White Labelling: Easier Than Building Your Own

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White labeling has grown in popularity over the past decade. The strategy is utilized currently in a wide array of industries from individually-run grocery stores to established multilateral corporations. Store branded products, often sold at discounted prices, are a perfect example of white labeling that we see every day. And long gone are days when these solutions applied to only tangible products. Thanks to numerous technological innovations leading to the advent of digital marketing, online tools can also be white labeled in DSP platforms. However, before you hitch your cart to white label dsp from targetoo.com (demand-side platform) train, here are a few fundamentals you should be familiar with.

What Is White Labelling?

When a product or service replaces their brand or logo on the final product with branding requested by the buyer, the process is referred to as white labeling. A white label product or service is one that is re-brandable and re-sellable. They are produced by one company and purchased by another, where the marketers rebrand to make it seem as though they made the product. For instance, a sugar cane mill manufactures raw or white sugar, which is sold to individual wholesalers who will repackage and rebrand for sale to consumers. White labeling may also occur if the sugar manufacturer uses the branding requested by the purchaser or marketer instead of its own.

White label service providers are outsourced fulfillment companies that handle part of all of the workload of their clients. Simply put, it is when company A fulfills a task for company B. However, from an etic perspective, these services appear to be part of company B. Company A then provides company B with an unbranded advertising platform referred to as a white label DSP that is resold to the client of company A.

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Why A White Label DSP Is The Best Solution For Your Company

A white label DSP offers you proprietorship, which gives you freedom in the marketplace. It is an effective tech solution that simplifies programmatic media buying. Compared to a self serve DSP, with a white label DSP, the product is your very own. You avoid paying monthly subscriptions. A white label DSP can also be linked to custom SSPs, which means you are in charge of where your traffic comes from while you collect data from publishers. You have ultimate control over your campaign performance.

Nonetheless, when you purchase a ready-made white label DSP solution, you can customize it to your own preferences while cutting costs. Building a brand new white label DSP from the ground up is very expensive. There are technological costs, salaries, maintenance, and other miscellaneous fees. You, therefore, save millions that could have been spent on technology development by purchasing a customizable ready-made platform.

White Label Digital Marketing Solutions To Skyrocket Your Business

1. White label SEO

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In the current day and age, increasingly more companies are investing in an online presence. It is one thing to have a website and another to attract users to your site. Now that increasingly more businesses are recognizing the important role of the digital landscape, they are purchasing SEO solutions to generate viable leads.

A white label DSP is a platform or service that is specially designed to optimize the client’s digital content into a re-brandable product that is then sold by the purchaser. By including re-sellable SEO services in the software’s functionality, the client’s online visibility is increased, making it easy to find them in organic searches without the need to pay for AdWords and landing pages campaigns. The clients’ site will attract more buyers thus generating more sales and enhancing income.

Launching a successful reseller SEO will raise your business’s ranking on SERPs and overall domain authority. You can achieve this through content creation services based on key terms. Reseller SEO experts will come up with the most effective keywords to increase the client’s organic traffic for the client’s online business. They will then provide you with an unbranded platform with an in-built reporting dashboard to aid you to keep tabs on the progress and results of the SEO services.

2. White label web design and development

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If you wish to provide your clients with web design while you forgo the costly overhead expenses of hiring an in-house team, consider hiring white label design services. A professional web designer will present you with flexible design options so, you gain a competitive edge within the market. Your client acquisition and retention rates will also improve. If you do not build websites for your clients someone else will. If you provide web design and development solutions you become a one-stop-shop for clients seeking answers to their marketing challenges. Once the design process is over, you gain full copyright ownership of all web designs. You can then resell them for profit.

3. White label apps

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As the world shifts most of its online activities to mobile phones, one of the cost-effective ways to induct your clients into the smartphone arena is by creating a white label. It is software that is built by a provider then rebranded and resold. This is how it works. Your client will order an application which you then hire a third party to design and develop. All credit goes to you. Mobile apps will help your clients establish their brand, provide better customer service, and increase customer loyalty. They stay ahead of the competition while growing sales.

4. White label graphic design

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Outsourcing a white label graphic designer increases your capacity to deliver professional design services to your clients and maximize your profits. The design team you hire has adequate expertise to come up with innovative and high-quality content that you can use yourself or resell. Ensure you request graphic design as an add-on service during the creation of the DSP. Common graphic design services that can be white-labeled are logos, labels, business cards, letterheads, billboards, infographics, and brand and corporate identity packages.

Take Away

There are numerous other strategies you can offer your clients while optimizing your white label solutions provider. Include services like content creation, email, and social media marketing, to your packages as a sure way to scale your business and keep your clients happy. Ensure you hire a white label solutions provider who has your best interests at heart.