How Often Should You Change Your Apple Watch Straps


If you own an Apple watch, it most certainly has the level of versatility that’ll allow you to combine it with almost any outfit that you opt for. However, over a period of time, you might start thinking about changing things a bit and instead of purchasing an entirely new watch, you could choose to change the strap of your Apple watch.

So, you went online and ordered several new straps, which is when it might have hit you – how often should I change them? To put it as simple as possible, it’ll depend on a wide range of factors and to help you determine what you need to do, here is a list of some FAQs, answered:

FAQ About How Often Should You Change Your Apple Watch Straps: Answered


1. Can I Change it Every Day?

The very first thing that you should know about changing the straps on your Apple watch is that you can, in fact, change it every day. What does this mean? Well, it means that the functionality of the watch won’t deteriorate if you change the straps every day, thus, the reason why you might want to do it is completely cosmetic. Hence, if you want to replace it every time that you change your outfit, you can do it without being worried.

2. How Long Will a New One Last?

If you’ve opted for using leather watch bands for Apple watches, you should know that it could last between 5 months and 4 years, but this will heavily depend on the type of leather you opted for, as well as how well you’ve maintained it over a time period. Of course, if you frequently wore the same strap, it’ll start showing the signs of aging and wear and tear, hence, it could end up lasting shorter. Different materials have different durability levels, meaning that some will last shorter, while others, longer.

3. Can I Change it By Myself?


Yes, you could opt for changing it by yourself. Nevertheless, there are a few things that you need to be careful about. For starters, you need to check and ensure that the strap is consistent with the watch you possess, as well as the size you require. Keep in mind, there are some models that are suitable with other Apple watch series, hence, before you actually purchase new bands, you might want to first do some digging and determine what you can get.

4. Should I Clean it Frequently?

Although you shouldn’t clean the strap every day – since this can cause it to deteriorate faster – you should do it at least once a week. For example, if you own watch straps manufactured from silicone, they’re completely water-resistant, which means that you could maintain it by washing it with soap and lukewarm water. However, you should remember that other material options are more sensitive, meaning that you need to clean it with the right products so that you don’t damage it.

For example, you cannot and definitely shouldn’t soak leather bands in lukewarm water and clean them with soap, mostly because this will damage the leather. Instead, you’ll want to purchase a cleaning agent that is manufactured from cleaning leather, and by using it, you’ll ensure that you don’t damage your new and rather expensive strap. Thus, be careful about how, when, and with what you maintain your watch bands.

5. What Are The Options That I Can Choose From?


If there is one thing that you should take away from this article, it’s the fact that there are thousands of bands that you can opt from. You can always visit here for high-quality, durable, and versatile, thus, before choosing the very first option that comes up in your search results, it’s better if you research and browse through different online stores. By doing so, you’ll ensure that you opt for something that suits your needs.

6. Can I Easily Take The Band Off?

Although most people think that it’s difficult to remove the bands off their watch, it isn’t. In fact, all you’ll need to do is to fold the butterfly closure on one of the sides until you feel it click – this should be repeated on the other band later on. Once you do, you’ll find the release buttons on the inside, and to release, click on them. Keep in mind, pull the links off gently and there should be little resistance if you did everything properly.

7. Why Does it Irritate My Skin?

People that have sensitive skin can experience irritation and rashes caused by sweat, soap, and water remaining on the strap. To void this from happening to you, it may be best to avoid wearing your watch when showering, washing your hand, or exercising. But, besides this, guaranteeing that the device actually fits your hand is important too. If it’s too tight, it’ll cause irritation and pain, hence, be careful about the size you opt for.

8. Can I Replace a Band That Isn’t Suitable For me?


Yes, if you ordered a strap that isn’t in your size, you could always choose to take it to your local Apple store and replace it. Besides providing you with a strap that actually fits your wrist, they’ll also help you learn what your size is, and more importantly, they can teach you how to properly fit it into your watch. Of course, they won’t exchange copies of the original bands, so, it’s quite important that you order them from a licensed online shop.


By knowing all the information we’ve mentioned above, you’ll be capable of choosing an Apple Watch band that suits your needs, requirements, and more importantly, you’re style. Keep in mind, the maintenance tips above should be followed, especially if you want to ensure that your watch lasts longer.

Since you now know the answers to some of the most repeatedly asked questions about the watch bands, you shouldn’t lose time. Instead, while keeping all of our tips in mind, start looking for new, unique, and versatile watch straps that you’ll add to your collection.