What Does Your Ring Tone Say About You?

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When it comes to ringtones, there are a lot of options to choose from. You can go with the standard ringtone that came with your phone, or you can choose something more unique. There are all sorts of different ringtones to choose from, and they each say something different about the person who is using them.

Some people might choose a classic song as their ringtone, while others might choose something more modern. Some people might even choose a sound or noise that is specific to them. No matter what type of ringtone someone chooses, it says something about their personality and their interests.

What exactly does it say? Well, that’s what we’re aiming to find out!

1. iPhone Default

You either don’t have a personality or you really want people to know you have an iPhone, and we tend to feel it’s the latter. To be fair, changing an iPhone ringtone is as hard as building a spaceship, but still, c’mon! At least try a little bit!

2. Classic

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We don’t who does this but if you’re one of them, you’re probably a really old soul or a hipster stuck in 2012. You like things that are tried and true, and you’re not interested in change. You’re probably really reliable, but also really boring. No hard feelings!

3. Pop

Whether it’s Britney or something from this decade, you’re all about that mainstream life. You’re popular and everyone knows it, but you’re also not afraid to show off your unique side. You’re probably a lot of fun, but you can also be a bit superficial. Are we close or are we really close?

4. Rock 

This one’s hard because there are so many sub-genres here. If you’re into classic rock, you’re probably a little bit older and a lot wiser. If you’re into alternative rock, you might be a rebel without a cause. And if you’re into metal… well, you might just be cooler than anyone on this list. BUT, if your ringtone is “All Star” by Smash Mouth, ask yourself what you’re doing with your life. Just kidding – we love Shrek, too!

5. Hip Hop

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So, we might be a little biased but, hear us out. If your ringtone is hip hop, you’re probably pretty cool. You’re confident and you know what you want. You’re not afraid to speak your mind, and you’re always down for a good time. With that being said, if you think Lil Uzi is hip-hop, you might need to expand your musical horizons, visit ZoneRingtones.com and find yourself some boom bap and change your ringtone.

6. Country

We’re not saying you keep a horse in your backyard or anything, but if your ringtone is country, you’re probably a bit of a down-home kind of person. You like things that are simple and you’re not interested in all the fuss. You’re probably a hard worker with a great sense of humour. And, if we had to guess, you probably love beer and Shania Twain.

7. EDM

If your ringtone is EDM, you’re probably a bit of a party animal. You love to have fun and you’re always up for a good time. You’re probably outgoing and adventurous, and you’re definitely not afraid to take risks. But, at the end of the day, you know how to have a good time and you’re always the life of the party.

8. R&B

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With R. Kelly being out of the question for obvious reasons, we hope you went with some other 90s R&B star. Either way, we’ll say this: if your ringtone is R&B, you’re probably a bit of a romantic. You believe in love and you’re always looking for that special someone. You’re probably a great friend and an even better partner. And, if we had to guess, you probably know all the words to “Let Me Love You” by Mario.

9. Jazz 

If your ringtone is jazz, you’re probably a snob. Otherwise, why would you keep Miles Davis as your ringtone? Everyone knows you listen to jazz. You say it all the time. Anyway, you like things that are classic and you’re not interested in all the newfangled gadgets and gizmos and you think these “new kids don’t know what music is”. On the other hand, you’re probably a great listener and a deep thinker. And, if we had to guess, you probably have a huge record collection and you can’t shut up about how “vinyl just sounds better”.

10. Sound Effect

Well… This greatly depends on a sound effect. If it’s a car horn, you’re probably impatient. If it’s a construction site, you’re probably really annoying. But, if it’s the sound of a cash register, we have some bad news for you: you’re not actually making any real money. Just kidding! We’re sure you’re a great person, no matter what your ringtone is. This all in good fun.

11. Funny Sound Effect

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As any man will tell you – farts are funny. No matter what your funny sound effect is, it’s probably hilarious to you but no one else around you. But, at the end of the day, you’re probably a great person with a great sense of humour and everyone loves to be around you.

12. Animal Sound 

You must like animals, don’t you? If your ringtone is an animal sound, you’re probably a kind and caring person. You’re probably the type of person who always has a pet around, and you’re always quick to lend a helping hand. And, if we had to guess, you probably love going on walks and you’re always down for a cuddle session.

13. Bell Or Alarm 

Not sure how to feel about this one. If your ringtone is a bell or an alarm, you’re either really punctual or you just really like the sound of ringing bells/alarms. Either way, we’re not sure what is wrong with you.

14. Video Game Theme

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We’re going to assume you’re a bit of a nerd if your ringtone is a video game theme song. But, that’s not a bad thing. Not at all. It’s cool to be a nerd. Nerds make money these days. Nerds make money playing video games online. Take that mom and dad!

15. Baby Crying

A complete psychopath. You shouldn’t be allowed outside.


There you go. Hope you had a great time reading this, and once again – this is just some fun time. No hard feelings, okay?