Will Smith Net Worth In 2024

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What Is Will Smith’s Net Worth?

Will Smith Net Worth: Willard Carroll Smith II moved from being a successful rapper to Hollywood A-lister. Smith has been nominated for 5 ‘Golden Globe Awards’, 2 ‘Academy Awards,’ and won 4 ‘Grammy Awards.’

Today, Will Smith’s net worth is estimated to be close to $350 million dollars.

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Will Smith Net Worth:

$350 Million

Net Worth:$350 Million
Full Name:Willard Carroll Smith Jr.
Date of Birth:25 September 1968
Age, How Old:50 Years Old
Place of Birth:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
United States
How Tall, Height:5ft 2in (1.88 m)
Occupation(s):Actor, Singer, Songwriter,
Film Producer
Last Updated:2020

Subsequent to rising into popularity as a rapper, Smith began spending his assets on things he couldn’t afford and wound up owing $2.8 million to the government since he did not pay his taxes.

However, he has saved money and is banking big sums of cash. Looking at Will Smith’s acting execution, we were curious to know where does Will Smith’s net worth stands at?

In 2004, Forbes evaluated his total net worth to be at $188 million. As of 2008, he holds the record of starring in the $100 million-earning films.

Will Smith scored the featuring role on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air‘, and the rest is history. All things considered, the IRS supposedly took 70% of his profit from the show’s initial three seasons.

In 2005, his last solo album ‘Lost and Found‘, hit shelves. What’s more, in 2013, Billboard detailed that he had sold near 10 million album in the US.

The 2012’s ‘MIB‘, Smith featuring as “Agent J” stays one of the most astounding characters in the film ever. He earned around $100 million of the film’s $624 million gross income, as per The Hollywood Reporter.

A year after the sports drama film ‘Concussion‘ turned out, Smith caught the #20th spot on Forbes’ rundown of the world’s most generously compensated actors in 2016. Will Smith made $20.5 million of that year.

The fantasy crime film ‘Bright‘ may have been the most exceedingly awful film of 2017, however, Netflix still added $20 million to Smith’s financial balance, as indicated by Forbes.

Will Smith earned $42 million in the year 2018. Smith was positioned #71 on Forbes’ rundown of the world’s 100 most extravagant superstars.

Will Smith is an actor, filmmaker, and rapper. Consistently, Will Smith gains at the rate of $40 to $50 million every year from his different undertakings.

In any case, it’s pleasant to realize how enormous his assets get, this person always remembers his roots. As of 2024, Will Smith’s net worth stands at an astounding $350 Million dollars.

Who Is Will Smith?

Will Smith met ‘Jeff Townes’ at age 16, the duo propelled a profoundly fruitful rap career as ‘DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince‘.

Smith featured on the sitcom ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air‘ for six seasons, previously building up as a Hollywood A-lister with 1995’s ‘Bad Boys’ and 1996’s ‘Independence Day.’

He has since featured in such prevalent movies as 1997’s ‘Men in Black‘ and 2005’s ‘Hitch.’ He propelled Oscar nominations for 2001’s ‘Ali‘ and 2006’s ‘The Pursuit of Happyness‘.

Early Life & Career.

As young boys, ‘DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince‘ started performing music at the locals, putting a fresh spin on their music and yet avoiding the gangsta rap sound that was popular on the West Coast.

The Fresh Prince rap was loved by middle America, as it was engaging. He rapped about young distractions that were released in their first single, “Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble,” in 1986, which became a popular hit.

The hip-hop duo released it’s 1987’s album “Rock the House” which peaked at the 83rd position on the Billboard Top 200 chart in the US and also was re-issued in the UK, that peaked at 97th position in 1988.

This helped Smith gain immense popularity and net worth that topped in millions before he was 18.

Flourishing into music, Smith had turned down a scholarship opportunity to Boston’s first-class Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He reported that he had no intention of heading to college.

