What Is Data Parsing (or Scraping) And Why You Need Proxies For It?

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When you are dealing with detailed research and analysis that require a lot of information, collecting the data can be a very challenging process. Trying to deal with that manually would be a long and difficult process. That is the main advantage of automatic system called web scraping.

The simple explanation of this process is that it will gather all information from a selected number of websites, which you can use as your data. However, there is another challenge related to this process, which is the readability of these information. That is the main reason why parsing is so important as part of it. If you want to learn more about this process, check out proxyempire.io. Also, we are going to introduce you to some of the main features of it in the following article.

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Main Features

As we already mentioned, it represents a process that you can use to collect a lot of data from multiple websites. The main benefit is that parsing will also filter the data and create different categories and make it easier for the user to sort out only the necessary information and files.

For example, when you scrape a website you need for some analysis, standard process will collect all elements, including the data from the structure of the website that you don’t need, and that will only make it harder to read all information.

Moreover, this process requires software or a tool that will gather data from websites and put them into one file. There is all kind of options available today. Another very important element is the library that you can use to set various filters and automation for your needs. The additional requirements depends on your needs, and the great thing is that you can create a library where you will specify which type of data you need to collect.

There are many elements in the structure of the website that represents coding data, and a typical scraping process will collect them along with other information. The role of parsing is to create a usable charts where you can scroll through data and use them without issues.

There are two most important parts of this process, lexical and syntactic analysis. The first type of analysis represents a process where the software is creating instances that will separate coding symbols from readable words. The second part of the process will organize the data in the right way.

Furthermore, you can choose between buying software for collecting data or creating one for your needs. The first option is more common because it is offering some benefits like convenience and simplicity. Also, it is especially beneficial to businesses that don’t have developers familiar with this process.

On the other side, there are some even bigger benefits when you create this tool with specific commands for your preferences. With this option, you will be able to change some options, add new preferences, keep track of updates on various websites, and more.

When it comes to the price, it depends on factors like the type of websites you want to scrape, the amount of data, whether it is a finished product or you want one from scratch, and more. Also, the complexity of data and how you want them to be organized can make a difference. It is always a better choice to invest in high-end software of pay a good developer to make one for your needs then relying on some free options. It will provide you with faster and more accurate process.

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Importance of Proxies

The biggest challenge with scraping data is that most websites today are using advanced protection. A lot of companies want to save some data from competition and risks of cyber-attacks. Therefore, the intention to collect data from such site by using this process might be recognized as a threat, especially when all attempts are coming from the same IP address.

That is the main reason to use proxies. The simple explanation is that this procedure will change your address after every attempt to collect data from some website. That will prevent the security layer from that site to react.

There are two types of proxies, residential and datacenter. The second one is a much cheaper option, but there are many disadvantages when you use it. First of all, it will be quite simple to track one and locate the user. When it comes to the first solution, there are many advantages like reliability, anonymity, accuracy, safety, and more.

As we already mentioned, many companies are not interested in sharing data from their website so easily. The security systems will often prevent typical scraping. However, when you are using a residential proxy, the visit to the website will be recognized like from any other user. Also, there is no way to be tracked down. Another challenge that is solved with it is the volume of data. When you try with multiple attempts from one address, the security layers form the website could ban you.

There are other models available as well, such as mobile and specialized. The first one can be used on mobile devices, while the second option is great for search tools and social platforms. All of these options can be useful for different locations and sites that might are not available in your area.

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The Bottom Line

One of the main reasons why companies need this process is when they need to create a new promotion strategy and use the most recent trends found on competitors’ sites and other popular platforms. The trends are constantly changing, along with technical features that can lead to higher visibility of your online platform.

Also, you can use it to gather valuable data that will help you determine the price of your products and services, implement new options like plugins and payment processors, and many other features. The use of proxies in this process is crucial since that it the only way get the data fast and without any issues.