Visiting Jacksonville: Things to Keep in Mind


One of the most popular surfing and swimming destinations is located on Florida’s northeast coast. If you want to enjoy it at a great price, then this is the right option for you. It is certainly less crowded and cheaper to live there than in Miami. The biggest savings are the activities you can do for free in Jacksonville.

For example, it is visiting public parks, free concerts, movies on the beach and other events. Although the attractions are open year-round, you should check the calendar of events before you start planning your trip. Speaking of organization, keep other things in mind.


Public parks in Jacksonville

You must have heard about the large open city parks that tourists from all over the world like to visit. Jacksonville contains over 70,000 hectares of parks, with over 250 locations. If you go to this place, you must visit the Fort Caroline area, where there are the most beautiful ecological and historical preserves, as well as the first park in the city, Hemming Plaza. It is located in the very center. The main feature of these parks is the relaxing environment and excellent scenery. For example, visit Riverside, located on the edge of Park street. There you will enjoy a wonderful view of the river. The Memorial Park is one of the oldest parks in the city, and was built shortly after the First World War. The project was created in honor of the fallen Floridians, and the entire design is completed by the bronze sculpture Spiritualized Life. She tells park visitors a story about the spirit of those who took part in the war.

The monument represents life, struggle and victory. If you would like to visit something different in the area, then you must go to Metropolitan Park. It is an urban water park where concerts are held throughout the year. You will have the opportunity to explore arts, crafts and boat shows. Family activities are equally popular, such as a family picnic. Due to the large capacity of the space, a large number of events are organized during one year. These are festivals, celebrations of nations and much more. Don’t forget about state parks like Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve State Park, Talbot Islands State, Yellow Bluff Fort Historic, Fort George Island Cultural State Park, etc.

Attractive locations with different programs

If you plan to tour this place and see all the current happenings, you will need transportation. The most cost-effective and practical option is to take Fox rent a car. We’re sure you don’t want to go on this trip and get stuck in a big city jam or not get to see everything you planned. Waiting for taxis can be tiring and their services are generally expensive. Therefore, the ideal solution is a car rental service that offers many advantages. It gives you the opportunity to become the master of your time and have a more interesting experience in Jacksonville.

In that case, you decide when to start, where to go and which way to go. You can also stop whenever you want. In order to get a suitable means of transport, please contact the company at least 2 weeks in advance. Renting a car also means convenience, as you don’t have to share a seat with other passengers. The procedure for renting a car in Jacksonville is very simple.


Museums and special exhibitions

All lovers of museums and exhibitions will have the opportunity to enjoy unusual sights. This place is also known as home to a large number of high-quality museums. This includes the historical Art Museum as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art. In addition, you can also visit the Museum of Science and History – MOSH. There is an entrance fee, but don’t forget to check the promotional prices that are often offered. For example, some museums provide free admission on certain weekdays.

Movie shows in the parks

Another seasonal event that is completely free is called Movies in the Park and takes place in Oak Park. Outdoor movies are shown here. These are classics like Back to the Future, but also new movies. The project is always released in the spring and lasts about four consecutive weeks. A similar event is held in the city of Jacksonville Beach and is called Film Moonlight. It takes place at the SeaWalk Pavilion.


Free concerts and big music stars

If you enjoy music then you must not miss an event like this. Several different festivals are held throughout the year, and the most popular is the Jazz Festival, which is held every May. If you happen to be in Jacksonville at that time, you should attend the jazz performances, which are exceptional. However, the performers are not only locals but also big names. So get ready for an unforgettable night with many surprises.

Join clubs

If you came with a friend or alone, and you are single, you can meet a lot of cool people here. Given the variety of events, we’re sure you’ll meet someone with similar interests. For example, there are dozens of youth clubs and organizations. These are clubs for lovers of dogs, other animals and various enthusiasts. Not only can you meet your soul mate, but you’ll also learn something new along the way. You can learn to paint or expand your cultural horizons. There’s no better place for a first date than Jacksonville. The place gives you the opportunity to come up with some of the most interesting dates as you can choose from outdoor adventures, educational programs and many more. Downtown on tap hosts the craziest parties, so feel free to put this location on your list.



The best places to travel are a mix of cultural and outdoor attractions to enjoy. That’s exactly why you shouldn’t miss Jacksonville, or Jax as the locals call it. Here you will have fun with your family, friends or partner equally. You will find a wide variety of activities, but also incredible peace.

Florida’s beaches are only 30 km away, where you can row a kayak or bike, walk along the beautiful nature trails of this place. The art and history of the place is spread throughout the museums and streets. You enjoy discovering the historical district markets, and in order to see as many things as possible, rent a car.