What are Kilim Pillows

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The word “Kilim” has a Turkish origin and it is used to describe a special type of a carpet, one that has a signature look and is usually hand-woven. It reminds of the Anatolian Kilims that evolved to be a huge part of Turkish history. The way it’s weaved can vary, but the looks of the weave are almost always recognizable.

But, today we’re not here to talk about carpets. Today we’ll talk about Kilim Pillows, something that gets a lot of attention in 2024. These products are sold quite a lot on popular online marketplaces such as Amazon, and people love using them as an addition to the style of their bedrooms or living rooms.

To someone that’s not very used to the material of Kilim Pillows, they might seem a bit strange at first, but once you lay your head on them you’ll understand why they’re such an important part of the Turkish history.

Although Kilim Pillows don’t fit in minimalistic designs, they’ll be a great addition if you’re trying to achieve the feeling of coziness in your own home. The fact that they’re handmade makes the feeling of owning one even better. It’s great knowing that the weave of your Kilim Pillow is unique and unlike any other, that can be bought.

How they’re made

The materials used for the manufacturing of Kilim Pillows can vary, and this will usually depend on the country in which they’re made. These pillows are made in North Africa, Iran, Pakistan, and of course, Turkey. Every country has a different tradition, so if we take one pillow that’s made in all of these countries and compare them, there will be a few differences both in looks and materials.

Kilim Pillows are made with a few different techniques, but those produced in a factory and those made by an independent merchant can be distinguished quite easily.

Are they different than regular pillows?

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Besides the looks of the Kilim Pillows, nothing else is different compared to the “regular” ones, except one thing. The surface of these pillows is a bit different in a way that cannot be explained until you feel it. Some people prefer it, others say that it’s not soft enough for their faces. However, those who grew up with these pillows love them, and it’s difficult to make the transition from Kilim to regular pillows once you’re used to the feeling.

Are they ergonomic?

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These pillows are mostly made for looks and coziness, but there aren’t any special traits that they provide. The designs are simple and they’re not made with a specific goal to be comfortable or healthy for your neck, although they’re not harmful either. People purchase them for their looks and for their affordable prices, as well as the huge range of choices that you get when it comes to looks, unique patterns, and availability. If you want to take a look at a few examples, somkilimpillows.com is a website where you can see different models as well as their prices.

Is there a meaning behind the symbols?

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Those who are interested in discovering and embracing foreign cultures will most-likely purchase a kilim pillow for the symbolic meaning behind them. The answer to this question is both yes and no. Why? Because although the symbols on the Kilim Pillows don’t mean anything special on their own, they are very easily recognizable in the Turkish, Pakistani, and North African cultures.

If you ever get visited by a person that was born in some of these regions, you’ll immediately notice that they’re familiar with the looks of these things. You’ll most likely receive positive comments about them as well.

How to maintain them?

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Now comes the trickiest part of owning Kilim Pillows. If you are not aware of this, you’ll probably just throw them into the washing machine and when it’s all done, you’ll be very disappointed. The Kilim material should not be washed in a washing machine, especially not on high temperatures. If you do this, the colors of the unique design will wash out and your pillow will not look the same as the moment you’ve purchased it.

This is why it’s recommended by the manufacturers of these pillows to wash them outside with cold water from a hose. Let them dry on normal temperatures instead of blowing them with a hairdryer or using a regular dryer. Simply hang them outside and they’ll be dry in a few hours. This will ensure that the material doesn’t get damaged and the colors will last for a very long time.

Also, since the designs are carefully made and done by hand, the force of the washing machine can ruin them, which is another reason why you should avoid it at any cost. It’s a bit more difficult to wash them by hand, but it’s the way to go if you want them to last.

Other ways to clean them is by vacuuming, but this will only remove surface dust and it won’t be a thorough cleaning procedure. If you only use these for sleeping, you don’t have to wash them more often than once or twice every six months.

Source: kilimnation

Other things to know

Since Kilim Pillows are becoming a trend, and this trend receives a lot of attention in 2024, a lot of sellers are trying to trick their customers into purchasing something that’s not authentic. Be careful not to buy pillows that are made from a different material and not Kilim, but they have the same patterns and look. You should go and check the material with your own hands before paying for the product, but unfortunately, this is not possible due to the current situation. Purchasing from the internet will always put you at risk, so make sure that you’re buying only from trustworthy and reputable sellers.