How to Properly Care for Your Handmade Leather Bags – 2024 Guide

Nothing can be as stylish as a nice, high-quality handmade leather bag. You can combine it with almost everything and it can refresh any look. The leather bag is an eternal classic that will never go out of style. And if it’s also handmade, that gives the perfect touch to it.

Leather bags are pricy, but a great thing about them is that they can last for years, or even decades. The only condition is that you take the proper care of them. Otherwise, they can damage, so you will be forced to throw them away. That is why today we’re discussing how to properly care for your handmade leather bag.

1. Keep your hands away from the leather surface

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Make sure you always have clean hands when you’re touching your leather bag. It may look like an unimportant detail, but if you keep touching your bag with hands that are not clean, it will look messy and unattractive. If you’re not ready to keep your eye on this, maybe the leather bag isn’t the best choice for you.

Leather bags easily catch grease, so you want to keep everything oily away from them. You should use a cotton cloth to wipe it every once in a while and keep it sparkling clean that way. Also, keep larger amounts of water away from these bags because they take forever to get dry again.

2. Find the products that work for leather

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After a few months or an entire year, a lot of dirt gets caught in the pores of a leather bag. And that is the time when you’re supposed to do a more thorough cleaning. The best option is to find the products intended for that use. You can find soft soaps designed exclusively for leather bags. This can be the best way to keep them clean and fresh looking. Again, avoid using too much water. Just get the bag slightly wet and start rubbing this soap with circular motions.

After you make sure you got to all the parts of the bag, use a dry clean cloth to remove the soapy water from the bag surface. Products designed for this kind of bag can be the best choice to keep them clean for a while. Make sure that you’re not overusing it because you can achieve a counter-effect. Cleaning once a year can be a perfect dynamic for your bag to be kept clean and look brand new.

3. Moisturize your leather bag

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Like your face needs a moisturizer to stay hydrated and properly nourished, your leather bag requires conditioning to stay soft. Without proper care, your leather bag will get dry and lose that beautiful shine. And you want to avoid this at all costs, especially if you invested in some more luxurious, high-quality leather handbag or leather duffle bags, such as ones that illicium London offer.

If so, make sure you also get a good conditioner. You should apply these products every six months to prevent flaking and drying. You can even get some adequate oils on a sponge and rub it into the bag. Leave it to dry and it will look sparkly.

4. Don’t be too harsh with removing the odor

Leather bags also come with that specific odor that we all know. For some people, the smell is unbearable and they want to eliminate it. One way to do it is to use odor remover. It can work sometimes, but you should try to stay away from everything that could be too harsh for the leather. Avoid aggressive solvents you know might be damaging. For example, you can use Fabreze spray you can find in some supermarkets. It is a great product that can remove unwanted odor in just a few sprays. Another good tool you can use is baking soda.

It is known for its great absorbing properties, so you can try to sprinkle some inside of your leather bag and leave it for a few hours or even a day. After that, the odor should be eliminated. If you want to add some nice scent to it afterward, you can use some essential oils. Use a drop or two, and slightly rub it into the fabric. Don’t exaggerate or otherwise, you’ll be on the unbearable side again.

5. Store your leather bag properly

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If you wear your handmade leather bag every once in a while, rather than every day, you should give your best to store it properly. Standing on the shelf, exposed to various external factors can lead to your leather bag getting damaged and losing its benefits. Luxurious high-end leather bags usually come in dust bags. Their primary purpose isn’t to make a cute packaging, instead, you should keep your leather bag in them. That way, it will be safe until you decide to wear it again. Another good idea is to get your bag filled with bubble wrap. It will keep its shape and prevent cracks from being wrinkled for too long.

Keep silica gel somewhere close to keep the moist away from the bag. Make sure you carry out your leather bag on the air every few weeks. That will prevent mold growth and eliminate unwanted odors.

6. Remove the scratches right away

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If you notice any scratches or spots on your handmade leather bag, make sure you remove them right away. By waiting too long, you will not be able to eliminate something that can be easily removed if done on time. If you see you can’t do it with your fingertips or cloth alone, try adding a few drops of oil on a cotton pad and gently rubbing it into the leather. It should do all the work and eliminate scratches and spots.

Conclusion: Handmade leather bags are such a classic that never gets old. They can be combined with so many great pieces and make every look glow. Taking proper care of your leather bag is essential. You should clean it regularly, condition it, and store it in a dust bag if possible. The proper care of a leather bag can make it look amazing for much longer and enable years (or even decades) of wearing your luxurious, high-quality leather bag.