Why Are ASMR Videos Becoming So Popular?

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The great epidemic in the cyber world in recent years is the so-called ASMR videos, which at a click, guarantee a sense of excitement and pleasantness, and you must have at least once relented in the face of this “sinful” pleasure. Do you know what this is about? Or you’re just still pretending?

ASMR As New Internet Discovery

With the advent of the internet and social platforms, we are witnessing daily the emergence of new trends that are rapidly expanding and dictating lifestyles. In the past few years, the term ASMR has appeared in the headlines of numerous YouTube videos. This unusual trend is not easy to describe, but it has nevertheless reached millions of views on short videos in the short term.

It Helps In Overcoming Insomnia Problems

It is thought that ASMR can trigger a whole range of visual motives, sounds, and touches, visuals. Rain on the window, chopping nuts, combing your hair, tap water, a coffee grinder are many triggers that cause people to ‘feel’ rolling down the spine, and it is described through this trend. Perception is the process of creating an idea of something from the environment. Hearing and touch have proven to be essential for intellectual and emotional development from an early age. ASMR is described as a psychological response, an experience characterized by tingling through the body, triggered by some external stimulus. With sounds like this, you will certainly be far more relaxed and many claims that they have managed to cope with insomnia with this method.

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Relaxation Methods

Relaxation methods and massaging methods vary from culture to culture, but also depend on one’s perception. Thus, for some, the sense of touch and hearing are more pronounced than the other senses – so any stimulus through them is a stimulant for comfort. ASMR is an English abbreviation for autonomic sensory meridional reflex. It sounds complicated, but it can be described more simply as a feeling of comfort that runs down the spine when massaging, combing hair, certain vibrations and sounds, and the like. The trend that has quickly attracted attention has caused a lot of controversies, and what it is really about is read below.

Good Vibrations

Essentially, ASMR is pleasant vibrations in our brains, which are then transmitted to the whole body and stimulate the feeling of relaxation of the whole organism, euphoria, happiness, comfort, calmness, etc. They occur in response to “triggers,” which can be tactile but also audible and visual. Sound triggers are sounds that encourage most people, such as whispering, nibbling, rustling paper, the sound of waves, rain, etc. For the reaction in the body to be triggered, it is necessary for the stimulus to be repeated, to have a steady pace, and for the volume to be appropriate, stable and uniform. Visual stimulants are, for example, watching a massage, brushing your hair, nail polish, slow hand movements, blending colors, etc. There are more and more such videos on the Internet and you will surely find something that soothes you.

YouTube Sensations

Many will agree that today’s music, because of its explicit vocabulary and assaulting musical instruments, causes discomfort and nervousness. Therefore, we are increasingly turning to silence and other forms of hearing organ use for relaxation. ASMR can be classified as a kind of meditation because it provides a special and a new experience, and stimulants do not have to be direct – so you do not have to be touched to experience such a feeling. This has been confirmed by numerous videos that play with the concept of stimulation through the sense of sound. The key element used in ‘brain massage’ is the microphone, which is used in combination with brushes, cutlery, and other aids. Some display a combination of sound and touch, while others use only auditory stimulants that relax the viewer.

Yes, It Does Exist

Some people adore these videos, some seem the least bit weird.
There are many hours of content related to this phenomenon on the YouTube platform. Individual ASMR mornings number more than a million subscribers – such as ASMR Darling and Gentle Whispering ASMR. The most popular use professional microphones, for example, those in the shape of a human twist, or 360 ° technique. Some of the interesting facts are that these videos are mostly made by women, and watched by men. Also, the length of the video is unusual – some of them can even last up to several hours. ASMR also connects to immersion and loss of feeling for time – so it may not be as boring as it sounds. If you are still unsure what this is and whether it can happen to you – check out one of the videos that can help you resolve this dilemma.

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Relaxing Or A Type Of Voyeurism?

But what happens when a sound that causes pleasure at the same time “triggers” some other feelings in the body, such as the desire for a certain taste? In response to this question, South Korea comes to Mukbang, which some people call gastro-voyeurism. It is an audio-visual experience in which the host eats and interacts with companions in parallel. Just in between these two trends, this video was created that combines the whispering and infectious nibbling of your favorite chips – can you resist?

Is ASMR Orgasm For The Brain?

It can be defined as a very pleasant feeling, quite similar to the mild tingling that arises in the back of the head and goes down the neck and spine. Some people also describe it as internal itching on the head and body, brain orgasm (braingasm), brain massage, meditative trance. Don’t be fooled by the term brain orgasm. ASMR is mostly a completely ase*ual phenomenon – though of course, it may not be the case with all people. Many of them use it to reduce anxiety or treat insomnia.

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Why Are ASMR Videos So Popular?

ASMR videos are the most popular on Youtube these days. What is it about and why has this video category attracted millions of users worldwide? Numerous studies published in scientific journals claim that ASMR evokes the same feeling of excitement or excitement as when listening to your favorite music, for example. However, it should be emphasized that this feeling occurs only in persons who have identified themselves with ASMR and only while watching the video. The emotions that occur when receiving ASMR sounds are euphoria, happiness, a sense of comfort and calmness. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are increasingly being used to combat insomnia, stress, and anxiety.