10 Cities That Are Bitcoin Hotspots

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Bitcoins are gaining popularity every day and in spite of the skeptic beliefs when it first appeared back in 2009, it is still here, 11 years later, with no signs of weakness. Its stable position on the market and the increase of the value shows that bitcoin is here to stay. It was unbelievable to assume that bitcoins will be in use anywhere accept the cryptocurrency market, but these cities have embraced it and we are happy to present you with a list of the 10 bitcoin hotspots.

1. London

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The group of Bitcoin Meetup members in London has more than 2,000 members and it’s growing by the minute. There are 74 ATMs where you can exchange bitcoin and there are nearly 90 merchants who accept bitcoin currency. It is certainly bitcoin-friendly and its enormous potential keeps evolving. It is a place to go if you are just entering the exciting world of cryptocurrency. Here you will learn, evolve and join the amazing community of people who share similar interests as you.

2. New York

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The home of Wall Street, it is no wonder that New York accepted bitcoin as the prosperous currency that many people use. It has enabled tourists and its citizens to use 117 ATMs that accept bitcoin and more than 120 merchants accept is as a completely valid currency. It is a prosperous and highly valuable hotspot worth visiting. It shouldn’t be missed by the people who are serious about the cryptocurrency market.

3. Buenos Aires

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Known for the financial crisis, Buenos Aires has surprisingly warmly welcomed cryptocurrency. More than 130 merchants accept bitcoin and there are only 3 ATMs that accept bitcoin, but their effort to provide this service is worth the praise. It has found its place and we just hope it will keep evolving.

4. Tampa

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If you wish to join the crypto community, Tampa is the place for you. Developers, IT experts, and bitcoin enthusiasts are the core of this community and they are open to accepting new members. More than 90 merchants accept bitcoin and there are 13 ATMs where you can exchange it. Having plenty of people who are interested in bitcoin, visitors have plenty of places to explore and meet people who are oriented towards cryptocurrency.

5. Zurich

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Zurich is the main financial center of Switzerland and as such caters its citizens with 8 ATMs that accept bitcoins. More than 60 merchants accept bitcoins. Zurich is known by the financial wizards that were once easily recognizable by the suit and tie, but the new generation of experts brings less rigidity. It is a hotspot worth visiting concerning its enormous potential. It is one of the most important centers for startups and tech companies who wish to blossom and bring their game to the next level.

6. Tel Aviv

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If you wish to be part of one of the largest and most active groups that are focused on cryptocurrencies, Tel Aviv is the place to go. There are 4 ATMs in Tel Aviv and more than 55 merchants accept bitcoin. It is a hotspot worth visiting because the enthusiasm of the members of the local community and the potential this city has shouldn’t be missed.

7. Ljubljana

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Even though it is the smallest city on this list, Ljubljana holds a valuable position. Even though its population is small, it still has 5 ATMs that accept bitcoin. More than 50 merchants accept bitcoin as a valid currency putting it on the crypto society map.

8. Amsterdam

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BitPay and BitFury, 2 prominent startups that have huge potential to grow, were started in Amsterdam. However, at the moment there is only one ATM where you can exchange bitcoin. On the other hand, the situation with merchants is much better – more than 70 accept bitcoin. It is a valuable center and seems that it will establish an even better position in the future. It is worth the attention and it is on our bitcoin map of the world.

9. Vancouver

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Canada has a very strong bitcoin community and was the first country that signed the official law that regulated the virtual currency. With more than 80 merchants that accept bitcoin and 48 ATMs where bitcoin can be exchanged, Vancouver is the leading city by the use of bitcoin in the world. The readiness of Vancouver to embrace this currency and provide all the necessary benefits so that the transactions can run smoothly is amazing. Their open-mindedness is definitely very advanced and this is why this list wouldn’t be the same without it. Vancouver, way to go!

10. San Francisco

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We have come to the end of our list and the last one that holds probably the most important position in the bitcoin world is San Francisco. Many startups have been initiated here. The most popular is probably Coinbase which is the creator of the bitcoin wallet – it is essential for anyone who wishes to obtain Bitcoin.

There are many meetups that you can visit and simply talk about the cryptocurrency market, trading secrets and in general, everything else that interests you.

If you wish to find out more about cryptocurrency visit bitcoinscircuit.com. Simply click on their website and you can start your bitcoin adventure. The great thing about it is that it’s accessible to everyone.

The great thing about these cities is that you can easily find all the spots that interest you, everything is readily available through the apps. The society of people who are interested in the cryptocurrency market is growing and it is very welcoming to new members, so there is always a place for one more. Each and every one of these cities has a lot to offer and this list will just get longer because bitcoin is here to stay. More and more countries direct their attention to the bitcoin currency and we can expect to see huge improvements in the ease of access and the overall benefits for the cryptocurrency users.