What Is Bin Picking And Why Is It Important?

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Nowadays, automation is replacing many jobs. Many of these jobs, until recently, were done manually by people. The automation greatly speeds up production processes – but also makes it easier for people who can redirect their capacities to other things. One such technology is bin picking technology – and here’s why it’s so important.

What Is Bin Picking Technology?

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Nowadays, robotics has advanced so much that we can give some very complex tasks to robots. However, we can also use robots for some tasks that will save us labor – such as loading boxes or individual parts of products. This will undoubtedly be more economical because it saves both time and energy. Still, what to do when you need to separate items of different shapes and structures and then transfer them to the next production station? Can a machine distinguish them? The answer is YES and that is the key to bin picking technology.

Significance Of Bin Picking Technology

Bin picking technology involves robots that function visually. Namely, these robots are equipped with modern multi-dimensional cameras. That way, they are able to recognize certain production parts – which are often irregularly shaped or of different structures. Then, the robots extract such parts from the tank – and shape them properly before sending them to the next production station. Very often, it happens that among the parts of the same shape there are some different shapes or sizes that do not belong there. However, they can be reshaped and serve a purpose. This is where the greatest importance of bin picking technology lies.

How Do These Robots Work?

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When we talk about the bin picking process, we must emphasize that this process involves several key steps. Namely, the robot first identifies the parts you need. The robot is able to achieve this with the help of programmed measurement methods – as well as with the help of high-tech and high-resolution cameras. Its visual ability is so powerful – that deviations from appropriate measures are almost impossible or quite insignificant. In addition, the robot is able to determine the position of the parts or objects that are needed. For this, 3D camera technology is used, which will detect the position of production parts. Even in the case of the movement of parts inside the tank – the robot will be able to detect the position of these parts in the pile with the help of specific algorithms. Such robots also have powerful grippers – and all this makes a functional modern machine that is of great use, especially in industry.

Why Is Bin Picking So Important?

Bin picking technology implies systems that use 3D visual technology. It is precisely this visual orientation that enables the recognition of parts and their separation and positioning – that is the reason why this technology is so important. Such technical systems can be adapted to different industrial productions. Bin picking robots are very precise – and, on the other hand, they are flexible and applicable in many jobs. Their features are such that they cannot be ignored. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are used in precision mechanics or the automotive industry, and the like.

Other Benefits Of Bin Picking Robots

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Given that we have highlighted some of the most important technical features of bin picking robots, we should look at some more benefits of using them. First of all, these smart machines are also very adaptable. This means they are able to work in different environments and with different materials – but without any reduced efficiency. Also, they are multifunctional because they can be redistributed to different tasks – and can further increase the amount of work they do. They are also very independent – which means that they need minimal control or supervision by the human factor. It is because these machines are well programmed for the task they should perform. Certainly, efficiency and precision are what are the most important features of these systems.

The Use Of Bin Picking Technology In Industry

Bin picking technology is very applicable in many industries. However, it is mostly used in industrial sectors such as the automotive industry, logistics, and transport, pharmacy, etc. Certainly, this technology is also very practical because the entire production process is significantly accelerated – and is much more precise. Robots can extract randomly placed parts that can be different. Moreover, bin picking can be performed within different industrial environments – in which these robots will unmistakably locate the required pieces even if they are in a chaotic layout. The biggest advantage for the industries in which it is used is the reduction of labor, speed, and efficiency – and of course, high precision. This also reduces the costs of the production process itself.

Rational Use And Savings

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In addition to the technical advantages that the use of bin picking robots brings, it should be emphasized that the rationality of their introduction into specific plants is conditioned primarily by the volume of production – and the nature of the operations that the robot should perform. In the case of serial production processes, where there are a large number of repetitions of the same operation or a series of operations – the advantages of such robots are almost obvious. Of course, with the increase in production volume, the cost of introducing robots falls, so there are often processes where the invested funds return quickly – and only on the basis of labor savings.


We hope that we have finally explained to you what the concept of bin picking is – and the importance of this technology for modern industry. The fact is that today, in large and serial production, we are increasingly turning to automation. Automation makes production more affordable for us. Fortunately, technology is advancing just as fast today. Although the use of robots used to be an almost unattainable dream – in just a few decades it has become a reality and a part of our everyday life. The visual technology of bin picking robots is very advanced, and as such is of great importance today – especially in the industry.