15 Fashion Accessories for Female Bikers That Are Cool

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The biking community was once dominated by men. But times have changed. An increasing number of women are taking their two-wheelers on the road. About forty-two percent of bikers are female against fifty-eight percent of male bikers. Industry experts are predicting the percentage will exceed male bikers in the next five years.

As the women’s bike industry is growing, so is the fashion industry. Fashion accessories can increase your confidence and overall experience while commuting. It helps with individuality. Getting trendy and fashionable accessories can diversify your monotonous ride.

But are you worried about picking the right accessories? Before that, let’s discuss why fashion accessories are important for you.

The Importance of Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories have become a necessary part of our daily routine. It helps us to show our creativity and individuality. Wearing fashionable bike accessories is as important as maintaining a dress code for your workplace.

It’s a form of art where you can express yourself. You get more opportunities for self-actualization which boosts your confidence. It’s one of the ways of showing empowerment.

The fashion should start with your bike. You don’t want to ride a generic bike if you are a woman with good taste in fashion. Electric bikes are stylish. It will inspire and influence your surroundings to be more careful about the environment.

Electric mountain bikes are great for regular commuting and the occasional adventure. They come in trendy colors too. You can get good deals from https://www.specialized.com/us/en/electric-mountain-bikes.

Now that you know the importance, here’s a list of cool fashion accessories.

1. Helmet

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A helmet is the most important accessory that you’ll be needing while riding a bike. But most helmets are dull looking. No worries cause there are helmets exclusively made for females only. These helmets have holes on the backside for putting through pony-tails. They come in cute shapes as well.

2. Sunglass

Having a cute sunglass is an amazing way to show your fashion sense and protect your eyes at the same time. There are sunglasses that have multiple lenses. That way, you can change the lenses to match the clothes. However, pick sunglasses that are shatterproof.

3. Half Gloves

Half gloves are cool accessories that enhance your image. It can keep your hands warm and increase grip strength. You can protect your nails from brittles if you fall off the bike. Half gloves are inexpensive and light. Get the leather ones to make yourself more fashionable.

4. Footwear

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A mint green sneaker looks great with a light-colored dress. However, light colors are always more prone to being damaged by dirt and mud, especially if you are riding during the rainy season.

Red goes well if you are wearing dark clothes. The color of your footwear is crucial for balancing your style. Protecting your feet is equally important as wearing the right colored shoes. You can wear boots as well if sneakers aren’t your thing.

5. Smartwatch

Smartwatches are an awesome addition to your bike accessories. It’s stylish and cool. You won’t need to take out your phone if you are wearing a smartwatch. Simply give a glimpse at your watch and you will know who’s calling. You can change the straps as well. Wearing a matching strap just makes it even cooler.

6. Bags

Bags are your best friend while riding a bike. You put all your important things in it. For this, it has to look trendy and cool. Hence, a leather bag is what you are looking for. You can get custom leather bags as well but take good care of it.

7. Tops

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It is important that you are relaxed and comfortable when riding a bike. Wear a t-shirt on a warm and sunny day. Cold shoulder t-shirts are cool and stylish. Tank tops and round collars are equally stylish. Wear turtle necks if you are going to your workplace.

8. Bottoms

Yoga pants are just awesome. It should be your daily pick. It’s comfortable, soft, and light. Denim shorts are a popular fashion choice as well. Wear leggings if you are worried about small cuts and scratches. And don’t wear any oversized pants.

9. Waterproof Windbreaker

You can wear windbreakers all through the year. It’s colorful and pops your fashion. Wear a waterproof windbreak if it’s raining. That way, you can remain stylish in bad weather. But you need to wear matching pants as well.

10. Hair Accessories

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A windy morning can spoil your hair within seconds while riding the bike. Instead, tie your hair with cute-looking elastics. You can wrap your hair with hair pins as well. Use u-pins if you are meeting someone special. It makes your hair look organized and elegant.

11. Bracelet

Thin bracelets are an amazing fashion accessory for female bikers. Mops and bolo bracelets will do the work for you. Mops are elegant and look beautiful if worn with matching dresses. Just don’t wear it on hot sunny days. But you can wear bolo bracelets almost any day.

12. Earrings

A set of earnings glorifies your fashion sense. Earrings help to express yourself more. Your fashion project is not complete without it. You can add colorful earrings to have more fun with your style. Get the magnet ones if your lobes aren’t pierced.

13. Nose Ring

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Nose rings have become an indivisible part of young women. Almost thirty percent of Americans have their nose pierced. So, the nose ring is indeed regarded as one of the leading fashion accessories for everyone. Get your nose pierced. You can find cute and cool-looking nose rings almost in any tattoo shop.

14. Necklace

It’s hard to find a woman who hasn’t worn a necklace. You sure have necklaces in your drawer. But there’s a way to make the necklace even a better fashion accessory. Get custom name necklaces for yourself. It narrates your style and taste in fashion.

15. Thermos

Water bottles are ok but they just don’t look good. Don’t carry a water bottle if you’re going to keep it in a holder. Get a thermos instead. You can keep cold water on sunny days and hot chocolate in winter; with style.


Every girl has a knack for fashion in one way or another. Being a female biker is not an easy task. It is still difficult to find proper apparel and accessories for bike riding. But if you look hard enough, you may find functioning accessories that are stylish. Now that you’ve read it, things seem a bit easier, right? You go, Girl!