5 Ways to Feel Comfortable With Your Photographer

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Have you ever experienced an awkward feeling while having a photoshoot? It is pretty normal. Most of the people feel uncomfortable at the beginning of a photography session. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newlywed couple, a super excited kid, a confused teen, or a tired dad, feeling uncomfortable during a photoshoot is common for everyone. Photographers use various tips to help their subjects feel relaxed, and most of them work well.

If you are going to have a photoshoot for an important occasion, you might be worried about how you would deal with that uncomfortable feeling. Relax! According to ozphotovideos.com, there are many tried and tested tips that will keep you calm throughout the photo session. We are going to share the most effective 5 ways to feel comfortable with your photographer.

1. Have an Introductory Talk with Your Photographer

Most of the time, the first place you meet your photographer is in the studio, most probably, a few minutes before your photoshoot. Starting posing soon after you meet a person for the first time will obviously make you feel awkward.

Therefore, we recommend having an introductory chit chat with your photographer. Tell him/her about yourself, how important this moment is for you, how you searched, and why you selected him/her for your special occasion.

You may ask questions about what he/she finds most interesting in this profession? Talk about the studio, praise the displayed specimen, etc.

It will ease the tension, and you will start feeling relaxed with your photographer.

2. Practice Posing

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The most uncomfortable feeling during photoshoot comes due to posing. You can avoid it by practicing it in advance. Check for the suitable poses that you would like to have in your photographs. Inform your photographer about the poses you are comfortable with. You may ask him/her in advance how you are supposed to pose while having the shoot and try to practice it before presenting yourself in front of the camera.

Another easy tip to practice is to use a mirror to check how you perform during the session. It will build up your confidence, and you will not feel perplexed or uncomfortable with your photographer.

A lot of stuff is available online, from where you can get great ideas for your photographs. Select the ones that best suit you and your event. Share them with your photographer so that he/she may guide you more about it.

By practicing it beforehand, you will stay more confident and comfortable during the photoshoot.

3. Say NO to What you Don’t Like

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Different photographers have different styles of working. The way they shoot pictures or the way they ask you to pose may sometimes bother you. Do not hesitate to say no if you don’t like something.

If you do not find a pose comfortable or think you will not look appropriate in that style, you may explain it to your photographer. Inform him/her that you do not like doing it that way. Ask for an alternative. Tell your photographer how you have been practicing and show how you want it to happen.

You may ask your photographer to show you some photos. It will give you a better idea of how you are supposed to pose and what results you will get. If you find them good, you can go according to your photographer’s instructions. But if you do not like them, you can simply say no.

No doubt, the photographer has professional skills that you may lack, and the way he/she is asking you to do may get you better results. But if you are not comfortable and something is bothering you, you will not have a good photograph.

4. Choose a Dress You Feel Most Confident In

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When you are having a photo shoot, all you want is looking good and getting good results. If you are not sure what to wear, always go for the dress you love the most, and best suit the purpose you are taking the photos.

Dressing up well is important to help you feel relax because you don’t need to think about how you are looking, and hence, you can easily keep your focus on the photoshoot.

Wearing a dress that makes you feel worried about your appearance will take your focus away from the shoot and more towards keeping a check on how you are looking.

5. Take a Friend with You

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Having a solo photoshoot is more uncomfortable than having a friend or a companion with you. If you need to do a solo photo session, ask a friend to join you and stay with you till the shoot is over.

Keeping a company with you on the shoot will help you stay relaxed in many different ways. Having a friend around will make you feel secure. You may ask your friend for the suggestions about the shoot. A friend will keep encouraging you throughout the photoshoot.

Moreover, you may have a chit chat with them when you feel bored or tired. Ask your friend to get you a coffee or some snacks while you get your shoot done. In short, taking a friend with you will keep you at ease in the studio, and you will feel more energetic throughout the process.


The fear of going in front of a camera may spoil your photographs, and you will fail in getting that natural smile or engaging look. Therefore, you must take this fear off your mind before you go for a shoot.

We understand that having a photo shoot with a photographer you might not have met before can be very uncomfortable. But, the photographers themselves are very professional and can help you feel relaxed. In case you still keep experiencing that awkward feeling, you can try the above mentioned tips.

These tips will help you stay calm and keep your focus on presenting your natural self.