ABS Workout – Most Common Mistakes

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Getting abs is one of the primary workout goals. Despite the dedicated attention you are giving it there still are common mistakes with abs workouts. These workout mistakes are keeping you away from your goals. Either it is your mistake or not, now is the time to correct those. Put your au.borntough.com workout clothes on and be ready to progressively achieve toned abs you want.

Kee the diet in check

Working out is just half the work, rest is the diet. Not just for the abs, diet matter a lot when it comes to working out. Getting toned abs is a long and hard process, no magical food or workout can make them appear overnight, be patient and work for it. Talk to your doctor and trainer about the diet plan and follow it strictly. Don’t let the body fat percentage drop below the healthy percentage.

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Doing ab workouts in the beginning

Working out on the abs right at the beginning of the workout routine will exhaust them. In such a situation other important ab workouts would be hard. So, you would not be able to do those perfectly which could end up with an injury. The best way is to save the ab workouts for the end.

Working on just abs

With compound exercises like deadlifts etc. all you need is few ab workouts at the end. Dedicating an entire day just for ab workout is too much.

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Doing abs workout everyday

First, abs are part of your body and they are just like other muscles. So, they also need time to recover and be ready to be worked on again. Second, if you can do abs workout every day then you are not doing it properly or you need to go hard on them.

Working out on the same pace

Increasing workout intensity important for effective results because the body adapts to the routine with time. You can increase the intensity by adding weight or increasing reps.

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Not doing it right

Crunches are neither the only nor the most effective exercise for abs. What you can simply do is focus on the beginner level and make it intense with time. Abs is no game, keep your posture and form perfect.

Don’t forget the lower back

Neglecting the lower back puts you in grave danger. Not working on those could leave them weaker than the rest of the body which can lead to an injury. Don’t neglect these muscles and work on them too so you can have a strong core and strong body.

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Overlooking the body composition

Everyone is not the same, so one workout routine will not work for everybody either. Meaning you have to adjust your diet and workout routine according to your body type. For this, you should consult your pediatrician, your doctor, and your trainer.
Plus, the body fat percentage also depends on what are your goals like bodybuilders reduce their body fat percentage to single digits but you might not want to do that. Keep your body fat percentage within the safe limit. You may ask your trainer to do a skinfold test, they would know what it is.

Train hard and smart, don’t neglect some muscles, don’t work out on abs every day, start from the beginner level and take steps to train at an expert level with time. Be patient, keep your form perfect, and keep up the good work.