Which Type of Dress to Wear on the Beach?

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It is August, but there still is a month more for the summer to last. Even if it ends, the hot sunny days may even show up in September and October which means going to the beach will still be an option. With so much more time left to go to the beach means that you will need a lot more outfits in your wardrobe. As a woman, it is very difficult to find the right dress to wear on the beach because you need something that will be both lightweight and aesthetically pleasing.

However, there are so many different types of dresses out there, how can you know which ones you should get? How do you know whether it will keep you cool while under the hot and scorching sun? Well, you will not have to wonder anymore because I decided to write this article to help you which type of dress you should wear. Once you go through all the different types, I am sure you will able to make a decision and pick the right one that will match your swimwear.


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A midi dress is something in between a maxi and a mini. A maxi is for formal events where everyone is wearing all kinds of unique outfits. Obviously, you will not need a maxi when you are out on the sand. A mini is simply too short, will expose too much and it limits your mobility. And of course, when you are at the beach, you want as much as mobility as possible. You will be running, dancing, sunbathing, and just having fun.

This is why a midi is a perfect option for anyone that wants to spend a good day at the beach. In fact, I believe that the midi is more appropriate for nights out next to the lake, sea, or the ocean. It is still quite fashionable and polite while being very light to keep you cool during the hot nights. The sleeves can vary anywhere between long and short. It will entirely depend on the product you decide to buy. Although, I would recommend going with shorter sleeves to stay cooler under the sun. But, make sure you apply enough sunscreen on your arms and your shoulders.


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Another type of dress that can be made out of any kind of materials, but in this case, you should look for a lighter and transparent fabric. The A-line is not exactly a lot more different than a midi dress, but there are some differences you can probably notice. The first obvious difference is the fact that it flares a lot more at the bottom. It is tightening around the hips, but it is still loose on your stomach and your chest.

It allows for a lot of air to pass through, cooling you while you are out and about on the beach. If you decide to go for A-line, I would recommend choosing something with lighter colors. White, coral, peach, or just go with a floral design because you can go wrong with that.


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Boho-chic is a fashion style that gets a lot of inspiration from the hippie movements during the 60s and the 70s. Although, it first appeared somewhere around the 1990s and evolved quite a lot during the 2000s and 2010s. But, it gained a lot of popularity when the famous model Kate Moss started rocking this fashion style everywhere she went.

Today, you can find all kinds of different products that adorn the boho-chic style. Hats, shirts, boots, sandals and of course, dresses. Boho style dresses are usually very lightweight and there also pretty loose. There is no tightening at the hips, the stomach, or at the chest. It is looser than any of the other options I mentioned before, so I would suggest wearing your swimsuit underneath it.

Personally, I would go with white lace or a floral print. But, I am sure there are hundreds of other alternatives that looked just as good. Spaghetti straps are also very popular with the Boho fashion style. If you are looking for a suggestion, I find the red floral print mini dress that you can find at lovethatboho.com is a great option.

Wrap dress

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This is another favorite of mine just because it is so easy to put on and take off. Considering that you will be at the beach frequently, you want something that you can take off as easily as possible. You can take it off in a matter of seconds and you jump in the water in your favorite swimsuit. Once you are done, you dry yourself off and you wrap yourself with this outfit. Yes, it is that easy.

There are no tightened positions except the rope-like fabric that you can tighten around your waist or your hips. Basically, you decide how loose or how tight your outfit will be. The only disadvantage I could think of is probably the fact that this style is usually quite long which can be a problem while at the beach.


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For those that want to be as casual as possible, I recommend the T-shirt dress. Yes, you read that right. A T-shirt which is long enough that it can be considered as a dress. It is that simple. The design can be anything you want. It can be a floral print, it can be it cool or interesting design on the front, you can just be a logo or a famous brand.

You just put it on and that is about it. This way, you can be as casuals want and you will be as comfortable as possible. Sure, T-shirts might not use the most lightweight fabric, but if it is big enough, it will keep you cool. Just make sure you do not get anything in black color because that attracts too much heat from the sun.

As you can see, there are dozens of different types and styles of dresses that can be used on a beach. It is up to you to be creative and decide which one is for you.