3 Cost-effective Video Content Ideas to Grow Any Online Business

Anyone with access to the internet is watching more and more video content every day. So if you are an online business struggling to compete with the big names out there, video marketing can be a powerful and effective way to give your business more visibility.

63 percent of businesses consider video marketing as an effective form of online marketing since videos offer the best ROI on social media.  Over 84 percent of people are convinced to try out a new product due to the brand’s video marketing efforts. And that’s not all — including videos on landing pages can even increase conversion rates by over 80 percent.

Videos help you communicate a lot of information concisely that can guide a buyer through different stages of the buyer’s journey and increase purchases. Compared to text-based posts, videos are easily consumable and shareable. Moreover, search engines also favor video content over other formats, and in 2024, over 80 percent of all web traffic is supposed to consist of videos alone.

If you want to expand your online marketing efforts through video content but still have doubts about how effective videos are, this blog will give you reasons why video marketing should feature in your digital marketing toolbox and also tell you three cost-effective video ideas you can use for growing your business.

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Why video marketing works?

In a competitive landscape where the audience has a shrinking attention span, the challenge to stand out in the crowd is real. Unless your online marketing efforts are geared towards attracting more customers and creating a memorable experience for them, you may fail to showcase the full potential of what your business has to offer.

Video marketing makes it easy for you to cut through the clutter. Most people enjoy watching videos because they are educative, entertaining, and engaging. Videos get an edge over lengthy text advertising because no one has the time to read about what makes your product unique — 72 percent of the audience choose video content over text to learn about a new product or service when presented with both options on a website. They also help develop a stronger brand affiliation through audio and visual stimulation. Lastly, video content allows you to establish a deeper bond with the viewers and establish your credibility as a brand.

Creating videos from scratch is highly time-consuming. While outsourcing the video production to an external agency is an option, it is usually expensive, and most online businesses do not have sufficient resources. Instead, you can always use free online video editors to streamline the video-making process. Besides, you don’t have to be a video editing pro to use these platforms for creating professional-looking videos for your online business. The pre-designed templates make the whole experience trouble-free.

Cost-effective video content ideas to grow your online business

There are various video ideas you can explore for creating your online marketing strategy. However, to ensure that video marketing works for your online business, you need to be careful about the type of video content you display.

Here some ideas to get you started:

1. Promo Videos

Source: Web Publisher PRO

Promo videos are a great way to promote your business and can be created in minutes with an easy online promo video editor like Clipchamp. You can also use them for targeted marketing, giving a solid boost to sales. For example, if you are offering a discount on athletic wear from your brand, the promo video can highlight the offer.

These videos also work well for creating top-of-the-funnel awareness and narrate your brand story. That’s why it is best not to get into too many details about the product. Instead, focus on the promotional aspect using attention-grabbing titles, catchy music, and compelling visuals. Always create multiple versions of the promo video for social media accounts to avoid repetitive content on the feed.

2. Testimonial Videos

Source: Point in Time Studios

When it comes to word-of-mouth marketing for promoting your online business, testimonial videos from existing customers can come in handy. Providing testimonials along with the product listing can increase purchasing decisions by almost 4x. You can also use testimonial videos for establishing your credibility, as 72 percent of consumers find that testimonials make it easier for them to trust a business.

For a compelling testimonial video, focus on narrating a powerful story to pique the interests of others. Every video should have a clear structure to keep things interesting — it should start with a brief introduction of the customer and the critical pain points, move on to explain why your product stood out, and finally why others should try the product. Always encourage your clients to record the testimonial video without memorizing a boring script, as it will help showcase their genuine feelings.

3. Demo Videos

Source: Three Girls Media

If you are keen on explaining your products’ features to your potential customers, demo videos can do that in just a few minutes. Such videos can also skyrocket your sales, as 84 percent of customers end up purchasing a product after watching a demo video.

To create an impressive demo video, know your target audience and marketing objective — do you want to build brand awareness or actually get the audience to subscribe/purchase the product? List out the features you want to highlight through the video. If you need a demo video of software or a website, you can always use a screen recorder. For instance, you can take inspiration from this demo video by Headspace that explains how to use the app for meditation. The video stands out for its ability to communicate in a quirky yet concise style.

You can also record a voiceover to demo videos to make them more persuasive.

Final Words

Video marketing is an extremely powerful technique to promote your business and take it to the next level.

We hope that the video ideas shared in this article inspire you to create your own engaging videos. With a little bit of creativity in your online marketing efforts, these videos can convert potential customers and help you achieve your business goals.