How Do VIP Players on Gamstop Control Their Money? – 2024 Guide

When talking about gambling, we can say that is among the most popular forms of entertainment out there. But it needs to be said that this is not characteristic only for this day and age. Instead, we can see that people were highly interested in it since history remembers. Naturally, the games have evolved throughout the years to the ones we now have in front of us.

However, the level of organization is at on much higher level than ever in history. The main reason for this is that casino games are more available than ever before. For instance, you can access them whenever you want through your mobile device. Throughout history, there were been people who suffered from gambling addiction and this remains a big problem.

Meaning, they were an addiction to the adrenaline rush caused by the uncertainty of what the result will be. That’s why these people require some limitations. We can see that celebrities have agreed to some limitations when they play at land-based casinos.

Nowadays, you can do the same thing with gambling sites. You can do it by using a tool called Gamstop. But the question is how does this tool affect VIP players? Let’s find out all there is to know about it.

How Popular Is Online Gambling?

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The popularity of online gambling is a pretty high level for more than a decade. Yet, we can see that the global pandemic of COVID-19 had a positive effect on it. Today, it is way more popular than it was ever before. For instance, before the pandemic players were allowed to visit land-based casinos. When the pandemic struck, they were immediately closed. That’s why they need for gamstop has increased significantly.

A vast majority of gamblers who didn’t have any kind of experience with this form of gambling started playing on these. It needs to be said that it isn’t used only by people who have developed an addiction. It is also used by many of those who are careful enough to prevent this thing from getting out of control. As you can see, gamstop has an enormous potential when it comes to players who could be interested in using it. It is one of the key reasons why it has reached a high level of popularity these days.

How Gamstop Works on These Sites?

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Gamstop is software that provides players with a chance to limit the amount of money or time they will spend on a gambling site. As you can presume, there are sites where this software cannot be used. We are talking about international sites, who are not under the control of a certain country. For instance, these sites are launched in countries like Malta and San Marino where there is no regulation.

If you want to take a look at some of these, be sure to pay a visit to Instead, they are available only on sites that are under certain jurisdictions. But it needs to be said that a vast majority of these sites are not verified. Therefore, they are not safe to play at. That doesn’t mean that they will cheat you out of your money. But you will certainly need to be careful when playing at them.

The best example is seeing sites that are under the UK’s gambling commission and its set of regulations. With them, it is possible to use software like gamspot and impose some limitations on yourself. When you have crossed a certain limit, your game will be immediately stopped. After that, you will not be able to visit that particular website for a certain amount of time, which depends on your wishes.

How Does This Software Help You?

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Not only that you will not be able to continue the game you participate in, but you will also be prevented from experiencing that adrenaline rush. Why is this a good thing? Well, we’ve said that people who have developed a gambling addiction are hooked on two things, adrenaline rush and expectation of what the result will be. When the player is unable to experience it, the addictiveness will slowly get less harsh.

Naturally, we know that the best way to stop gambling completely requires you to, well, not gamble. However, using gamstop represents a great starting point that will provide you with at least some feelings about what is enough for that moment. According to some surveys, we can see that roughly 30% of gamblers who use gamstop claim that they have succeeded with putting their addictiveness under at least some kind of control.

How Does it Work for VIP Players?

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As you can see, software like gamstop has proved highly efficient when it comes to preventing people from developing even more serious cases of gambling addiction. The same can be said about both professional players and those who are just interested in entertaining themselves for a certain amount of time. However, it needs to be said that there is a VIP program for gamstop players.

By subscribing to this program, you can choose how much time you can ban yourself from online gambling. The range of possibilities is pretty wide. It can go from one week to five years. Practically, you can increase the amount of time by week every time you feel the need to do it. Sure, by preventing yourself from betting a large amount of money you can spend it on a wide array of different things.

The Bottom Line

Since we are living in a digital age when a vast majority of our daily obligations can be taken care of online, the need for certain tools has skyrocketed. Without any doubt, gambling is one of these fields. That’s why software like gamstop has managed to reach countless gamblers out there.

By the way, things look right now, it is safe to say that it has enormous potential and that it will have even more users in the future. Before you use it, you should be aware of the vital characteristics of this software. Here, you can take a look at a couple of important ones.