Why a Direct Home Sale Beats Going to an Estate Agent

Thinking of shifting homes? Planning to move to a new neighborhood? Or maybe you got a new job that makes it necessary to relocate? Whatever the reasons are, you might be intending to sell away your house but are worried about being listed.

Here are some of the significant features of the services which make we-buy-your-houses investors a better choice for you to sell your house to, than heading towards any real estate agent, and if you want to learn more visit yourtrustedhomebuyer.com:

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Rate of commissions is 0%

Yes, you got that right! Believe it or not, we-buy-houses companies believe in direct sales and promote them at all times. Also, these companies do not have any hidden charges either. What is more, there is no commission for any third party at all.

This is, for this reason, a very affordable method as compared to buying a house through an estate agent. Estate agents usually require a hefty fee just for connecting the potential buyer to the homeowner. Moreover, you have to wait for a certain amount of time before you can meet the homeowner directly or sometimes the transaction is made before you ever meet them.

You can easily take the amount with you in hard cash when they seal the deal. Such companies strive to make your house selling procedure hassle-free and least tiresome, as it can be a great cause of stress to individuals. That is one of the significant reasons why selling your property through a direct sale is getting extremely popular!!

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No pressure faced by clients

When you approach a we-buy-houses investor for selling your property, you will get the best offers and options openly. They need some necessary information from you regarding your house to get a better understanding. Based on that information, they offer you a price that is according to the market rates. In case you get double-minded or change your plans at any stage, they do not pester you or put you under pressure.

While going to the estate agent means that you must answer clearly if you need the house or not. You cannot make the mistake of saying that you will buy the house one minute and then change your plan later. There is considerable pressure on the client’s heads when communicating with an estate agent, they cannot present their opinion without worry or change their plans at any point during the transaction.

From a seller’s point of view, the pressure-induced by using an estate agent comes from the lack of control. The sellers can not directly contact the buyer and thus cannot answer any questions or confusion directly to the potential clients. The company on the other hand contacts the homeowner directly and confusion or miscommunication can be completely avoided. Thus making the selling process is much easier.

Among Seattle home buyers, several “we-buy-houses” companies like IWillBuyHouse continue to see an increase in its body of satisfied clients, which is directly influenced by good communication and no pressure in the whole process at all.

Such a company offers a much more beneficial deal as compared to selling a home with the help of an estate agent. They offer you a faster more efficient service than selling your home on your own or using estate agents services for this transaction.

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Sell your house as-is

One great reason to opt for a direct sale with we-buy-houses companies instead of going to an estate agent is that these companies buy your house as-is. How easier can it get?! You do not have to repair or renovate your house to strike up a good deal in order to sell it, as would be the case while selling to an estate agent.

The team checks all repair work, wall paint, fittings, etc. thoroughly. Based on the overall condition of your house, they offer you a decently fair market price. This gives you a chance to get rid of your house and wind up the sale ASAP without worrying about the bills of any expensive cleaning and repairs.

This takes a great amount of pressure off the sellers head, as the greatest worry of any home seller are the repairs and renovations. All the amount of time, effort and finance put into a house that they’re going to sell away anyway seems like quite a waste. It also means that you cannot sell the house right away, but have to wait for the renovations to be complete before selling.

You can forego all this hassle by selling your house through a we-buy-houses Company. They will buy your house right away and you can spend the money earned immediately.

Get market competitive rates

As we-buy-houses companies are a direct buyer, they do not include any third party in their sales. Hence, they are well-known for offering you top dollar for your house.  As they prefer buying your house as-is, they renovate and repair it for selling later at a higher price to interested clients. That is how such companies earn a profit. They offer largely depends on the location of the house, its condition as well as the amount of repair work needed.

As opposed to the above, estate agents usually keep a hefty fee from both parties, thus only a small amount of your house’s actual value will reach you. Not to mention the extra amount you have spent on repairs and renovations. And of course, you will not be able to directly contact the buyers or to decide the transaction amount directly.

When using a we-buy-houses company, you can not only get the full price of your house but also save money that would’ve been spent on renovations and repairs otherwise. Moreover, you can do this with zero commissions and no wait between contacting buyers and actually selling the house to receive payments. This is especially convenient if you’re selling your house at a time of emergency. When you have to move away because of unexpected circumstances, even then this method proves very beneficial compared to buying a house through an estate agent.