4 Reasons Why Local Computer Repair Stores Are Better Than Big-Box Retailers

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We’ve all been in a situation where our personal computer needs repairs as soon as possible. But the problem isn’t the computer itself, it’s rather the issue of where to take it for repairs.

The current business model of PC repairing gives you two options. The first is to take it to a big-box retailer and the second is to take it to your local computer repair store.

If this dilemma is something you can relate to, then we have the article for you. This article will focus on the 4 reasons why you should choose a local PC repair store as opposed to a big-box retailer.

So, without dwelling too much on it, let’s begin.

1. Price

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When it comes to providing a service to someone, the price can oftentimes dictate how successfully you can provide that service. In the PC repair business, the two different types of service providers usually dictate different prices.

When it comes to determining which is the cheaper and more affordable option for your wallet, it goes without question that local computer stores tend to be more affordable.

This might be one of the few examples where bigger doesn’t mean cheaper. While it’s not cheap to repair a personal computer, laptop nor desktop, smaller, local stores, do offer their services at a lower rate than bigger companies.

But why is that? Why the business model of bigger = cheaper doesn’t apply in this industry? Well, this can only be explained with one thing. Namely, big-box retailers have a lot of work on their hands. This means that they will always have customers coming in.

This means that they’re not afraid of pricing their service at a service higher rate. They will, in the end, still get a lot of customers coming in and end up paying their rates of flat fees.

Local PC repair stores, on the other hand, strive to keep prices reasonable and affordable for the families and businesses that operate in-around their area. They strive to become professional that many people can relate to, hence becoming the number one option for PC repairing.

2. Customer Service

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Smaller, local, businesses don’t tend to market their customer service as the selling point. Big companies, on the other hand, do. Big-box retailers have the money necessary to launch marketing campaigns advertising their customer service as the best thing since sliced bread.

However, haven’t we all been in a situation where a big company’s customer support hasn’t helped us at all? Yes, yes we have.

So, this means that big-box retailers can advertise their customer support as much as they like, the fact still remains that it’s far from perfect.

Local PC repair stores such as celltechrepairs.com, in our opinion, offer far greater customer support than big companies, and they don’t even advertise it. Local repair stores will generally care more about solving your problem in a timely and accommodating fashion, and will generally offer a better service because they care.

Also, local repair stores don’t have the necessary resources to create chatbots, nor do they care, so you’ll end up talking to a real person at the end instead of a machine.

3. Skills

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Can you think of a single reason why your local PC store might employ more skilled people than a big company would?

Big businesses might be experts at vetting people and getting the best ones for the job, but do they really know how to find those people?

If a computer repair company truly wants to hire experts in their field, then their hiring managers must be experts in IT and PC repair to know how to find the best ones. Generally speaking, this isn’t the case.

Hiring managers are given a list where candidates need to make the criteria in order to get hired. While this isn’t the case with every company out there, the majority do. There are some big companies that care about who they hire, but most cannot be certain about who they’re hiring.

Local repair stores, on the other hand, know who they’re dealing with since they will be working with the person full time next to him. Also, a local owner would care far more about who they’re hiring as opposed to a big-box retailer hiring manager.

4. Excellent Professionals

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When it comes to determining who offers a better service, we have to take a look at the level of professionalism that both have. Let’s put it this way.

A big-box retailer might have dozens if not hundreds of people working. These employees might be the best professionals they could hire, but they still don’t match the level of professionalism that local PC repair stores offer.

A local store cannot wait to solve your problem. Since fewer customers enter the premises than that of a big-box retailer, the ones that do get treated like kings.

In this industry, and many others, the more you provide good service the more people will come in. We are still talking about something that isn’t cheap to fix, so being professionals is of utmost importance to these businesses.

When you enter a local PC repair store, you’ll instantly notice that these people live with their work. They’ll have dozens of parts lying around and ready for the customers to pick them up.

Like we said, local businesses care more about getting the job done than a big-box retailer. A local business might also solve your problem faster than that of a big company due to the less work they experience.


At the end of the day, we tend to do business with the people that we hear about or get recommended. The industry is such that one wrong move can destroy your businesses. So, it’s because of that that smaller businesses will focus on solving the issue at hand. While a big company might fool around with your PC and tell you to come next week to pick it up, a smaller repair store will give you expert analysis on the spot, right there right now.