With their prosperity on the rise the duo came up with second studio album ‘He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper‘ in 1988, which got certified (RIAA) as triple platinum on February 1, 1995.

The duo’s most successful album took its stage to become The Source magazine’s 100 Best Rap Albums.

The album’s second single was loved on the radio; “Parents Just Don’t Understand,” which won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance and trended at No.12 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Additionally the duo’s 3rd single “Nightmare on My Street,” was selected to be in the 1988’s film Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, and also peaked at No.15 spot on the chart.

Later the third studio album ‘And In This Corner…‘ took No. 39 spot on the US Billboard 200 chart in 1989, which helped ‘DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince‘ rise to fame.

After two years, Smith started stepped into his acting career. Smith was known to be the street-smart teenager in NBC’s sitcom ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,’ which aired from 1990 to 1996.

The American show featured the Fresh Prince to be a savvy kid who moved from West Philadelphia to reside with his wealthy cousins in Bel Air mansion. ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air‘ was a colossal achievement that kept running for six seasons.

As smith took his talent to be an actor, his music did not not fall behind and the duo released their 1991 hit melodies “Summertime” and “Ring My Bell,” on the album ‘Homebase’.

Their 1993’s album Code Red, was eminent for the hit “Boom! Shake the Room.” Later, Smith started transitioning more into motion films.

You can see him doing little roles in the 1992’s ‘Where The Day Takes You‘ and 1993’s comedy ‘Made In America‘. He was widely praised for his lead role in 1993’s ‘Six Degrees of Separation‘.

Smith’s initial step into superstardom was his 1995’s film, ‘Bad Boys.’ The high-spending cop film saw him collaborate with comic ‘Martin Lawrence,’ as Beverly Hills Cops.

Smith next went up with the 1996’s epic science fiction film ‘Independence Day.’ His role made him a noteworthy actor in Hollywood and an approachable guy for summer blockbusters.

He played an Air Force captain “Steven Hiller” for ‘Independence Day’, attacking alien powers, and saving the world from an extraterrestrial race.

Smith battled aliens forces again in his next blockbuster, the 1997’s comic science fiction film, ‘Men in Black.’ Working alongside ‘Tommy Lee Jones,’ Smith lit up the screen as a newcomer. Smith rapped the signature tune of the film.

His 1997’s solo album, ‘Big Willie Style,’ brought the multi-gifted performer more achievement.

Another blockbuster pursued with 1998’s ‘Enemy of the State,’ which earned Smith an NAACP Image Award designation for Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture.

In 1999, his series of hits arrived with ‘Wild Wild West,’ a science fiction cowboy film co-featuring ‘Kevin Kline.’ The film’s featured ‘Wild Wild West‘ by Smith turned into a hit on his 1999 album, ‘Willennium.’

In 2000, the golf film ‘The Legend of Bagger Vance‘ was his next enormous film.

The 2001’s biopic ‘Ali‘ allowed Smith to recapture his large screen swagger. He played the great boxing legend ‘Muhammad Ali’ which allowed Smith to do justice to the physicality of the main character.

The film disappointed in the cinematic world regardless of a record-breaking opening day, yet Smith’s execution was sufficiently able to collect him his first Academy Award selection.

A few continuations of films were straightaway, with Smith repeating his roles in 2002’s ‘Men In Black II‘ and 2003’s ‘Bad Boys II‘. Continuing with the science fiction topic, Smith proceeded onward to 2004’s ‘I Robot‘.

The Isaac Asimov adaptation included Smith as a cutting edge cop researching a homicide by a robot and later fighting a robot uprising. The film performed well, earning more than $144 million locally.

Smith’s charming persona was put to use in the 2005’s comedy ‘Hitch,’ he played a dating expert who helps unlucky couples. Smith additionally produced its soundtrack and included it in his album, ‘Lost and Found‘.

