What is an Escape Room?

Surely you have already heard about the Escape Rooms and their great relevance in the world of group games. In this post, we want to explain in detail what an escape game is, in case you still have any questions about this phenomenon.

History of the Escape Room

The Escape Room games are relatively recent, but they have evolved very quickly. The first ones were carried out by Silicon Valey engineers who created an escape room game based on the Agatha Christie novels in 2006. In 2008, they came to Japan at the hands of Takao Kato. Later in 2011, escape games very similar to those we can see today arrived in Budapest.

At first, they were held in a white room where the players were locked up so that in 60 minutes they discovered the exit.

Today the setting has been greatly improved and a story has been introduced that makes the game very attractive. In addition, the escape room tests have changed a lot, nothing is valid anymore, the experience is as real as possible, sophisticated mechanisms are used, really hidden secret doors, special effects and if it can be games of artifice.

The Escape Room started out as a 60-minute game, and today there are storylines that can last up to 70 or 100 minutes. You can also find express games of 15, 20, 20 minutes.

Source: Brock University

What is an Escape Room?

We start with a little history …

The concept was born in Japan in 2007, but this game as it is known today has its origin in Budapest in 2011.

An Escape Room is a physical and mental adventure game that consists of locking a group of between 2 and 6 players in a room following a theme, where participants must solve a series of enigmas and riddles against the clock.

The groups of players range from 2 to 6 players,

But can you imagine competing against your co-workers or friends? Well now you can fight up to 10 people and enjoy it to the fullest.

Enigmas and riddles

The enigmas and riddles are tests of all kinds (locks, hidden codes, puzzle pieces, adjoining rooms …) that must be deciphered before the time ends (60 minutes), these tests have the objective of unlocking a story and fulfilling the goal of escaping the room.

But don’t worry if you don’t solve an enigma! We will give you clues to help you not get trapped in the room. Each room is monitored and controlled at all times by one of the center’s workers who will offer you a series of clues and riddles through a screen. The rooms where the activities take place are decorated and set according to the theme to be carried out, with the aim that the player can immerse himself in the story 100%.

Source: TripAdvisor

Methodology & Difficulty

The level of difficulty of the escape game themes is varied, so don’t worry because before choosing the game in which you want to participate we will inform you about its difficulty. We always recommend starting at the lowest level and increasing the difficulty.

At the beginning of the game, there will be a brief explanation of the operation and rules that must be followed, detailing what can and cannot be done.

For this activity you don’t need to be a genius, nor do you require physical strength,… you just have to be creative, use logic, actively participate with the rest of the group and above all let yourself be carried away by the tracks.

Types of Escape Room

An Escape game is a leisure option recommended for groups of friends, couples, company teams, children or families. Anyone, of legal age or minor, can participate in a game of escapism as long as the theme and the enigmas are according to their level.

Source: Choose Chicago

Escape Room for Kids

Games dedicated to children or a family escape room will always be easier than the rest. These have become one of the main choices for the little ones when choosing an activity to do as a family.

Several studies have shown that these games promote the intellectual development of the youngest, increasing their logical abilities, and also stimulate their social and communication skills as they are an activity developed in a group.

At Paranoiaquest they make sure that the experience is the best possible for this audience and they adapt modifications in their rooms to suit different ages. Can you think of a better plan for a family day out? Just check here!

Escape Room for Companies

This type of teambuilding activity is ideal and original for company events. More and more companies are opting for this type of games in their events to improve motivation and enhance relationships and productivity of their employees.

In this type of escapism games for companies, leadership and creativity are stimulated, since in each team there will always be someone who assumes the position of leader, and in addition, communication and camaraderie are encouraged by learning how to listen and help the partner.

Source: World of Escapes

Escape Room Theme

Most of the escape games are themed. Each one is based on a different theme, which is always accompanied by a story that is told and detailed at the beginning of the activity. All the stories have a good synopsis and end with the story of a challenge or objective that the participants must achieve.

The themes are usually of various types:

  • Historical
  • Espionage
  • Futuristic
  • Combat, adventure
  • Character-based
  • Or even horror

The difficulty of the themes of the games is varied. At the beginning of the game, the operation and rules that must be followed are briefly explained, detailing what can and cannot be done. The games are recommended for groups of friends, couples, company teams, children or families.

Source: The New York Times

We assure you that by playing in Escape Rooms, you will live a new, unique, different and, above all, very fun experience. It’s going to hook you! We hope this post can be useful. Thank you for reading!