citizens would be remembered forever.