How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay


An essay is a big project. Writing a scholarship essay requires an even bigger effort and is time-consuming. To write a good scholarship essay, you need to invest some serious hours in creating something unique and highly specialized; it can’t be copied from anywhere else.

Make your Scholarship Essay Writing Job Easy

It’s easy to get frustrated at the thought of coming up with a winning scholarship essay. You do not need to fret though. To make your job easier as well as increase the chances of writing a better scholarship essay, here are some tips which you should follow:

Make sure your topic is interesting enough

First things first; don’t jump into writing your paper without having a well-thought-out topic. If this isn’t the first time you are applying for scholarships, you must be aware of their application process. The competition is really tough. Your work might not be read at all if it sounds boring or uninteresting to any one of the judges.

Do proper research


You need to clearly understand the scholarship provider’s mission and objectives before creating your content. You can’t just pick up any random topic and then write on it without making sure it matches the requirements of the scholarship provider. Therefore, do some serious reading and research about their future plans as well as past projects so that you know how to use the best words in your essay. Also, it will help you to understand the provider’s ideologies and thought process better.

Do thorough research about your audience before starting the essay

This is another vital step for writing a good scholarship essay. Don’t just sit and write something that sounds okay or okayish to you because you won’t know who will read it until the end. You need to make sure that your content resonates with the judges. Choose proper words and use simple sentences so that even those judges who don’t have a very strong grip over English can make sense of what you are trying to convey.

Pick out the important themes from the essay statement you’re required to respond to

You might have to write a paper on a particular topic provided in the scholarship statement. Before you start writing, take out some time to read through it carefully so that you can get your head around what you are being asked to write about. Spend some time thinking about it before you jump into creating your content. It will help eliminate any chances of misinterpreting the scholarship provider’s instructions and help you plan better for writing the essay.

Make a lively start to writing the essay


You need to grab your judges’ attention right at the beginning of your scholarship essay. A good opening will help draw their interest, and they would feel motivated enough to read ahead. You can check this post to have an idea on how to start writing an essay or refer to some sample essays online. You can also just start writing something which sounds interesting enough to warrant the judges’ close attention.

Build up the tempo of your essay

A scholarship essay is not just about introducing yourself and what the topic means to you. Make sure you give them some details on why they should choose you for that award or scholarship program. You need to build up a good tempo in your writing. Mention notable achievements highlight any awards or honors you have received so far, mention teamwork skills if it applies, etc.

Use simple words

Keep in mind that your judges are not English literature experts; they are just normal people trying their best to make themselves aware of new scholarships available worldwide every passing day. Therefore, don’t use complex words which they may find hard to understand or relate to. Please keep it simple and clear and your essay will impress them in no time.

Make sure your essay is spell checked


This is probably the most basic thing you must do before writing the content you wish to submit for your scholarship. The essay should sound professional. Therefore your content should be free of any grammatical errors or typos. Always make sure you use a spell checker to error-proof your content. Grammarly can help you in this regard. It’s an online English grammar checker which helps students avoid common mistakes in their writing and come out with perfect essays each time they write something.

Don’t forget the conclusion of your essay

This is where most students go wrong—incidentally. Don’t think that once you are done with the main body of your content, everything has been written for this particular scholarship essay. Your judges always look forward to reading something which concludes well rather than just being left hanging without knowing whether there is more to read or not. You can leave some kind of teaser in the end, like you’re looking forward to studying in college or university X, etc., to entice them into wanting more.

Proofread your work again for last time


After writing what you think is an excellent piece of content to win you the scholarship, you need to proofread it again and make sure there are no mistakes either in spelling or grammar, which can come across as unprofessional or rather careless. The last thing you want is blemishing your scholarship application with poorly written content; instead, try coming up with something that highlights the best of your writing skills at the same time impressing the judges with its clarity and crispness. You could also get some help from online platforms like Grammarly, where they will not only check for grammar and spelling mistakes but also give suggestions for improvement.

The Bottom Line

We get it; writing winning scholarship essays may seem daunting at first. However, as you go along with it and keep improving your writing skills every step of the way, you will find it relatively easy to come up with something that can stand out from the rest. Go for it!