How to Wear a Leather Bag With Style: 7 Fashion Tips

If you are a true fashionista and if you’re someone who loves to do cute fashion transformations and outfit changes, this article is for you. Now, do you own a leather bag in your closet, and are you constantly trying to make it look good with your wardrobe pieces?

It can be challenging to look your best without taking attention away from your bags, but there are a few straightforward hacks that will help you out with this goal.

Check out these ideas for accessorizing your leather purse, and see if any of them appeal to you and your character.

How to Wear a Leather Bag With Style: 7 Fashion Tips


1. You can go for a pop of color

Many fashion gurus think that adding a pop of color is the secret to the ideal look. Make sure the bulk of the colors in your ensemble are neutrals like black, taupe, gray, or white, and wear something simple, but don’t forget the twist at the end. A leather accessory, such as a pair of chic leather pants or a leather jacket, can add a touch of class to your fit.

It will also tie the combination of your purse and any other leather piece that you may have on. A hot pink leather purse might be the finishing touch that will have your friends and coworkers staring, yet wanting to copy your fierce look.

2. Add one more leather accessory

Double leather is not a fashion faux pas like double denim. It has the potential to be breathtaking if carried out in the right manner (and it is a sexy statement that most women love to do).

Complement the modest elegance of your leather purse by accessorizing it with something like a watch that has a leather band in the same shade as your purse. Adding a leather jacket would be the next natural and common step, but whether or not you want to do so would rely on your personal choice, headed event, as well as your clothing items/clothing style.


3. Crossbody with a strap is a full hit

If you plan on doing a lot of walking around town, a bag that you can put down occasionally may be more comfortable to carry. Luckily, crossbody bags might come in as the perfect solution for your casual moments. It can complement your quick & easy walks around town, as well as night outs with the girls.

Without returning home to switch purses, you may transition straight from the office to a night out with just a quick removal of the strap and rock it just like that.

Crossbody style will also forever be in fashion + you’re going to love it for its versatile options.

4. The casual style works for most women

The casual bags that are currently very popular and seen on Instagram and TikTok had to make their way onto this list. Everyone is obsessed with leather mini bags, are you as well?

By wearing these with a blazer and some jeans for the office or a night out, you can create a casual yet entirely practical look.

It would look beautiful with a floral, flowy dress or a skirt and cardigan, but you could also wear it with formal apparel.

The general idea is to coordinate it with the prominent color of the item or the color scheme you’ve decided to wear.


5. Add accessories

Leather handbags may be styled in a number of ways, including pairing them with your go-to dress and some glitzy accessories.

If you plan on going out, why not start with a fitted black dress of your choice? When accessorizing, look for a bold diamond statement necklace and a pair of matching earrings.

Grab your favorite pair of shoes and a stylish leather bag to complete your gorgeous look.

This season, make a statement in a crowd by wearing glittery jewelry and show up just like that to your friend’s wedding or another formal event.

6. Rock it with confidence

Owning a leather bag means rocking a fashion item with full confidence! It is up to you to showcase its beauty, but you can’t do that while walking with your head held low. Usually, leather is seen as a sexy, mysterious & outgoing piece, which is why you have to showcase its beauty.

We highly recommend wearing an all-black leather outfit at first, just to get you out of your comfort zone before you start to mix and match different patterns. Finish off the look with your favorite red lipstick and you’re going to love the confidence-boosting perks of it all!


7. Watch out for lighter colors

Before you head out for a stroll in your city we have to talk about and mention the importance of different colors and patterns. You see, leather can get dirty pretty easily, which is why you have to look twice before you place your bag on a certain surface.

You can always bring wet wipes with you (which we highly recommend) to clean up the top and give it back its shine. Usually, beige, white, cream or nude shades can be the trickiest ones to rock and maintain, which is why you should be patient with them.

As time goes on they will look a lot more vintage and timeless, which is a look that a ton of women love. Just giving you a heads-up for initial purchases.

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