How YouTube Ruins Your Experience? Most Distressing Elements There Are

Have you ever used YouTube? Well, you must have, it is nice. You can watch tons of videos on various different things, listen to music, and get to know the world you live in a little better. But at the same time, there are so many annoying things taking place on the same platform that is simply too much for most of the users. Take the in-video ad display, this thing alone is enough to kill the mood. If you happen to be using YouTube for some time now then you might have grown an understanding of these ads that appear either in between, in the end, or at the very beginning of the YouTube videos.

There are various YouTube managers out there that you can use that can bring you the ease of enjoying a more subtle version of YouTube minus the inconvenience that it may bring with it. You can enjoy a greater and better version of YouTube by visiting Following are some of the most annoying things that YouTube users have to go through every single day;

Source: The Economic Times

Continuous showing of ads

This is singlehandedly the most annoying feature that troubles millions of YouTube users on daily basis. Suppose you are sitting with your family or sitting alone for that matter wanting to enjoy a dedicated YouTube video and an ad appears right in the middle or right from the start, how annoying it would be for you and the person sitting with you to enjoy a video? You can only fathom the trouble that this thing causes and can kill your mood instantly. But this is a way for YouTube to make money and the people who provide content in there on a daily basis but for the users and people who watch videos there, it is an absolute nightmare.

Video not available in your country

There are a variety of YouTube channels that might be foreign and not local which makes them international channels or videos that might or might not be available in your region. Usually, it depends on where do you live? If you are living in the USA, UK or Canada then it might not be a lot of trouble for you. But on the other hand, if you are living in a third world country or in some dedicated part of Europe then you might see displayed on your screen that ‘this video is not available in your region’. This is another annoyance among various others when it comes to using YouTube.

Many users might grow a workaround for this by enabling VPN connection the YouTube servers can be tricked into thinking that the geographical barriers no longer hold. It means that you can change your country or region wise location and can access the geo-blocked content or the videos that are proposing that you can’t access because of your region.


Video recommendation

Video recommendation on YouTube is kind of off-putting, first of all, it would continue to present you with the videos that you are least likely to interact with and even if some videos are worth watching these are definitely arbitrary in there and you get to see them without a pattern.

People are getting all sorts of videos that they otherwise would hate completely into their video recommendation. The best way to shake it off is by signing out of your YouTube account, clearing all the cookies, and deleting the history altogether. This way everything will get a fresh start and you will be able to relive the experience. By signing in again to your YouTube account you will see that most of the videos that were tied with the dedicated browser of yours are not showing up and you can again take the video recommendation algorithm for a stroll.

Ads at the end of the video

If it weren’t already enough to show ads at the beginning and middle of the videos, YouTube might put some ads in the end as well. Things couldn’t get more problematic than this, users have consistently complained about the in-between video ads but now having to deal with these at the end of the video is getting things a little too far away.

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Background play with the screen on

If you are listening to music on YouTube and you accidentally turn off the screen then the YouTube app is going to close for the moment too and you won’t be able to listen to or watch whatever it is that you were enjoying. As it happens there is no possible way for you to enable background play with the screen off, this is another off-putting aspect of the original YouTube app. What if you want to attend to some work of your own while listening to your favorite music and at the same time don’t want your battery to suffer? Well, the original YouTube app won’t allow you to do that.

And as it happens there is no absolute fix for that.

YouTube login, sync, and subscription

Many users also experience issues with YouTube login, sync, and subscription. Suppose you are using YouTube on multiple platforms such as mobile, desktop, and whatnot but you can’t seem to sync everywhere in a rhythmic fashion. A video that you are able to play and sync on your desktop doesn’t appear on your mobile device and vice versa. And the same goes for the subscriptions, such as you are subscribing to different channels but the media from these channels or the channels, in particular, are not showing up in your library across the devices you use YouTube on.

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The easiest way of getting out of this is by disabling sync on all devices and signing out from all of the devices where you use YouTube. Once signed out from all of the devices, try to sign into a specific one, turn on sync and play some videos, subscribe to a few channels, and vice versa. Now when you are signed into a dedicated device, try to sign in to the others with the same account and refresh the YouTube feed. You will see that everything is back to normal and it is syncing across every platform. This is how you deal with this problem and make YouTube a worthwhile endeavor for streaming content. Also, for more information about streaming services and how to unblock your favorite shows in Canada, visit