5 Water Sports to Try While Enjoying Your Stay at The Beach

There are many ways to spend your vacation at the beach. Many of us have that image in our minds of a person sitting on the beach with a cocktail, a book and their feet in the sand. However, there are also lots of water sports to try while you’re there.

You may not have tried a particular sport or be familiar with the equipment associated with it. If you’re staying at an all-inclusive vacation resort, then there is probably an activity for every age group to try.

The beach is a great place to find watersports and activities of all kinds. That’s why in this article, we will explore five watersports that you can try at the beach while enjoying your time in the sun!

1. Rafting

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A great way to escape the heat is going rafting, and there’s no better place for that than at the beach! This activity is just as enjoyable as it sounds because you can bond with your family and friends while being in the water. Be sure to wear clothing that doesn’t limit your movement! This way, you can get the full experience!

Rafting is commonly known as going down a river in an inflatable raft. However, you can use these rafts in the ocean to paddle with friends. The average size for these rafts ranges from four to six people. However, there are also bigger sizes that may contain up to sixteen people at one time. You will be using paddles with rafts, so it is easier, but watch out for waves as you can tip!

Various organisations provide equipment for rafting (such as life jackets, paddles, oars), along with guides who supervise the activity. This is a great way to get familiarized if you have never undertaken rafting before!

2. Windsurfing

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If you’re looking for something more challenging than rafting, try out windsurfing. It’s an activity where a board has sails attached to it so the wind can propel it through the waves, sounds fun right? Windsurfing is used when riding on wide areas of open ocean. It usually takes place during spring since there tends to be less wind during the summer.

While this may seem intimidating to beginners, it’s very safe. By undertaking it with an instructor, they can help guide you and ensure you have all the right equipment. The main controls are used with your feet, so you need to use your arms constantly, unlike other water activities. But if you’d like more control over what’s happening, grabbing a pair of sail clips will help.

3. Kitesurfing

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Kitesurfing is similar to windsurfing in that the rider of a kitesurf uses a kite to pull them along the surface of the water while holding onto a long handle, with their feet remaining on the board. Some people prefer it because they have more control over the board and their body movements.

You can enjoy kitesurfing this summer by purchasing the necessary equipment from actionsportswa.com.au. Here are some tips about the basic gear:

  • Kites- needs to have durable materials that can withstand high winds. It should also be easy to carry in a backpack.
  • Leashes- this is the handle that you hold onto when riding. It should not easily come loose from your board and it should be able to withstand high winds too. A leash with a strong wrist strap will give you confidence, even if the wind gets really strong. You may also choose a shorter leash that is easier to control.
  • Harness- this will allow you to get on and off the water when you want to. It should be easy enough for you to ride with, plus it can withstand different weather conditions.

Before your first time riding, practice on dry land first to be familiar with how it is done. You can try different things and see what works best for you. When the winds start picking up, this will give you an idea of how strong the winds need to be in order for you to pull yourself along the water.

4. Surfing

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Surfing has been popular for many years, and although it is challenging, it is highly rewarding.

First of all, surfers use either long-board or shortboard designs, depending on their style and preference. The longboard is usually used with beginners who do not have much experience in surfing. There are fewer safety issues involved, but don’t expect your first time using a longboard to be easy! Since they tend to be heavier than shorter boards, it’ll be a good challenge for you as well!

Surfers use two main types of paddle movements: The first one is called the J-stroke, which moves one arm back while the other goes forward. Then there’s the C-stroke (or cross-stroke. When both arms move across each other from side to side before meeting in front of you, both maneuvers help you rotate your board properly and propel yourself onto each wave. It takes a lot of practice but will be worth it!

There are also several different combinations you can try out, such as the “Australian” or “Hawaiian” style where your paddle moves up & down rather than left & right, or even just keeping hands together and making circular motions.

If you’re a beginner, it’s recommended to use a longboard as it is easier catching each wave. You should also use this time to get use to paddling properly. Make sure your arms are straight and not too close or far from your body (just like swimming).

5. Wakeboarding

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The final watersport to try at the beach is wakeboarding! Compared to surfing and windsurfing, with their equipment built-in (board + sail), you will need something extra for this activity, a boat.

This watersport takes a lot of balance and strength since you’ll be standing on a board traveling at high speeds. Make sure you’re well-rested before going out and you will also need someone driving the boat, so it’s recommended to bring more people along if possible!

Engaging in water sports necessitates the use of quality equipment, such as tuffwraps.com, to ensure both safety and an enjoyable experience. From buoyancy aids and life jackets to specialized watercraft, having the right equipment is crucial for personal safety. These items are designed to keep individuals afloat and protected in the unpredictable and dynamic environment of water.


These are just some of the many water sports you can try at the beach while enjoying your summer vacation. If kitesurfing and windsurfing sound too tricky, then start with something easier like rafting! But no matter which one you choose, make sure to keep an eye on the weather forecast so you’ll be prepared for any storm conditions. Now get those swimsuits on and have fun!