What is a Public Adjuster?

Natural disasters and extreme weather conditions can be quite common in some states in the United States. Whether it is wind, flood, hail, snow, drought, or something even worse, it can be a serious threat to the people’s property. For example, Texas, New Jersey, Tennessee, Missouri, Alabama, and many more are subject to damage from natural disasters every single year. The amount of money required to make the repairs of this kind of damage is several billion dollars. Assuming you also have found yourself in this kind of situation, you should probably hire a public adjuster that will help you settle a claim.

But, what exactly is a public adjuster? Should not people just hire an attorney in that it? Well, there are a number of benefits why a public adjuster can do a better job than an attorney, and the most obvious reason why you should do it is that it is cheaper.

I am not talking about a fixed fee, but I am talking about the percentage of the settlement they take. For example, an experienced attorney that will win you the claim will take 40% of your settlement or even more while a public adjuster will probably take 10% to 20%.

If you want to know more about the reasons that you should this kind of a professional who can help people negotiate a good insurance claim, make sure you keep reading throughout this entire article.

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They are experts on this topic

By this, I do not necessarily mean that attorneys are not professional swords that they are not experts in the law. Quite the contrary, lawyers are experts when it comes to law in the legal system, but most of them are not specifically taught or trained for this type of case. Most lawyers have an understanding of the entire law focusing on just one type of expertise.

Well, public adjusters are the opposite. They know every single bit of information that can be related to property damage insurance claims and they know every law that can be connected to such cases. They also have acquired a license to help people that are dealing with an insurer. In other words, it might be your best option to deal with this kind of problem. Your property may be the most valuable thing in your life, so make sure you make the right decision.

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They can speed up the process

One of the worst things about dealing with damage to your house or apartment is the fact that it takes so long to get that money you need to start the repairs. This is simply not acceptable. You have endured so much stress and damage to your home, the last thing you need is to prolong the process of insurance claim even further. We are talking about your home which means you need it back to its normal state as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, public adjusters are equipped with the right knowledge to ensure that they can speed up this process at least a little bit. They understand your situation and that you are in dire need to earn that settlement. With the right information and enough evidence, they could probably get you that settlement money in less than a month.

Keep in mind, sometimes, even the best public adjuster you can find will have trouble dealing with certain insurance companies. You also have to account for the quarter to date, the type of judge you are going to get, and several other factors that will have a direct influence on the time required to finish this whole process.

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A chance for a better settlement

During these times, I can assume that the most important thing to you right now is to repair your property and to bring back your home to a livable state. Living in a house that has been flooded or under a broken roof is not safe and very dangerous.

But, sometimes it is not just about the property. Any kind of natural disaster or extreme environment that has brought such damage to your home can also cause a lot of stress. Dealing with the stress of losing your home, losing money, losing expensive items and furniture is a lot.

In other words, for enduring such stress, you also deserve a little bit more money than just compensation for losing your home. Your mental health may even be more important than your materialistic possessions.

Fortunately, an experienced public adjuster may be able to get a little bit more out of your claim as suggested by theclaimsquad. When comparing this with the fee of a lawyer (a smaller settlement and 40% from it), it is obvious that a public adjuster is a much better option.

Source: Ohio Department of Insurance – Ohio.gov

Better communication

Communication is the most vital part when it comes to an insurance claim. Without good communication, you will not be able to achieve anything. You will end up with zero cash in your bank account.

Communication is so important because, without it, you will not be able to provide the right evidence of your misfortune. Without the right evidence, you cannot convince the insurance company that you deserve a settlement to repair your home.

Public adjusters take the communication between their clients and the insurance company very seriously. They ensure that every single bit of information is properly transmitted and that every single piece of evidence is used to ensure that the settlement will be provided.

They usually have the experience and knowledge on how to form communication with the insurer to avoid creating any kind of tension between all the parties. Because once there is a necessary tension in any of these parties, fulfilling the insurance claim becomes impossible and it will probably be taken to court. Once the claim gets taken to court, things get a lot more complicated and slower.

As you can see, hiring a public adjuster brings a lot of benefits and may be the better option when compared to hiring a lawyer. In the end, you are the one that should decide who will satisfy your needs and requirements.