What Do Car Dealerships Look for on Your Credit?

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The credit score is extremely important when you are stepping out into the market and taking a loan to buy anything. This three-digit score will also be significant in any car dealership. Every buyer has a different credit score which makes them more or less likely to qualify for a loan at a reasonable interest rate. But if you think the credit score is all the experts at an auto car dealership look at, you are wrong.

A dealership will look into multiple records before approving a loan. You can see many of your estimated credit scores on several free platforms online. These include scores like the vantage school and the FICO auto score. In this article, we will discover how credit scores are a factor. We will also see what is looked at by car dealerships before you are approved for a loan.

Understand Credit Scores

Source: experian.com

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is not knowing that there are multiple credit scores that exist for an individual. Personal credit scores are extremely important in understanding the creditworthiness of an individual. The reason why many people do not know about this is that the credit score in companies tends to hide related information.

As a consumer, you should be aware of how your credit information is being used and how the score is being issued. Currently, the information related to different credit scores is being regulated under the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Since there are multiple entities issuing credit scores, you do not know which one the car dealership will look at. The credit scores are based on the financial history and the regularity of a person in paying their bills and debt

If you have any current loans, they will be factored in while calculating a credit score. Current credit you are using, as well as new applications for credit card forms, are also factors in issuing the score. The credit score will determine the likelihood of you defaulting on an auto loan in a car dealership. Your responsibility in paying bills will be dependent on how you prioritize a certain debt. All of the credit scores factor in these aspects differently but do not provide details. You can look for more information at https://www.discoveryautogroup.com/

What do Auto Dealerships Look For?

The details looked at by a dealership are specific to how you will respond to pay back the loan for a vehicle. Typically, if you have gone through a process of credit repair, it will be very apparent on your financial records, and auto scores will immediately catch it. On the other hand, some buyers might not have an extensive credit history which does not show reliability.

If you have taken an auto loan before and may make a late payment, that will be factored in along with your credit score. Whether or not you have filed bankruptcy in the past or if you are likely to file bankruptcy in the near future will determine whether or not you will get approved for an auto loan. If you took an auto loan before and the vehicle was repossessed, it would also impact your consideration for a loan.

FICO Auto Scores


The credit score is a must that the lender will check, but FICO auto score is used extensively by car dealerships across the nation. This is because this score is specific to auto dealing and provides relevant information. For instance, one decides whether or not an individual is worthy of getting credit. The range of a FICO auto score is between 250 to 900.

Most dealerships are currently using FICO auto score 8 even though FICO auto score 9 is the latest edition of the system. If you have a score above 600 on this system, you are more likely to have a favorable outcome with the loan application. You can check the score yourself before applying for an auto loan to get a better idea of your chances of getting approved.

Know the Fluctuations

The credit score is the primary information any dealership has access to. But even if you factor in the FICO auto score, you will get an idea about how the credit score would be perceived. The credit score is not a stable value and will keep on fluctuating depending on your financial transactions. Your bill payment patterns and credit information will constantly cause fluctuations in the credit report information.

This is not a cause for worry because fluctuations are very common with minor changes in your payment habits. For instance, one of the most common reasons due to why these fluctuations occur is because the credit card balance is low. If you made a delayed payment on your credit card, the score is more likely to fall below what was expected. Many people also think that having multiple credit accounts will boost their credit score, which is a myth.

More credit accounts tend to put pressure on your financial position, and opening them needlessly would not impact the score to a great extent. Be ready to see some fluctuations in the credit score if you have checked it yourself. There is a chance that the lender will see a somewhat different picture. Overall, if your credit score is good, it will reflect as much even with fluctuations. Maintaining good credit habits will help you secure a loan.

The Takeaway

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After reading through the article, we hope that you understood that your credit score provides a wide variety of information to the potential lender. Credit scores make the individual understand their taste according to their creditworthiness.

But when it comes to car dealerships, they look for information specific to auto loans. Information about your general credit score, bill payment history, and bankruptcy information is looked at along with the credit. This financial information might or might not get the loan approved, but the interest rate will entirely depend on the credit score.