6 Advantages of Using GRP Grating for Riser Void

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We know very well how difficult construction jobs can be and how much effort and caution they require. They can be classified as one of the most difficult physical jobs, as well as the most dangerous. Precisely for this reason, the emphasis of construction companies as well as employees should be on the safety of work performance. Everyone who deals with this type of work is aware of how dangerous raiser voids can be. Due to the high chance of injuries at these openings, companies are trying to alleviate, or better said to reduce the fear of employee injuries and increase their safety by introducing GRP grating.

So what exactly are GRP gratings and what is their purpose? Their best function is security. However, during the execution of construction works, mechanical and electrical services, i.e. their transmission and installation, are the biggest pain for the workers. To facilitate the flexibility in the movement of the tools required for M&E services, glass-reinforced plastic, called GRP grating, was made. So what is their secret, what are their advantages? Stay with us and find out more about it below.

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1. Ease of installation

The great advantage of GRP grating is its lightness and material strength. It is made in such a way that it is extremely resistant and strong against impacts, falls and stuff like that, and on the other hand, it is very light, which makes it easier to carry and move. That’s exactly what the construction industry needs, isn’t it? This is an extremely important feature of this grating because it can bear a lot of weight. Considering that all construction tools and materials are extremely heavy, it makes it easier for you to get rid of the burden due to its great endurance. Although it has high endurance, its lightness is simply amazing. This gives speed to the installation and transportation of these grids.

2. Easy maintenance

Given that the most demanding construction works are those that take place outside, often at great heights, there is always a fear of the weather, what it will be like, whether the rain will damage the material and make the work more difficult, etc. With GRP grating you won’t have to worry! The maintenance costs of this tool are extremely low. For the reason that the material from which it is made is resistant to UV radiation, resistant to impact, does not allow the possibility of sparks, the material is non-slip made of quartz, etc. Its wear is almost non-existent, and if it is, it is very rare. It is also protected from mold. So let’s conclude: its maintenance is really simple and easy, which entails less need to change it, as well as lower costs. Ideal right?

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3. Affordable price

We are used to the fact that the start of construction of any kind costs a fortune in advance. Not only do the tools and workers cost a lot, but also the materials that are needed for the smooth execution of the work. However, the grids in question will probably require the smallest investments so far. Because their price is very affordable, and considering the durable material, you will not need new grilles, but the already purchased ones will serve you for a very long time. Also, the price depends on the manufacturer, so on this occasion, you can see the most affordable ones here https://www.risergrating.co.uk/.

4. Flexibility

If you have already been interested in GRP grating, you probably noticed that it is produced and sold in the same size. For those who know little about this product, this will be a huge problem and they will probably end up giving up because that size does not fit their building list. However, this is exactly their huge advantage. GRP can take any shape and adapt to any type of construction plan. Although we talked about its strength and endurance, its flexibility is incredible. This means that it is very easy to cut them, touch them, and make them exactly the shape and size that will fit your container. This again makes it very easy to install as well as the transport to any height and weight of available places.

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5. Detachable from the base

Some construction sites need surfaces that can be separated from the ground. There is a great need for this type of substrate in places where liquid leakage is required. GRP grating can meet these needs as well. There is the possibility of adjusting them and moving the grid up to 600mm up. After you adjust it to a height that corresponds to the description of your job, you immediately fix the grating and you have no fear that it will be unplanned lower or move from the place of fixation.

6. Impact resistance

You could conclude by now that GRP grating is resistant to pressure, shocks and heavy weights. We emphasize this advantage once again because we know how important it is in performing this risky job. The incredible thing about this tool is that no matter how much weight it is holding at a given moment when the load is removed it returns to its original position. So, don’t worry anymore if this tool can bear certain weight, or if you have to change it after a certain weight on it. Be calm, because your grating will remain intact.

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As you could read in the text above, GRP grating for riser void has many advantages for carrying out construction work. We’ve pointed out 6 of them but be sure that there are more. No matter in which environment you’ll do your job, it’s very important to know that you and your tools are secured properly. However, we advise you to check whether this tool meets your requirements before purchasing them, and additionally find out whether these grating can meet your expectations. If you realize that the answer is yes, we are sure that you will find a great friend in construction work. And in the end, don’t forget that security always comes first!