5 Best Weatherproof Garden Decorations For Your House 2024

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Most people love decorating their house. People decorate their living rooms with art installations, classy furniture, lights, and paintings. When selecting the perfect decor for the interiors of the house, people take into account the color of the walls and the overall look of the home.

However, selecting decorations for the exteriors of the house is not that simple. This is because the exteriors of the house, like the garden area, the lawn, the area near the swimming pool, or the porch area, are usually subject to gusting winds, splashing raindrops, scorching heat of the Sun, etc.

There are several companies that offer weather-resistant garden decoration elements that are beautiful and also easy to install. If you are looking forward to giving a makeover to your garden area, then you can visit the website of Gigalumi to choose from a wide range of decoration items.

How The Weather Affects Garden Decorations

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1. Constant Or Frequent Rainfall

Some countries, especially in the tropical regions of the world, get a very high amount of rainfall. Moreover, the rainwater is acidic, which corrodes the installations that are installed on roads, gardens of the house, playgrounds, etc.

Marble structures develop discoloration and start exhibiting a yellowish or orange-colored tinge. Restoring marble and other installations that are affected by acidic rain can become a costly annual expenditure.

2. Heavy Snowfall

Most sub-tropical countries get snow every winter. When the snowfall is heavy and the temperatures are low, the snow does not melt, and it accumulates on installations. This accumulated snow is heavy, and it creates mechanical pressure on the fitments.

Once the temperature falls to freezing levels, decoration items contract; however, when the temperature rises again, the sudden expansion causes cracks to develop.

Usually, when snow falls on light, the heat from the sunlight should be able to melt the snow. However, in some cases, if the snow does not melt, the light is not visible to anybody when they are switched on.

3. Strong Winds

Strong winds blow off fitments and decorations unless they are attached very firmly. This is especially true for open areas where the velocity of wind increases manifolds.

4. Strong Sunlight

Exposure to sunlight can cause cracks to develop on concrete and cement structures. Once cracks develop, filling those cracks entail a regular expenditure.

5 Best Weatherproof Garden Decorations For Your House 2024

1. Solar Garden Pathway Lamps

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These are beautiful lamps that have a metallic covering, LED lights, and glass lenses. These lights are coated with a material that makes them resistant to rust. The glass lenses reflect light and give a bright output. Moreover, if a solar panel is installed, the light output becomes brighter.

These solar lights absorb sunlight during the day and give light output during the evenings and at night. Thus these lights are energy efficient, and they also save significant costs.

2. Garden Chair Sets

Polyester chairs and table sets give the appearance of wood and can serve as useful outdoor furniture. You can place them on your lawn and use them to enjoy a good evening tea. Polyester is resistant to heat and does not spoil quickly as wood when exposed to rainfall. Such chairs are readily available. Easy to install and have a low maintenance cost, unlike wood.

3. Garden Wind Spinners

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Garden wind spinners are like those colorful pinwheels that children play with. These are made up of nylon which makes them highly durable. Nylon as a material is resistant to abrasion; hence exposure to high wind speeds has very little impact on these wind spinners.

Nylon as a material is easy to wash, does not fade quickly, and retains its texture for a long time even if it is exposed to high wind speeds, strong sunlight, or constantly pouring rain. These wind spinners are cheap and make people nostalgic about their childhood. If nylon is given a coating of polyurethane, then the nylon becomes almost entirely resistant to water.

Thus coated nylon is not soaked in water and prevents the growth of molds and other fungi, which grow profusely during the rainy season.

4. Weather Resistant Cover For Porch Lights

Porch lights can be covered with beautiful fitments that come in varied designs. For instance, during the winters, you can cover your porch light with a protective cover that looks like a snowman, or during Christmas, you can cover the lights with a cover that looks like a Santa Claus or a Christmas tree.

These porch light covers are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also weatherproof. This is because these covers are made up of acrylic, which is a synthetically manufactured polymer. Coated acrylic is resistant to UV rays of the Sun, rainwater, etc. Moreover, the core constituents of acrylic are made up of inert material like acrylonitrile.

Since acrylic is inert, it does not react easily with moisture or get affected by sun rays. This chemical inertness makes it resistant to degradation, and hence it lasts for a long time.

5. Outdoor Statues

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Weather-resistant outdoor statues like a small pair of bunny rabbits or a woodpecker can be placed in your garden. These statues are life-like and make you feel that you have a garden filled with birds, rabbits, and snails, even if they are not naturally present there.

These outdoor statues and installations are usually made up of resins like epoxy resin, polycarbonate resins, etc. Resins are generally much more resistant to high heat and water than other materials like wood. For instance, epoxy does not develop surface cracks even when they are exposed to freezing temperatures.


Decorating your garden has its challenges like quick degradation, frequent repairs, and escalating costs of replacement. Yet there are easy solutions that are readily available.

Making slight changes like giving an epoxy coating or a polyurethane coating on your outdoor lights stands or using decorative items made up of nylon or acrylic can do wonders to increase the resistance of decorative items to wind, rain, and snow.