What Is A Virtual Agent, And How Does It Work?

For any organization, efficiency and accuracy of its operations are among the major goals. Therefore, it is an important decision for an organization to try and make its operation as efficient and accurate as possible. To bring efficiency in its operations, optimum use of its resources is one of the most important considerations. For instance, in a contact center, optimizing its agents’ time is one of the ways to bring efficiency to its operations. But that is not the only goal that a contact center is concerned about; accuracy and precision in the way it interacts with the customers are among the important objectives, too. Then, there is this question of accuracy and human element as well. In a contact center, most of the time tools repeat certain actions which can easily be automated by adopting a self-serviced electronic IVR or assistance tool.

What is a virtual agent?

Buoyed by the amount of information that is now accessible to individuals these days, self-help is another recent concept shaping the way we interact with our customers, who in turn are looking for quick and non-interrupted resolutions to their queries. A virtual agent is a software program that has been designed based on this very concept of self-help to assist customers with its predefined or pre-programmed set of questionnaires based on a conversational experience so that they can get their answers quickly and with accuracy and that too without any interruptions or waiting time, which is a normal scenario in human agent-based interactions. With its highly intuitive AI-powered automated program, a virtual tool or conversational AI software not only helps to automate certain processes but also takes queries from the customers or guides them to the appropriate desk for a quick resolution. In an omnichannel contact center, a virtual self-help agent, along with live agents, helps to provide superior customer services

What a virtual agent can do for you

For some repeated and routine tasks, a virtual software can help save precious time on the part of human agents who have to spend their productive time answering these repeated questions. Plus, there is an advantage of precision by avoiding human errors, thus creating productive and engaging customer interactions for the customers who seem to be looking for a quick resolution to their queries.

AI chatbot by CXInfinity or virtual agent is a great tool that can automate, simplify and optimize customer interactions to save a lot of time and resources for a contact center. Following are the main tasks that a virtual tool does with clarity, precision, and on a highly satisfying note:

Provide context-specific service

A virtual agent has been designed to offer you a personalized customer experience as it can collect and access information about a customer by asking for certain information and set up a conversation that is based on a context and thus provides precise answers. It is the ideal situation for any customer looking for a quick and exact response without putting much effort, which sometimes happens during a conversation with a human agent.

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Perform Transactions on behalf of customers

A virtual service is indeed the best possible non-intrusive assistance that can help a customer to perform a specific task or make a request to update their profile or even schedule a task or an event as effortlessly and quickly as possible.

Make conversations more evolved

One of the most promising features of a virtual agent or conversational AI chatbot is that it can understand customers and their specific requests using natural language processing (NLP) that involve text-to-speech technology, context, and certain other cues that have been programmed in it to ensure evolved and human-like interaction with the customers for highly interactive customer sessions.

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Smart Call Management

At times, certain issues are complex and need interference from a human agent. A virtual agent can understand the context of any such issue and route it to a live agent to ensure that the customers are provided with a satisfactory response to their queries.

Delight your customers

Virtual agents are programmed to ensure that they guide the interactions to a logical conclusion by understanding what a customer is looking for. They analyze customers’ intent and provide solutions that are related or expected on the part of customers. That way, virtual agents help customers get a positive and expected response to their queries to customers’ delight.

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Schedule Calls

At times, especially during peak hours, it is not possible to connect to a customer who is waiting for his turn to speak to the agent. In such cases, virtual agents can open a ticket and schedule an aftercall or the ‘Call me back’ option with a live agent. This option helps customers not wait long in the queue to speak to the live agent.

Facilitate Information to the customer

By identifying the customer intent, virtual agents can quickly sort and search the specific information about the customer stored in the integrated CRM or from knowledgebase and provide it to the customer.

Source: chatbase.com

With all the above-mentioned tasks that virtual agents are capable of performing, they are considered to be the change agents in the contact center industry. If you are looking at the highly evolved customer interactions that are engaging and work towards ensuring high customer satisfaction, bring efficiency and accuracy to call center operations, and also put it on a growth trajectory, investing in a virtual call center system or software such as InfiBOT is worth it to boot contact center performance.