Hitch was a monstrous achievement, it was followed by another related hit film, ‘The Pursuit of Happyness‘. The 2006 film featuring his real-life boy ‘Jaden Smith’.

Smith entertained audiences with the struggle of a single father who needs to build an actual existence. He got his 2nd Academy Award as the Best Actor for role he played in this movie.

In 2007 Smith featured in ‘I Am Legend‘, a redo of the Charlton Heston’s film Omega Man, in which he combats savage vampires. The film turned into a national and global hit.

Smith at that point went up against the double job of acting and producing 2008’s ‘Hancock,’ in which he played a heavy drinker to a superhuman.

In the 2008’s film ‘Seven Pounds,’ he played a man who embarks to change the lives of seven individuals.

He likewise helped create two additional movie releases that year, ‘Lakeview Terrace‘ and ‘The Secret Life of Bees.’

After a rest, Smith came back to the screen in 2012 with ‘Men in Black III,’ followed by playing the role of a military leader in a science fiction flick ‘After Earth,‘ which co-featured Smith’s child Jaden as well.

He at that point made an appearance as Lucifer in the 2014’s film ‘Winter’s Tale.’ Smith’s next driving role accompanied co-featuring actress ‘Margot Robbie’ in the 2015’s ‘Focus.’

Later in the year, he featured in a sports drama Concussion as Dr. Bennet Omalu, gaining a Golden Globe nomination for his role as a specialist battling to bring issues to light about head trauma in NFL players.

In 2016 Smith featured in the DC Entertainment blockbuster hit ‘Suicide Squad,’ which turned into his best film since 1996’s ‘Independence Day.’

That year, he likewise went up against a progressively solemn job role as a dad who loses his young little girl in the show, ‘Collateral Beauty.’

Smith was set to star as “Genie” in Disney’s real to live action of film ‘Aladdin‘ in May 2019.

Personal Life.

The acclaimed actor Will Smith was born as ‘Willard Christopher Smith Jr.’ on September 25, 1968, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to mother Caroline, an educational committee worker, and father Willard C.

Smith, a refrigeration company proprietor. His white collar childhood saw him educate at the strict Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School. He later proceeded to go to Overbrook High School.

His West Philadelphia neighborhood was a mixture of societies where Orthodox Jews existed with an extensive Muslim populace.

Smith was a decent student whose identity and snappy tongue was eminent for getting him out of trouble, a character for which he long before picked up the moniker “Prince.”

Smith started rapping at 12 years of age, copying legends like ‘Grandmaster Flash’ yet tingeing his rhymes with a comedic component that later turn into his trademark.

At 16, Smith met a DJ at a gathering by the name of ‘Jeff Townes.’ The duo progressed toward becoming good friends, and the team ‘DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince’ was originated.

Smith has been hitched twice. In 1992, his first marriage to ‘Sheree Zampino’ lasted just three years. Yet welcomed a child, ‘Willard Smith III’ (b. 1992), otherwise called Trey.

He has been hitched to performer ‘Jada Pinkett Smith’ since 1997. The couple’s child, Jaden, was conceived in 1998, and their girl, Willow, was conceived in 2000.

Smith inclines politically liberal and has made donations to the presidential battles of Barack Obama.  

Smith is an enthusiast of chess and computer games and is known to take his mom on vacation each year, for the most part to the Canyon Ranch spa in Tucson (Arizona).

Starting in 2024, Will Smith’s net worth is assessed to be $350 million.

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Quotes from Will Smith.

“Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too.”

— Will Smith

“If you’re not willing to work hard, let someone else do it. I’d rather be with someone who does a horrible job, but gives 110% than with someone who does a good job and gives 60%.”

— Will Smith

“Traditional education is based on facts and figures and passing tests – not on a comprehension of the material and its application to your life.”

— Will Smith

“I’ve always considered myself to be just average talent and what I have is a ridiculous insane obsessiveness for practice and preparation.”

— Will Smith
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