Walk-In Baths To Safeguard You And Improve Your Life

Walk-in baths are great if you suffer from reduced mobility. These installations are a great option for people with disabilities. Many bathroom designs for those with disabilities have hot tubs and air baths, and some models from JT Spas offer hydrotherapy options to create a relaxing experience like a spa. You can even take advantage of extra features like underwater lights that help you to relax. Other add-on options include colour schemes, hydrotherapy and spa jets. They are optional, but also for your enjoyment, so decide if you need them or not.

Important things to know about walk-in baths

  • Some walk-in baths come with a built-in seat with a contoured backrest.
  • Another popular feature is an inward opening door that makes it easy to pull it out and lock it. Others have easy-lock features.
  • Double drainage outlets mean that a walk-in bath can be emptied quickly.
  • A top brand walk-in bath with all the features is also a superb way to relax and de-stress.
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Are you worried about safety?

Are you afraid of slipping or falling when you get in or out of a regular bath? Or do you not feel safe when you have a deep bath? A walk-in bath is an ideal choice to overcome such issues.

  • Walk-in baths have a lower entry threshold, making them easier to access.
  • They are also non-slip and have two drains that drain the tub quickly.
  • You can also install a special shower screen divider, one made of tempered glass with grab-handles and columns for safety.
  • Some models come with an electric lift. This makes it even easier to enter and exit the bath smoothly.
  • Top models even come with extra security in the form of a backup power supply, so you won’t get stuck in the bath in the event of a power failure. The access lift will still operate.
  • Bathing safely and comfortably is a great way to improve the quality of life, especially if you are restricted in your mobility.
  • If you have a large area for bathing and showering, one of the larger models might be the best solution. They have p-shaped baths designed for a large bathroom, which offer more space to move around in.
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So, the key features to look for are:

  • easy access for people with reduced mobility
  • non-slip floor or shower tray
  • comfortable seat
  • relaxing backrest
  • tempered glass shower screen
  • grab-handle for added safety
  • two drains that drain the bath quickly
  • Luxury add-ons such as hydrotherapy and chromotherapy lights

How easy is it to fill?

It is very easy to fill a walk-in bath and then enjoy a bath filled with warm water, warm air and a good amount of soap and water to refresh yourself.

You can choose the temperature that is most comfortable for you. Step into it when it is at the depth and temperature you like. The entrance is embedded in the wall of the bath with a door for access. Usually, the door is located in the middle of the tub wall.

Once the water has reached the desired depth and temperature, you can sit down in the tub. Most modern walk-in baths come fitted with a fast inlet valve to fill the bath in minutes.

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Does the NHS cover walk-in baths?

Sometimes the NHS covers the cost of installing a walk-in bath. But it’s not easy to get the payment for the bath and installation, it’s quite a process.

If you decide to shoulder the expense, the installation cost is only a small fraction of the total cost of a walk-in bath. In many cases, health insurance or the NHS do not consider a walk-in bath an essential part of your health package.

How easy is it to install a walk-in bath?

The entire bath assembly is carried out by the manufacturer of the chosen walk-in bath. The lift is installed once the bath is in position in your bathroom. And the necessary water and electrical connections are usually made by an installer.

You have two options: you can choose the DIY route or hire an experienced bathroom installer. Which is the best choice? It depends on if you know someone who can do the DIY tasks, if you suffer from mobility issues, probably best not to tackle it yourself.

An experienced bathroom installer will have no problem installing a walk-in bath for you. After all, it is just a slightly different type of bath. Before you make a decision, ask around for quotes from several installers to get an idea of the overall cost.

The only exception is if the bath comes with an access elevator and an electric supply leads into the bathroom to operate the elevator. In this case, you need someone qualified to install an electrical supply in the bathroom. Hire a professional with a specialisation in electrical installations in bathrooms to commission the installation. Safety is always a priority and electricity and water do not mix well! It is worth paying for a professional service to avoid safety concerns.

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Are there different designs of walk-in baths to choose from?

You can choose from a range of designs, including those that appear like a traditional bath, ideal if the family still shares your house. A walk-in bath is also very comfortable and convenient for your family members, especially if it is a model that comes with an added shower feature.

Depending on your level of mobility, you can also choose the best style or design of the bath. There are several possible door heights you can choose from, and the width of your bathtub.

Some styles incorporate access help such as a lift or elevating platform. And a well designed mobility-enhancing bathroom might even include wheelchair access or a special walkway – in the bathroom.

I have a small bathroom – can I install a walk-in bath?

Yes, you don’t have to worry if you have a small bathroom. There are several compact designs specifically made for small bathrooms. So if your bathroom is small, one of these special models could be the perfect option for you.