What is Digital Signage and How Does It Work – A 2024 Guide

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Although most people do not think about the presence of screen often, it is true that they can be found everywhere nowadays. From office buildings to shopping malls, you can find such a display featuring useful info that people can find helpful, however, it can also be educational and interesting.

There are different types that you can come across, for instance, they can be static electronic signs like TVs, they can be interactive which often encourages people to use them by pressing the touchscreen, or they could be mounted on a wall – in some cases, you can find a combination of all three types into once device.

Now, if you are thinking about implementing a digital signage display into your company, you might be wondering – what is it and how does it actually work? If you are in this situation, you might find this article to be quite helpful. Let’s take a closer look at the guide below, as well as the benefits you can gain from utilizing such a device:

Digital Signage: Explained

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To put it simply, digital signage is basically a screen – like the one on your phone – that showcases different visual and audio messages presented in a digital format. In order for you to understand it better, you can think about it as showing a PowerPoint presentation on a TV or computer screen, a presentation that can help people learn and comprehend something.

For instance, if you find one in a shopping mall, you might see different messages such as the locations of different shops, the sales that are available at the moment, and other things that people can find helpful or useful. One located in an office building might feature new data on the company or information that all employees should be aware of.

So, How Does it Actually Work?

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There are some basic things that you’ll need if you are thinking about implementing such as a device in your company, including:

1. The Content You’ll Display – the very first thing that you’ll need to have is a way to create and design the message you want to distribute, and how the layout on the screen will look like. There are various platforms, such as indigoworkplace.com, that offer you a way to easily create and design the message you want to send, which means that the process can be easier and less frustrating.

2. You’ll Need a CMS – the next thing you should take care of is a content management system that will organize, schedule, and deliver the content you want people to see.

3. A PC For Distributing The Content – ensure that you have a PC that will deliver the content to the display. Now, it can be a media player or a computer, and your choice will depend entirely up to you, your needs, as well as your preferences.

4. A Display – there is no point in going through the aforementioned steps if you do not have a display for your messages. Most commonly, people opt for flatscreen TVs that are mounted to the walls or standing. Additionally, you can also opt for interactive screens.

What Can Be Displayed?

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This is something that will depend on your business, however, you can choose to display almost anything. For instance, you can share information with your employees on the weather, traffic, and news or you can share info on meetings and training that might be available at the moment.

If you work in the tourism industry, you can display maps, information on different attractions, as well as basic information on the city you are living in. For the retail industry, you can display smart mirrors, self check-outs, and. There are literally hundreds of options, which is why it is wise for you to do some digging and determine what your best choice might be.

What Benefits Can I Gain?

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There are hundreds of benefits that you can gain from such a device, but for the sake of this article, we will mention the most important ones that prompted a lot of business owners to implement such devices in the office building or stores. The benefits you can gain are:

1. Allowing People to Help Themselves

People always want to know more about what they are purchasing, and by encouraging them to interact with your digital sign, they’ll be able to learn exactly what they need, which can, in return, make them feel more comfortable with buying something. Additionally, they won’t get annoyed or stressed out by waiting for an employee to explain something, instead, they can help themselves.

2. It is a Wise Investment For The Long-Run

Now, you might be confused – how is it a wise investment in the long-run when I’ll need to spend hundreds of dollars on the screens? Well, you’ll only need to invest that one time. Also, creating the content is inexpensive and it can be changed in several seconds, which means that the devices will not cost you a lot of money in the long-run.

Of course, you should not forget that the displays will need regular maintenance, especially since doing so can actually increase their lifespan. This means that you can definitely ensure that the devices you purchase last for several years while helping your business thrive.

3. They Are Attention-Grabbing

Besides helping your customers in-store, such signs can also help attract more customers. Why you might ask? Well, they include motion, which is something people always pay attention to. Additionally, people tend to remember more things about the products and services they see on digital signage displays then they do when reading traditional signs.

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As you were able to read, digital signage can be extremely beneficial and useful for your business. Not only will you be able to easily distribute important information to your clients and/or employees, but, you’ll also have the ability to encourage people to learn more about your business by engaging with the device.

So, now that you know what digital signage is, how it works, as well as what benefits you can reap, you might not want to lose any more of your time. Instead, you should start browsing online and brick-and-mortar stores in order to find displays that suit your needs and requirements.