Which Yacht to Choose? Motor or Sail?

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This is how you are going to become a yachtsman, and the question will certainly arise, what to buy?

What kind of yachts are there?

If we omit various details and difficulties, then the yachts are divided into 2 classes.

Motor yachts:

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This is how you are going to become a yachtsman, and the question will certainly arise, what to buy? What kind of yachts are there?

These are yachts that move exclusively with the help of the engine. Or, more often, engines, because usually he is not alone there.

Sailing yachts:

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This is how you are going to become a yachtsman, and the question will certainly arise, what to buy? What yachts are there?

These are yachts that use wind energy. As in the good old days))) Although, there is an engine on them.

Meanwhile, I do not get tired of repeating that yachting can be not prohibitively expensive.

So what would I choose and why:

I am for sailing yachts with all my heart.

I am well aware of all the advantages of motor yachts.

This is how you are going to become a yachtsman, and the question will certainly arise, what to buy? What kind of yachts are there?

For example, the motor yacht Bavaria. In the pluses, a small draft, no roll at the transition, a larger internal volume. Yes, and ease of management too: for motor yachts, one competent person is quite enough.

  • And here is the sailing Bavaria, and also 38 feet.
  • Here you have a roll when sailing.
  • And the draft is under two meters (you won’t come close to the beach)
  • And the sails with everything that goes with them greatly reduce the space.
  • And the speed under sail of knots is 7-8.

Yes, and manage it alone … No, in general it is possible, but it is better with an assistant. Boring and sad.

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The main advantage of motor yachts is considered to be comfort and the ability to develop high speed. These yachts have more free space, which is why they are chosen for luxurious parties. In terms of interior decoration, motor yachts can compete with eminent five-star hotels; they are to the liking of lovers of drive and those who are not bothered by the smell of burning fuel or the roar of the engine during planing. Despite the fact that a motor yacht is more expensive than a sailing yacht, it is more economical to operate.

According to statistics, more than 80% of buyers choose motor yachts. This is due, first of all, to the fact that the management of such a vessel does not require either a large and highly qualified crew, or special physical dexterity of the captain.

When choosing a motor yacht, pay attention to the type of engine: Volvo-Penta (Sweden) and MerCruiser (USA) are the most common, which means that their service is better organized.

Now let’s talk about the pros, shall we?

First, it’s power reserve. If for motor yachts it is from 200 to 1000 miles (approximately, of course, there are different yachts), then the sailing power reserve is practically unlimited. That is, if you are not in a hurry, you will get there anyway. Well, maybe a day later. Or for a week…)

And let’s not talk about the fact that a person who has money for a yacht does not fit to save on fuel. I’m not talking about saving and not about money at all.

Imagine an ocean. The weather, thank God, is excellent. You just ran out of fuel.

Moreover, a suitcase with money, oddly enough, lies in a locker near the navigation table. Just don’t give them to anyone

And with a sail? Yes, there are no problems at all. Let the wind be weak, but little by little the movement continues. But this is not the main factor for me.

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Main selection factor. And what is the main factor?

And now tell me, what is more interesting to play the brave captain? On a real, albeit small, sailboat or on a plastic canister with a motor?

That’s it, folks. A motor yacht is like a car at sea. The steering wheel, at least very similar to a car.

The following are recognized as world leaders in the field of yacht building:

  • German shipyard Blohm & Voss,
  • Italian Benetti and Perini Navi Group,
  • Dutch Oceanco, Amels, Feadship and Heesen,
  • American Christensen and Trinity Yachts.

If you wish, you can order a yacht and domestic production – it will cost several times cheaper, you will not have to overpay for a global brand, as well as pay fees and duties for delivery. Of course, a yacht built in a single copy fully reflects both the character and life aspirations of its owner. Be that as it may, the mere fact that your ship is built according to an individual project does not mean that the trips on it will be bright, the sea will be gentle, seven feet under the keel.

How not to make a mistake when buying?

Choosing a yacht is a responsible matter. In anticipation of the cherished purchase, excessive excitement and impatience can lead to annoying mistakes.

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1. Spontaneity

What you definitely shouldn’t do is rush. A rash purchase will bring only disappointment. Having bought a yacht, succumbing to emotions, you will not notice its shortcomings, which are obvious with a balanced and reasonable approach. Marketing tricks and a blatantly favorable price are not an argument.

2. Lack of financial planning

When purchasing a yacht, it is a mistake to believe that the money spent will be limited only to its purchase. Like a car, a motorcycle and any movable property, a yacht needs constant care and therefore an investment. You definitely can not do without the cost of repairs and technical inspection – this is at least. But each exit to the sea involves the technical preparation of the vessel and its full-fledged equipment. If you do not have an equipped boathouse for storing a yacht, you will need to pay for secure yacht parking.

3. Purchase of non-liquid

When buying a yacht in the secondary market, it is important to be aware of all the pros and cons of such an acquisition. A conscious purchase of a used yacht can indeed be a profitable purchase, but sometimes unscrupulous dealers hide serious technical flaws under the external gloss. If you do not identify defects before purchase, after a short time they will appear, and this will lead to serious expenses and other troubles. Only a thorough inspection of a used vessel and its technical expertise, coupled with a good dealer reputation, can insure you against buying a vessel that is obviously illiquid and even dangerous.

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4. Overpayment

Typically, the demand for yachts increases significantly with the start of the sailing season. Of course, this leads to a sharp jump in prices. If the issue of purchasing a yacht is not urgent for you, wait for the right moment, because towards the end of the season you will be able to buy a yacht at a very fair price. A great way to save money without compromising is to buy a boat during specialized exhibitions, fairs and boat shows, when manufacturers offer promotions and discounts.

Hope you answered your question and happy sailing!