10 Vlogging Tips for a Beginner: Personal Experience

Are you a beginner looking forward to starting a YouTube channel? Or are you looking for pro-tips for promoting your YouTube channel? We have covered both of you. 

There are certain things that can not be ignored before starting a Vlog. Through my personal experience, I learned a few things that need to take care of. 

Sometimes you can feel burnt out of thoughts, and sometimes you feel demotivated and think to quit. But trust me after reading my secret tips you will feel and go for your Vlog like a professional. So without wasting any time, let’s get straight to it.

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1. Set your goal and find passion:

The most important thing is to set up a goal and make sure to know what exactly you want to achieve through Vlogging. What is your dream? And never feel demotivated for it. 

After knowing your goal keep in mind that you have to go for your passion and desire. You will never get bored and tired when you will talk about what you like.

2. Select a niche and do research:

The next tip is to select a niche that you like to talk about and not the one you don’t want to. When you will do this, you will always do it excited and in a fun way.

Research your niche thoroughly so that you know what does your audience demand and what exactly they want to hear. When you will give the audience what they want you will surely be ranked higher.

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3. Audience Understanding:

It would be best if you understood the audience you are making Vlogs for and think like a viewer what you would like your video to be.

This is a prime tip and will help you to stand out in the pool of other vlogs. When talking to the audience at their level they feel attached and passionate and this is the thing that gets you views. When people get touched they always follow and like you.

4. Be natural:

Please do not put an artificiality in your videos. Make them casual and keep your tone consistent as if you are talking to your friends.

Keep tour outfits casual and keep your voice your accent and style a lot natural. Believe me; it drives more viewers.

You might have seen the top-rated vloggers and even your favorite ones too; all have one thing in common and that is their natural and consistent style of speaking. This appeals to the audience and hence people inspire you more when you stay casual like them.

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5. Consistency:

Make yourself consistent and be patient. Most of the YouTubers are more than ten years on youtube, and similarly, you have to review your channel more than once and keep updating and uploading new videos.

This will keep your channel active, and your audience will surely get something new more often. And one thing to ponder is that you have to keep your focus on quality and not quantity. 

6. Stay trendy:

Keep yourself in trend and get the most wanted and modern content on your Vlogs. People always want to hear what’s in trend and you can make attractive vlogs like you can include holidays, pranks and there are many other ideas there. These things get viral immediately and boom! You will be ranked.

In today’s modern world everyone is running after trends and that is the main reason you should also consider being trendy.No one wants to see old fashioned Vlogs, everyone wants to see something new so focus on being trendy.

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7. Editing tools and tips:

Editing is a big deal in vlogging. Now you can not make Vlog with ow quality. No one would prefer distortion or other issues in videos. So keep your editing software and tools ready. 

There are dozens of tools available now and keep one thing in mind too that do not edit too much that it gave your video an artificial look. One pro tip is to tell things like a story that will draw more attention to the content.

8. Making Videos:

While making videos make your first 10-15 second count so that whoever is watching your Vlog gets interested and suspensive to listen further.

As discussed earlier, be natural and do editing, talk as if you are talking to a friend and tell a story. And make sure that you have the right equipment with you.

Furthermore, you should keep yourself well aware of the terms and policies of the platform that is mainly YouTube. This will keep you in good terms with the platform and your channel and Vlog will be supported.

Read More about the Cameras used in Vlogging on vloggingmaster.com.

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9. Optimization:

Now that you have made your video and are ready to upload it, keep in mind to keep our content and video optimized. Use good tangs and thumbnails, add proper keywords in your description, and make your title engaging and attractive.

These things rank you in SEO and also increase your exposure rate. And make sure that your profile is complete and professional so that people find you authentic.

This is the key to rank higher in searches and that is why you need to optimize your video according to the modern trends.

10. Promotion:

Now no one gets a hand made 10K likes and views. You have to promote your Vlog and make interesting comments on others’ vlogs so that attention is drawn towards you. 

You can also share your vlogs on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

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Final Words:

Wrapping it all up, I would say that making Vlog is not a piece of cake; you should have the proper equipment, and you need to master a few editing tips.

I would also say that keep your self active in replying to comments and giving reviews. So if you found this article helpful and have more suggestions and queries then don’t hesitate to ask us. Best of luck!