3 VIP Casinos Around the World

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There are many casinos around the world that cater to VIP players. Most of the world famous casino resorts offer special perks to high rollers that are willing to bet big and risk losing a lot of money. You can enjoy the best of the best in terms of gaming and amenities and you’ll get plenty of free perks along the way. According to www.CasinoRobots.com there are also many high stakes casinos online and you can find them on their site.

Red Carpet Treatment

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If you’re looking for a place where you’ll be treated like a king or a queen, there are some casinos that you simply can’t miss. Make sure that you put them on your bucket list so that you can experience the most luxurious time of your life.

Some of the benefits offered to high-stakes players include free flights, hotel rooms, spa experiences, events, meals and shows. When you arrive at the closest airport to the casino you’ll be met with a chauffeured car to pick you up. You’ll be provided with a luxury suite in the hotel that has been designed especially for high rollers. In fact, there are some VIP gamblers that can spend many months in these suites.

The casino wants you to feel completely comfortable during your stay. You may expect to receive free gifts, bottles of aged, rare wine and a variety of other benefits. If you need anything and don’t want to leave the resort because you’re too busy in the casino, a private shopper can be arranged for you. The idea is to keep you free and not having to run any errands so that you can spend more time gambling.

You can also expect to receive larger deposit bonuses, faster withdrawals, more loyalty points and high-priority customer support. Take a look at the 3 VIP casinos below to find out the ones that we recommend highly.

1. Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

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Located in downtown Las Vegas you’ll find the cosmopolitan right beside the Bellagio. It offers more than 100,000 ft.² of space for gaming with plenty of high-stakes opportunities. Although it isn’t the biggest casino in Vegas, it’s definitely one of the best for high rollers and VIPs.

One of the things that sets this casino apart from the others is its penthouse suites, which are available by invitation only. You cannot go into the hotel and book a room on your own unless you have been personally invited to do so by the staff. In order to receive an invitation you’ll have to gamble in the 3-room area found on the 71st floor. This is where you can experience the tables with the highest limits.

There are slot machines in another gaming area allowing you to place bets up to $500. These are apart from the invitation-only gaming spaces. These machines are located in the area for high limit slots, which is very impressive. In this part of the casino you can experience the FastPay Technology that provides direct jackpot payments. In this area you’ll also find the Tarzan slot machine with its top jackpot resetting at $20,000.

There is another games lounge with high limit tables with all bets starting at $100. Here you can play baccarat, roulette and blackjack and you’ll have the ability to bet high. You don’t need an invitation to play in this part of the casino.

2. Sun City Casino, South Africa

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If you’re looking to get away from it all to experience a luxurious casino then head over to Sun City to experience one of the best VIP casinos in the world. Sun City is a popular destination for tourists and the casino has a great reputation for catering to high rollers.

This casino opened its doors in 1979 and it features 2 golf courses and 4 hotels. The Gary Player Country Club is also located here and attracts some of the best golfers in the world due to its world-renowned tournaments. Many players that want to bet big choose the Sun City Hotel Casino as their preferred destination. There are progressive jackpots on some of the 330 slot machines and the casino offers roulette, punto banco, poker and blackjack tables.

High rollers know that $1 million stakes are a regular occurrence here. VIPs hold a membership and are provided with a Sun MVG card, which allows them to gain access to the exclusive Salon Prive where the minimum bets for VIP gaming start at 500R. Experience something different by booking a trip to South Africa to enjoy all the luxury features provided by the Sun City Casino.

3. Wynn Resort and Casino

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This is another luxury casino located in Las Vegas where you can bet high and hope that lady luck is on your side. It is considered to be one of the best high roller casinos in the city and across the world. If you aren’t a VIP you can take part in the gaming in one of the largest casinos to be found in Las Vegas. It has almost 200,000 ft.² of gaming area.

If you’re travelling here as a high roller you should be prepared to bet anywhere from $10,000 all the way up to $50,000 per night. You should also be willing to bet a minimum of $250 per hand. You’ll be allowed to enter a private VIP room where you can maximize your bets and enjoy all of the perks and benefits offered in these exclusive rooms.

If you are a serious high roller you’ll want to be sure to make your way to the Wynn Sky Casino. This is for VIPs that are willing to bring their game up to the next level. This casino is located on the 63rd floor of the Encore Tower. In order to play here it’s expected that you have booked a private room. You’ll also need to have an available bankroll of at least $300,000. This is the place to go when you want to experience the ultimate gaming opportunities.

When you are a high roller you don’t want to waste your time looking for the best VIP casinos around the world. This is why we have highlighted 3 of the very best for you. Now it’s time to pack your bags and book an amazing getaway to one of these exceptional high roller casinos.