10 Best YouTube Accounts All Cryptocurrency Traders Should Follow 

Source: Medium.com

When YouTube first appeared as a platform, no one could ever imagine it would become a crucial part of the marketing strategies one day. Many people choose to promote their content through this popular video service, no matter what the topic is.

So, maybe you remember the short videos, but then, music videos and another type of content appeared there. Today, we have a limitless library of multimedia, we can access all the time. People are listening to music on YouTube, watching educational videos, creating, publishing, and influencing those who have similar interests.

Probably, it was just a matter of time before the first crypto vloggers will appear there. And we can say that they are very popular among the audience.

YouTube has no restrictions on how much you can post as long as you agree to the terms of use and agree to them. It is therefore a great place for online educators, dedicated to helping the inexperienced find their place under the sun.

How to find a good trading platform? Sometimes it’s so easy, like click here and finding out, but sometimes it can be pretty challenging. Educators have all that covered.

What are the latest things you need to know? Important hints on how to start trading through reputable exchanges. You can find out all this by watching some of the following popular video channels:

1. BitBoy Crypto

All news, analysis, useful data, and even entertaining content are available to you through this channel. Sometimes he publishes several videos a day. Behind the channel are Ben Armstrong and a few strips of his team. You will find content for every topic that interests you and is related to cryptocurrencies. You will learn important things and data in a fun way. Their approach will give you a whole new perspective and perception. Many have acquired their most basic knowledge through channels of this type. Our advice is to subscribe today and go back to their archive, for content that will be really useful to you.

2. Coin Bureau

In addition to information on cryptocurrencies, here you can find useful information on other ways to trade stocks, as well as broker reviews. Their tutorials will easily help you identify the challenges, but also learn exactly what trading means and how it is applied in the crypto world and the forex market. Their purpose is to provide useful and usable information, so you will rarely see ads associated with their videos.

3. Crypto R Us

The owner of this channel, George Tung, is a well-known IT expert with in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrencies as well as the technologies on which this market is based. Every day he introduces you to the news but also answers questions from followers. He does it in a way that is fun and easy to follow, so it is no wonder that his channel is one of the most popular for this topic.

4. Data Dash

This channel is mostly focused on Bitcoin, as well as all the risks, threats, changes, and ways it affects the entire crypto world. They also analyze how current policies can affect the stock market and finances, including cryptocurrencies. Except for Bitcoin, this channel is great if you want to educate yourself on economics and finance.

5. MMCrypto

If you need deep technical analysis, with important insights and points, then you will really like this channel. The host often tries to analyze the current BTC price charts, but also to give you different points of view on how to interpret them. Many claims that the knowledge from this channel is most useful when they have to make a decision or when trading with larger volumes of currencies.

6. AltCoin Daily

If you want to learn as much as you can about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the Aaron and Austin brothers will help you on that exciting journey. Their channel is the basis of everything that both investors and crypto traders need to know. They constantly cover news and even have interviews with prominent people from the crypto world, which provide important data for those who are interested in learning more about this topic.

7. The Moon

If you are one of the traders who are active in the crypto market on a daily basis, then this channel is right for you. In addition to motivational content, you will find a technical analysis on how to increase your profits. Of course, do not expect instant tips that will enrich you overnight. But what will really remain are the practical approaches to making the right decisions in every possible situation you will find yourself in while trading.

8. Boxmining

This British channel is a place where you can follow all the news and trends related to the biggest cryptocurrencies. The content and narration are easy to understand, so we can say that it is a real crypto adventure, despite the fact that about two videos are published every week, which is much less than the other channels on this list.

9. Real Vision Finance

In addition to knowledge of cryptocurrencies, here you can gain knowledge about finance and the global economy. You can also track the progress of the implementation of crypto concepts in the traditional financial system and institutions.

10. Digital Asset News

Finally, a channel is run by a person named Dan, who is not an expert in the field but has practical knowledge that he conveys better than a university professor. He is always transparent and does not spare knowledge, so he shares it with his subscribers, allowing them to learn from him how to be effective, instead of remembering many theories and concepts.

We have presented ten useful channels, but there are many more on YouTube. When you delve into the topic, you will receive suggestions yourself, thanks to the advanced algorithm of the platform. You will surely discover many more interesting channels, which will be useful for you and from which you will learn a lot. Do not underestimate the power of these videos, because even the best courses today, take place this way.