What Is Sales Funnel and How Important It Is In Modern Business

Starting a business in today’s world is easier than ever before. The main reason why entrepreneurship is experiencing popularity growth is advanced technology. You can start a business from the comfort of your room if you have a decent device and a stable Wi-Fi connection. Yet, running a business is tough because almost every filed is competitive. The opportunities that the Internet brings to our lives are available to everyone. Because of that, you need to find a way to split from the masses.

It is almost impossible to start a business that is not operating in a competitive field. Even if you find one, that doesn’t mean you will make a profit out of it. It might happen that people are not demanding certain products and services.

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Competition is not something that should scare you. The more important thing is to find the best possible way to promote yourself. Doing that without a good sales funnel is impossible. Unfortunately, many first-time entrepreneurs do not even know what sales funnel is. Those that are familiar with that subject do not understand how important it is in modern business.

Improving your knowledge is the key to success. You came to the right place to find out more about the sales funnel and all the important aspects around it.

The Definition of Sales Funnel

We will use the easiest way to describe what sales funnel is. It is a combination of stages or steps that visitors of your website take to become your customers. You will manage to find different ways of how people divide the funnel into different stages. However, in this article, we will analyze how sales funnel looks when it has 4 stages. Let’s describe each one carefully.

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1. Awareness

Before everything, in this case, the sales funnel is well-known under the acronym AIDA. In other words, there are four stages that sales funnel contains – Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action. As we said, each stage has a unique purpose and goal. Because of that, you need to use a different approach for each one. If you do that successfully, you can be sure you are sending the right message and the right time.

The awareness stage is the moment when the first-time visitor gets your attention. How you will do that depends on the marketing plan that you use. Some people would choose to promote their brand through social media. For instance, they would promote themselves through tweets, Facebook, and Instagram ads, etc.

The goal you need to reach here is to convince a person to visit your website. He doesn’t know anything about you so you should tell a couple of words to convince him that he deserves your attention. After he visits your website, the next stage comes.

2. Interest

When the visitor gets to your landing page, you need to find a way to convince him to research your shop. However, you should not be too aggressive and direct here. Offering the products in the Interest Stage would be a huge mistake. You need to give him valuable content that is not going to sound “salesy”.

The purpose of the second stage is to establish your expertise. You need to help the potential consumer to get all the necessary information. For instance, if they want to know who you are, you should lead them to the “About Us” page. If he wants to know more about the products, you should provide him with features.

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3. Decision

As we said, the competition in the online business world is tough. There is a big chance that the visitor already visited a couple of webshops before reaching yours. Because of that, you need to find a way to convince him to make the right decision.

That is the moment when you need to make the best offer. For instance, you can provide him with free shipping. That is one of the methods that businesses around the world use. Despite that, you can also use certain bonuses and discounts. Whichever method you use, you must make it irresistible.

4. Action

Entrepreneurs usually make a common mistake. They believe that their job ends when a client purchases their product. However, that is far away from the truth. When a customer buys your product, he became part of your business’s ecosystem. Because of that, you need to make certain steps to convince the customer to come back.

First of all, you should be available for the customer even after he gets the product. For instance, it can happen that he can’t find the solutions for the problems associated with the product. Despite that, it can also happen that there is something wrong with the product. Whichever problem the consumer has, you need to be there to provide solutions.

The relationship with the customer also doesn’t stop after he buys the product. As we said, your goal should be to convince that person to get back once again. You can do that through newsletters where you will send different news associated with your business. Offer him to subscribe to your newsletter with his email after the entire process ends.

Why Is Sales Funnel Important

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The sales funnel will tell you which gaps you need to cover to become successful. Many people don’t understand exactly why their sales stagnate or decrease. They try to change certain things, but those changes do not bring the best results. Logically, the reason why that happens is because they are changing the wrong things.

Despite that, the sales funnel will tell you more about your customers. You will know exactly which concerns they have and which things attract them to purchase a product. These pieces of information will help you adapt your marketing campaign to customer’s requirements and expectations.

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Final Thought

We don’t want to say that developing a successful sales funnel is easy. Because of that, if you get stuck at some moment, hiring a professional would be a smart choice. Fortunately, marketing agencies like Sales Funnels Expert can bring you success and peace of mind. Letting professionals to do the work will save your time and money as well.