What is Commercial Cleaning?

Almost everyone likes to have a clean home or a clean office, but not a lot of people have got the spare time to do the job. Have you ever heard of a commercial cleaner? This is usually a company that provides the best cleaning service for bigger offices and shops, as well as restaurants. However, you can also book this deep-cleanse and thorough job for your home and any space that demands professional help. Keep on reading as we talk about this more in-depth down below.

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How does the cleaning process look like?

You will have to call or book your appointment a couple of days ahead. A professional team will inspect your home or your company and see what there needs to be done. Some homes and some businesses may request a weekly or monthly clean-up based on different tasks and the size of your real estate. Here is how the process looks like:

Weekly cleaning tasks are:

  • Washing & cleaning of the windows (inside and outside)
  • Doing the floors
  • Remove rubbish from desk bins
  • Clean toilets and replenish towels and toilet rolls

Monthly cleaning tasks are:

  • Cleaning of the fridge and microwave
  • Cleaning of the kitchen tiles

6+ months:

  • Washing and tidying up the carpets
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Top 7 Reasons Why You Might Need & Want Commercial Cleaning

1. Hazmat

Hazmat = hazardous materials are quite often and easily found in places where you least expect them to be. Hazardous materials can be anything from used needles if you find yourself in a doctor’s office, or some food leftovers at a vet’s. This is why a trained team should clean the room or rooms to get rid of any biohazard dangers.

2. Your precious time

If you run a busy business or if you are a busy person yourself you should think about all the time that you have and all the tasks that you can do. A commercial cleaner will arrive at your business premises when you contact them and they will do the job for you. This will allow you and your team to focus on some bigger projects and tasks.

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3. Cleaning equipment is professional

Companies like MyaCleaningServices have the typical and common cleaning supplies, such as a sweeping brush and a duster. This makes the process of deep cleaning and thorough work impossible. Some companies can come in with industrial carpet cleaning machines, water-fed poles for cleaning high windows, floor polishers, different cleaning substances, and what not! If you want the place to be spotless, consider booking someone.

4. High standards

Food processing plants, kitchens, and medical facilities are just some of the places that are quite tricky to clean up. This is why and where high standards, maintenance, as well as the use of high-quality products will come in handy. It is vital to keep such busy places at their cleanest level while knowing that the conditions for their work are at the highest levels.

5. Extra strength

Commercial cleaning sometimes calls for stronger cleaning solutions and the use of high-quality materials and substances that are practical and common for commercial use. This rule applies to the use of bleach, for instance. Did you know that domestic homes don’t use anything stronger than 6 percent bleach? However, your thorough commercial work can use something way stronger.

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6. Reputation

You as a company should want to leave an amazing first impression. This is why and where the use of high-quality tools and services will come in handy. You should employ commercial cleaners to boost your reputation. In the long run, a fresh, clean & relaxing atmosphere will help everyone feel at peace when at their desk.

7. For any type of a business

Do not think that this service only applies to the office space, but it is also crucial for your kitchen (if your office has one). The right company will help with your carpets, sanitization, kitchen & bathroom clean-up while dealing with heavy-duty chemicals. You can go for this service despite your line of work or the size of your company.

FAQ about commercial cleaning

How is this different from janitorial cleaning services?

Many people confuse commercial cleaning and janitorial services. This is because they are not well-aware of this newer term, or because they haven’t booked a commercial cleaner before. A janitor is someone who takes care of the place at a full-time occupation and helps out in smaller day-to-day tasks. They usually sweep the floors, collect trash and vacuum, while not having the time to do heavy-duty work.

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How to know if something is a good commercial cleaning service?

It is crucial to find someone who knows how to deal and work in your industry and surrounding. Do not go for the cheapest price point since you don’t want to end up with improper messy results. Ask for someone’s expertise upfront and let them tell you about their history. Be honest about what is required and how often would you need them to do their service. Talk about any details and set up these rules upfront.

Who can go for a commercial cleaner?

Commercial cleaning can be expensive, but the truth is that you can make a bigger mistake by neglecting your space or trying to do it on your own without the use of high-quality substances and materials. The truth is, everyone can and should book this service if they need a spotless corner and have no time or skills to do this on their own. Make sure that you test this service at least once to wrap your mind around the concept itself.

Where to find a good service?

If you are a law firm, IT company, art or medical center, and whatnot, you probably know the importance of keeping your space clean & tight. A multi-skilled commercial cleaning company cleaning-express.com will help you get the space you deserve! They perform all the services that one might need and they have thousands of satisfied customers. Your cleaning plan is entirely based on your individual requirements + you also get reasonable pricing.