What is a Micro Linear Actuator?

Micro Linear Actuator is a type of Linear Actuator that is used in creating motions in a particular line. But what are Linear Actuators in the first place?

Linear actuator refers to a type of actuator that does not create motion in a circular motion which is used in a basic electric motor. These Micro linear actuators aid in industrial machinery and machine tools. It is also used in computer peripherals like disk drives and others like printers. It also uses dampers in valves, and a lot of other situations where linear motions are necessary, a Micro Linear Actuator could be used.

Types of Micro Linear Actuator

Mechanical Micro Linear Actuators

Mechanical Micro linear actuators normally work by changing the rotary system linear system. And it aids in converting this using these steps.

Making use of a screw. It could either be a screw jack, ball screw, leadscrew, and roller screw actuators. This is because it works very well on a simple machine which is known as the screw. While you rotate the nut of the actuator, the shaft of the screw moves in a line.

Making use of an axle. It could be a winch, hoist, rack, chain drive, rigid chain, the principle of wheel and axle.  To learn more about micro linear actuators, visit IntelLiDrives.com

Making use of the rotating axle and wheel which aids in moving a rack, cable, belt or chain which produces linear motion.

Source: Actuonix

You could also use the cam actuators function on a principle that would work as if you made use of a wedge. But using this means it would not be as long as it would be without using the cam actuator. Just like now a wheel cam turns around, because of its shapes it gives thrust at the end of the shaft.

Linear actuators are motion and positioning systems that create straight-line motion. They translate circular motion into linear motion. Linear actuators are of diverse use so you will often find them in many industries. They are used in industrial machinery, computer peripherals, machine tools, even in medical equipment and other sectors where linear motion is required.

The types of linear actuators include mechanical actuators, hydraulic linear actuators, pneumatic linear actuators, piezoelectric actuators, and electromechanical actuators. All these types of linear actuators function to convert rotational or circular motion into motion on a straight line. Linear actuators are versatile and they can be found even in the smallest device in your home.

Now talking about ‘micro linear actuators’, they are just like every linear actuator, but their major difference is in their applications and designs. Micro linear actuators are small or micro devices designed to convert rotary energy into linear motion. The energy can be from different sources ranging from liquid, air or electricity.

Micro linear actuators work in different types of motion. They can be used in pushing, pulling, ejecting, and clamping. They work in the same way as most linear actuators as standard linear actuators also pull, lift, clamp, eject, and pull. The major reason why you would have to choose a micro linear actuator, in this case, is that they are more compact. The compactness of micro linear actuators is one of the distinct features that promote its use across several industries.

Micro linear actuators have a sleek profile that many industries need in their various working spaces. The aspect which micro linear actuators are commonly used is the motion-control system, and they are oftentimes controlled with a computer, cell phone, or remote to move an object. They perform automation functions within the remote or computer to control an external object.

Some mechanical micro linear actuators do not do other tasks than pulling, for example, hoists, belt drives and chain drive. Some do nothing but only to push (like a cam actuator).

There are hydraulic and cylinders, or lead screws which can be designed to change the amount of force in different directions.

More about Micro Linear Actuators

There is an L12 series micro electric linear actuator that has an axial design that optimizes a strong PMDC control and a cross-section that is rectangular which has a cross-section that grants the micro linear actuator more strength. One of the features this has that is the most attractive is the amount of broad spectrum of available configurations.

Micro Linear Actuators have about four different options of control and they include the following;

1. L12-I Series

Source: Trossen Robotics

This Micro Linear Actuator model has an onboard based software with a microcontroller that is digital. This is a controller has a non-programmable configuration for one of the four modes of input. This depends on which leads are plugged on power while the device is being turned up in factories during production. It has input modes like 0-5v, RC servo, PWM or 4-20mA. It also has different models like 12v and 6v.

2. L12-R Series

Source: Continental Electronics

This is known as the standard hobby-format remote control which could be used with a digital servo interface (also known as CMOS logic). This is also known as a play and plug that is usually compatible with a lot of RC receivers. These units could easily be operated using the Arduino servo library. It only has a 6v unit for its operations.

3. L12-P Series

Source: volusion.com

These Micro Linear Actuators do not have any controllers built into them. But without these controllers, it can provide an analog position that can be put into an external controller. It has a P-Series which it could easily be used using the Linear Actuator Control board. These keys one control this Micro Linear Actuator through the use of a USB, PCM or RC Servo, 0-5v. It is very sensitive, has stroke limits, has an onboard adjustment of speed, it has stall protection. This model is available in 12v and 6v formats.

4. Actuonix L12 Micro Linear Actuator

Source: Amazon.ca

These are in service through a lot of different industries. A lot of configurations easily make it a great means of being a micro linear actuator especially for use in medicine, industrial locomotive, aviation and aerospace applications. There are presently 4 L12 actuators that are being used in the space station internationally.

With all of these micro linear actuators, you will get to receive a free mounting hardware kit. Enjoy