10 Welcome Gift Ideas to Seamlessly Onboard New Employees

A welcome gift is a reminder of the fact that a new member has joined your corporate family. It is also one of the best ways to onboard a new employee and make him feel like an integral part of the team. The most appropriately chosen welcome gifts will also cast a huge positive first impression on their minds about your company. You can either choose a contemporary welcome kit or an individual gift to present to your new employees and joiners.

Following is a list of 9 top most popular welcome gifts that you can present to your new employees without giving them a second thought

1. Notebooks And Pens

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Making notes is an important part of the daily responsibilities of any new employee. Especially for the few first weeks of their employment, they will be primarily going through a kind of orientation and a “getting to know one another” process. Notebooks and pens are going to become their best friends and will help them in making important notes during the on-boarding procedure. You can easily get high-quality custom pens and notebooks made for your new employees. It is one of the most perfect ways to convey to them that they have now joined your family and their presence is immensely valued.

2. Customised T-shirts

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You can customise these t-shirts in whichever way you want. You can either choose a kind of corporate apparel design, or probably go for a graphic representation of a caricature of the candidate himself. You can also choose a birth-date special trivia piece to be printed on these t-shirts. This is something that they can even wear in their social gatherings and family get-togethers.

3. Personalized Coffee Mugs

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Personalized coffee mugs are very popular because they can be made to depict the personality and the thought process of the person you are gifting them to. They can be personalized by either their favourite quotes and sayings, favourite superheroes or more preferably the characteristics of their sun signs.

4. Personalized Gift Cards

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Welcoming new employees with thoughtful gifts is a great way to foster a positive first impression and ease their transition into the team. Consider providing practical items like branded company merchandise or personalized stationery to help them feel valued and appreciated from day one. Additionally, offering gift cards from solutions.incommincentives.com can empower them to choose gifts or experiences that best suit their preferences, further enhancing their sense of belonging and engagement within the organization. These gestures demonstrate a commitment to employee well-being and set the tone for a supportive and inclusive work environment.

5. Hats And Caps

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Hats and caps can even have the name of the wearer on them. They can even be made to sport your corporate emblem if you want. The colours that you like to wear the most; these caps can be made out of the very same hue.

6. Reusable Bags

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In the present day and age when everyone wants to be eco-friendly and works hard towards preserving the environment, canvas totes and drawstring backpacks are a huge range. They can become a part of your welcome gift selection any day.

7. Water Bottles

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Customised water bottles with custom logos or personalized messages are a very thoughtful gift for your new employees. You can pick a product with either tumbler cups or slippers or straws or anything that you like. Supply your workforce with reusable water bottles that are safe and eco-friendly.

8. Custom Logo Flash Drives

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Custom logo USB flash drives also function as a very apt product to promote your brand. These will also work as a very appropriate gift for your employees. They are functional, practical and work as a constant reminder of the team/company that one belongs to now.

9. New Job Survival Kit

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This ensemble of gifts is going to include a notebook, a coffee mug holder, a pack of tissues, a stapler, a roll of clear tape, a sanitizer, a deodorant, a pen stand, a water bottle and a pack of post-it notes. Of course, you can add or subtract a few items depending upon your budget. To top it all, you can always throw in a bar of Snickers. And for the ladies, do not forget to add a pair of glittery nail paints that they could wear to work.

10. Bag Of Caffeine & Other Beverages

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Some of your employees are going to highly appreciate this gesture of yours. Do not forget to include a separate pouch of organic green tea bags. You should be able to find a fabulous collection of different coffees and teas available in various flavors and aromas. You can also find a wide variety of teas, including white, yellow, green and black. You can also add a pack of fiber rich cookies and biscuits which is going to make the health freaks in the group especially happy. This will make for a very practical and delicious wake up gift for all your new employees.

8 Things That You Should Keep In Mind When Picking A Welcome Gift For Your New Employees

  •   Pick gifts that make them feel the warmth of your corporate family
  •   You should always invest in welcome kits and gifts that are specially designed to make your new employees feel welcome
  •   They should always have a personal touch along with a high degree of utility attached to them
  •   Company branded products go a long way and develop a sense of belongingness and faithfulness in your new employees towards your company
  •   Depending upon the kind of vibe that you like to keep in your workplace, you can either go for a formal or a casual gift
  •   Depending upon the company policy, you can also get your employees enrolled in an activity plan or an adventure trip not just as a way to welcome them but every now and then to keep their morale boosted and their motivation high
  •   Keep in mind the core company values that you have always held high and make sure that they come through in the choice of your gifts
  •   The products that you choose should always be sustainable, user-friendly and offer high usage value to your employees while they are at work

Final Thoughts

Do a little bit of research before you invest in any welcome gift ideas for your new employees. Learn from experts like PeopleProud to understand the choice of gifts. You will easily be able to find perfect examples of welcome kits and gifts for people who work from home for your new employees and in turn they will highly appreciate your effort.