Benefits of Using LED Grow Lights for Your Indoor Plants

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The most natural and best way to grow crops is in gardens, where they can absorb solar energy and thus grow into beautiful plants or delicious fruits and vegetables. However, the problem occurs with people who don’t have the conditions to grow plants in their backyards or gardens, or who live in apartment buildings. They don’t have agricultural soil that can be used for these purposes and are mostly forced to adapt to the existing conditions. This often requires planting in areas that don’t have a sufficient supply of sunlight, which, we will agree, is quite necessary. This has led experts to think about looking for an alternative solution. A lot of money has been invested in ventilation systems in order to emit excessive heat and energy released from older lamps, but that was not an adequate solution to the problem. Thus, several types of lighting for houseplants were created, including LED Grow Lights.

From year to year, modern LED technology is gaining in popularity. It has imposed itself as a perfect solution with continuous development, as these lights are specially designed to reduce energy loss and increase the spectrum while meeting crop needs.

These are only some of the advantages that make this modern technology special. Pay attention to some more below.

1. Constant growth

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We could say that this kind of lighting is true good news for plants. The constant presence of sunlight is necessary for continuous growth. Unfortunately, the sun is present only in the first part of the day, and after sunset, the plants remain without the support and the basic source of life and enter the dormant phase until the next day.

LED technology enabled the dose of fake sunlight throughout the day. It can be used for 24 hours without significantly affecting the temperature. In this way, an ideal replacement for daylight at the right time seems to be able to maximize the power of fast flowering. This means that you will have to wait much less to see the products of your investment effort and you will have perfect conditions – even indoors.

2. Extended lifespan

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Unlike the average light bulb, LEDs are gaining in popularity due to their extended lifespan compared to their predecessors. The reason for that are lower operating temperatures, thanks to which they tend to save a lot and manage to last up to 50,000 hours. You will agree that a big step has been made in this way compared to traditional devices that produce a lot of heat and thus shorten the lifespan.

The long duration is very convenient for the customers themselves. Thanks to this feature, they won’t have to change the bulbs frequently. You will make your pocket happy and save yourself big expenses, preventing constant and unnecessary spending. This might also give you additional motivation to use these systems and make you enjoy planting that will not require complicated maintenance or high investments.

Many manufacturers will offer long-term guarantees precisely because of these characteristics. Also, believes that free telephone support is very important and will always be available to you and provide you with the best possible quality of service, at good prices.

3. Energy saving

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Predecessors of LED technology consumed a large amount of energy to emit heat and produce a sufficient amount of light. However, the new technology we are talking about does not need to burn anything for production, which implies some great energy savings.

This fact is especially beneficial for users since it will significantly reduce the electricity bill, which has certainly been much higher when using different types of lighting. The savings are estimated at as much as 60% – and, compared to traditional systems, the level of efficiency is much higher.

4. A more environmentally friendly solution

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Nowadays, ecology seems to be of high significance and people increasingly become aware of that. All efforts have been made to preserve the quality of the environment and everything that is produced with an environmental business policy has a great advantage over other products for which it is not a priority.

LED lighting is a fantastic environmentally friendly alternative to HID technology. We claim this because they are completely recyclable, unlike these others that are characterized by a high amount of mercury, which can be very harmful to the environment. In the first case, there are no harmful substances, which means that growing plants indoors will not endanger you.

Besides, it greatly reduces the need for chemical treatment with pesticides and herbicides, which creates favorable conditions for plants.

5. Better for work

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If you’re a business owner or you work in a company, you know very well how significant maximum savings are when it comes to all types of costs. What matters is the profit that the company makes and the maximum reduction of losses, but without losing the quality of the work process.

Most companies enrich their interiors with pots and planters full of flowers and other greenery and try to provide them with the necessary care to progress well and beautify the interior for a long time. By investing in LED devices, companies save energy and thus reduce the cost of high bills, but also the constant replacement of plants due to decay of different kinds. And, well, there’s no need for artificial flowers that will never look as beautiful and realistic as natural!

6. Improves plant health

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The burning effect achieved by using traditional methods can lead to plant damage and cause it to dry out and decay. In such case all your efforts will fail and you will probably lose motivation to continue taking care of your plants, as emitting harmful UV rays can only cause damage and bring crops to the stage where they will require much more water and energy to survive.

You can ensure a healthier life of the plant only with modern LED devices whose radiation is not so aggressive. They have a very mild effect on the plant and support its survival, so it will not have to make an effort on its own to survive. With this treatment, it will look nicer, healthier, and enrich the interior for a long time.

We hope this list of benefits has helped you see the value of LED lighting and the reasons why it would be good to start using it in your household. You will help reduce the impact on the environment and save money by not overpaying for electricity. On the other hand, your plants will have all the necessary light and care and will remain healthy for a long,long time. It’s worth it, right?