Why Students Aren’t Getting The Grades They Want

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Why are students not getting the grades they want? This is a question that many educators and parents are trying to answer. The answer, it seems, is that students need more help than ever before.

According to recent studies, the majority of students require tutoring in order to achieve high grades. This is a troubling trend and one that needs to be addressed immediately. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why students are struggling in school and what can be done to help them succeed.

Excessive social media use is distracting students from their schoolwork

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With the ever-growing presence of social media networks, the modern student is more connected and accessible than ever before. Unfortunately, this widespread engagement has caused a rise in distraction among students, as they often find themselves turning towards their phones rather than focusing on their assignments.

From instant messaging services to live streaming applications, it’s never been easier for students to stay connected with peers and loved ones while ignoring their schoolwork.

Despite its usefulness, excessive use of social media often results in a decrease in productivity due to mental exhaustion. It is up to educators and parents alike to foster an environment that encourages proper time management as well as responsible use of social media networks.

The pressure to get good grades is leading to more loopholes & plagiarism

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The desire to get top grades has created a new problem in academic circles – the rise in loopholes and plagiarism. As more and more students strive to get ahead of the competition, they are increasingly turning to questionable methods as shortcuts to achieving high marks.

Loopholes such as submitting incomplete work or not following explicit instructions can ultimately set students back; meanwhile, plagiarism is becoming a growing concern among teachers, with students either intentionally or unintentionally returning work with significant portions copied from someone else’s paper.

The pressure to get good grades can sometimes have a negative impact on standards for honest and ethical work.

Teachers are not properly preparing students for tests and exams

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Teachers are responsible for giving their students the best possible education, but many times this does not include the proper preparation for tests and exams. Many students feel overwhelmed when faced with standardized testing and lack confidence in the face of their performance.

It is important for teachers to provide tools and strategies that nurture students’ self-efficacy before test day. Such strategies could include classroom activities that teach study habits, offering additional tutoring or working with other teachers to create a comprehensive school-wide approach to preparing for tests, one that incorporates real-world scenarios instead of relying solely on memorization.

This display of care from educators can make an immense difference in students’ morale and test results.

The Role of Teachers

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While some may assume that the only factor in a student’s academic success is their natural abilities, this is not necessarily true. Good teaching can make a huge difference in helping students succeed, and poor teaching can be a significant contributing factor to why students aren’t achieving the grades they want.

Teachers have various roles and responsibilities that are essential in aiding their students’ academic goals. Most importantly, it is the job of teachers to create positive learning environments and provide clear instruction on course material.

Poor lectures, or ones that don’t target the areas where students might struggle can contribute significantly to poor performance. Additionally, an ineffective use of class time can lead to students feeling overwhelmed and unable to keep up with course material, hindering the growth of their understanding.

Some students simply don’t have the motivation to do well in school

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It can be discouraging for a student to feel like they don’t have the motivation to succeed in school. This is a surprisingly common occurrence and is often felt by students due to a variety of different factors.

A lack of focus or interest in a certain subject matter can be one cause, while outside commitments such as jobs or time spent on personal activities can be another. However, sometimes a lack of motivation may simply come from students feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of completing their work.

No matter the reason, there are plenty of strategies that students can utilize to help them get back on track and strive for academic success. Setting achievable goals, creating organized plans for studying and task completion, and seeking support from those around them are all ways that students can regain the drive they need to excel in their studies.

Taking advantage of online tutoring for their children

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Many parents are unaware of the tremendous benefits that online tutoring can bring to their children. With just a few clicks of a mouse, you can find an experienced tutor who  is qualified to help your child reach their full potential.

Connecting with a tutor is simple and straightforward, and they will change you from a good to a great student. Not only is the tutor able to provide assistance in various subjects, but they also can do so at times that are convenient for the parent and student.

Online tutors have become indispensable in our digital age and are increasingly preferred by both parents and students alike due to their convenience and effectiveness.


In conclusion, it is evident that there are many factors at play when it comes to students’ academic performance. While social media and technology can be distractions in and of themselves, the root of the problem often lies much deeper.

It is clear that more needs to be done in terms of teacher preparation, student motivation, and parental involvement if we want our students to succeed academically. Have you tried online tutoring for your child? Tutero can help connect you with a tutor who can help your child achieve success in school.