Tips and Tricks for Using No Deposit Free Spins

Casino games are fun, but also a great way to earn some money here and there. However, gambling can be addictive and sometimes people tend to go too far with investing money for such purposes. A smart gambler, the one who plays for the sake of a game, not gain, should know there are tricks on how to play with no or minimal deposit investments. How to have fun, with minimum risk.

Bonuses one gest without depositing money enable gamblers to play what they like, with no risk involved. This comes in handy especially when a player needs some more experience in a particular game, or when they want to find a suitable game just for them. For beginners, it’s an opportunity that should not be wasted, because it helps them build skills and knowledge, without having to spend money.

The bottom line is, everybody likes a bonus with no deposit required. They’re not only given to those who just registered, but also to frequent players after some time.

Slot games have been on the list of the most popular games since forever. A special kind of bonus platforms offer when it comes to slots, are the free spins. Let’s see what tips and tricks you can use to gain bonuses in this particular game.

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What are they for…?

The name should say it all, but let’s widen the story a little bit. It’s a type of bonus where a player gets a number of free spins, or rounds to play, for using a particular type of slot or a group of slots. There a couple of methods to use and earn them, but more or less they all work on the same basis.

Once you get the bonus, you will have to switch to the slot or slots where the promised number of spins awaits you. These spins come associated with a certain monetary value, usually a minimum bet, but sometimes the platform will issue free spins of higher value.

Here’s an example, to illustrate. Let’s say you get 10 free spins, worth 10 cents each. It would equivalent to getting a single dollar bonus, without investing your own money. However, before you actually earn the money, you have to perform the spinning 10 times. The amount of your gain will depend on how many individual spins you performed and winning combinations you got while spinning.


Where to find free spins

The game gamblers tend to play the most online are definitely slots, therefore this is the reason why most platforms offer free spins as a welcome or a reload bonus. For instance, you can get lucky and be given 100% of your bonus, worth up to 100$, pus 70 to 100 free spins to increase the amount of money on the account.

Very often, these deposit-based offers include a larger number of free spins, and the initial spin value may be higher. But how do you know these bonuses are reliable? Where do you find them and be sure they’re not a fraud? There are websites such as which list all reliable platforms you can play on, based on free spins. Moreover, the list is updated daily, so whichever platform you choose, you can be sure there are no hidden tricks behind it. Probably if you google, you can find such websites, but there is no guarantee they are reliable. Reliability is what you’re searching for.

Take advantage of multiple platforms

The best trick you can use to play for free, especially now when you have the list of reliable platforms, is to select a couple of them and play on each. Since each of them gives you a free spin option, select those you like the most and start your journey by opening accounts – registering. When you finish setting up your profile on each of them, treat yourself to a casino night.

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Use special offers

Just as is the case with shopping, casinos also follow the trend of treating their customers with special offers on significant dates, like the famous Black Friday or holidays. A good strategy for collecting free spins is to keep track of when each platform will give a special offer, and use it to your advantage.

Giving the fact that the industry is so active and constantly changing, new slots are being added to virtual shelves almost daily. So, to lure the players to try out a new game, a platform will often offer a bonus with free spins for a newly released slot. These bonuses sometimes require a deposit, but it often happens that the platform simply offers a few free spins to a bunch of players without special conditions. It can be you.

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Using a VPN won’t work

Many players underestimate casinos and think that if they use a different address it will give them more spins. Or even worse, they think the casino won’t know if the VPN is on. If you’ve thought about tricking the casino, thing again… The industry is making billions for a reason, therefore better to play fair and stay on the platform, then to cheat and be banned.

Many are not even aware that they can enjoy their favorite games without depositing their own cash. No-deposit platforms give players the opportunity to win free cash bonuses with minimal effort. The listed bonuses are not only free, but are also regularly updated, with a marked link to each of these online casinos. It’s as easy as following a coin trail that leads to a treasure.

By taking advantage of such bonus, you get chips that you can use to play your favorite game, without risking your own money and without any financial obligation. It’s a fantastic way to try out some casino games that you may have never seen before and want to practice, or test a platform to see if there are any games and offers, you’re looking for.