8 Ways to Tell if Your Silk Pajamas Are Genuine – 2024 Guide

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Who doesn’t like the feeling of soft silk against their skin?! Women often like to wear silk blouses, sleep on silk sheets, as well as wear the comfiest & coziest silk pajamas that are delicate and elegant. Are you one of these women yourself? Did you know that satin won’t break your hair, damage your lashes, or cause them to shed? Keep on reading as we talk about silk fabrics, their creation, as well as how you can tell if it is worth your buck when it comes to different items.

What is silk made of?

Source: unsplash.com

Did you know that this fabric is made from cocoons produced by silkworms? It is considered to be a high-end, cozy & luxury item that is not easy to find for cheap. This is why a lot of brands and companies have started to recreate and mimic this fabric in their companies. Nowadays everything can be made out of this fabric, including our sheets, pillowcases, robes, tops & even bathing suits! If you are wondering if your purchased products are of high quality and if they are real (especially pajamas), here’s what you need to understand!

1. It is satin in disguise

One of the most common ways in which people think that they are ending up with high-quality silk products is because most of them are disguised in satin fabric. Satin is a type of weave, not an actual kind of fiber, which makes it impossible to wear or show off as nicely as silk. They do look similar, but they will react and wear off differently as time goes on.

2. The price point

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Did you know that some companies sell silk at affordable prices because they can get their hands on the product easily? However, there is a limit to how much you can lower the prices. Also, finding a good deal that is within satin-like prices is for some mission impossible. Silk is a lot more pricey due to the benefits that it can have on your skin, hair & nails, as well as because it is tricky to make and produce. Don’t get tricked into 2 for 1 deals, it is a common bad sign for this type of material.

3. How it looks

You can sometimes tell whether silk is real or not by paying close attention to its fabric. Real silk fiber will have a lot more shine. It is also covered in sericin (a type of material that is a protein, ideal for giving moisture to its items). You will see the product shimmering a lot more rather than shining. Silk moves freely, it is soft & super gentle, you can’t miss the mark on it.

4. Structure of the item

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The structure of silk is also known and seen as triangular, which means that it reflects light at all different angles. If it is shiny and has that multicolored-sheen look – it is the real deal! Make sure that you hold your pajamas up into the light and as close to your window as possible. Aim for the noon period when doing this test. Simply watch the color shimmer and assure yourself if it is the right deal or not.

5. Touch it & feel the fabric

If you are lucky enough to touch the fabric and if you are doing a bit of shopping in person you will be capable of telling and seeing if it is the real deal. One simple test: try bunching the fabric in your hands. Silk will make a bit of a scrunching sound. It is quite delicate & soft, yet still easy to trace and spot. Once you apply a bit of pressure and rub the fabric between your fingers you should know that silk becomes warm while other fabrics won’t change their temperature.

6. The weave

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A close-up inspection of the fabric’s weave can tell you what is going on with the product itself. Silk is often made by hand and it is not as commonly made at fabrics or salons. Fabrics that are imitating silk are usually mass-produced by machines, which will result in a weave that is not as precise or made with care/love. If it looks way too off, uneven, or ”wavy” it is not the real deal.

7. You can try the burn test

You won’t usually be able to carry out this test because it involves damaging the fabric and burning it down. However, if your pajamas are worn out and you’re looking for a replacement – try giving this test a go. Make sure that you have adequate space & conditions to test it out. You can burn and put your clothing items on fire. When burned gently with a lighter, silk will smell similar to burned hair. If it is fake it will smell a lot more like plastic while not producing any type of ash.

8. Its pattern

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Genuine silk with a printed pattern (which is not the same as a woven pattern that we’ve talked about and covered before) will have the pattern visible on one side and an outline of the pattern on the reverse side. This means that you will be capable of seeing the pattern on both sides, while synthetic fabrics with a printed pattern will have the pattern visible on one side only.

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