Applications and Websites Created in Laravel


A plethora of internet-connected web and mobile solutions has completely revolutionized the way customers, employees, teachers, students interact with each other. Unfortunately, it has happened for the better. Moreover, they open up ample opportunities for businesses to connect with consumers and drive their profits. Otherwise, consumers also expect businesses to be online. Only by developing your site or mobile app can you be more accessible to a wider audience and build consumer trust. With that in mind, one of the key decisions is to pick the right framework for development. But what to choose? Let’s find out why Laravel technology should be taken into consideration when building a software solution for your business.

Laravel technology: What’s it exactly?

Being an open-source framework with MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern at the core, Laravel allows development teams to create and implement a myriad of feature-rich, high-performance, dynamic solutions for small startups and large-scale enterprises. As it requires minimal configuration, has friendly syntax and reusable code, software engineers can go fast from design and prototyping to production with Laravel.

Moreover, Laravel technology facilitates the development by automating a great number of processes and simplifying such tasks as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching. Not only does it provide integration possibilities, but it is also compatible with other third-party platforms.

According to Google trends, it is used by 946k developers on GitHub and has two times more stars than competitors. Let’s take a closer look at some of the popular app and web solutions built with Laravel.

#1: Specfox

This solution enables teams to collaborate and manage all kinds of tasks. Not only can they upload designs and add notes, but they can also generate powerful specification documents.

Thanks to Laravel technology, team members can make sure that sensitive information about the project is highly protected. Moreover, it allows to connect each team member and help them work more efficiently


#2: Watchseries

Built with Laravel, Watchseries portal aims to provide video series online for free. Not only can you find your favorite serials and episodes with ease, but you can also subscribe to them. In addition to that, you can add it to your Facebook profile and set up notifications to be in the know about updates of the latest shows.

#3: Alison

With a data-driven focus on skills gain, the site is used to equip users with the knowledge they need. Not only does it offer more than 3,000 free online courses in different categories, including IT, health, business, management, teaching, etc., but it also delivers a sophisticated learning experience and transforms the users’ lives across the globe through online education.


#4:Teak and Twine online store

Designed specifically with Laravel, this website is visually pleasing and has ease-to-use navigation that allows users to find gifts fast and easily. Whether you are looking for a present for employees, clients, friends, foodies, or birthdays, here you can find a perfect gift that is well packaged and arrives on time.

#5: MyRank

This full-fledged online learning website created in Laravel provides students with an excellent opportunity – they can prepare for exams. Not only does it help them to increase students’ chances of cracking competitive exams smoothly, but it allows them to study and repeat important terms, concepts, formulas, and even quotes from reading assignments. Thanks to this e-learning solution, a great number of students can develop skills and reach educational goals.

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#6: World Walking

Leveraging the Laravel back-end functionality, this app helps users track progress. Working as a pedometer, it provides users with photos, facts, views, etc. Not only does it counts their steps, but it also assesses their walking behavior. With this app, users can improve their walking skills and be engaged in the walking process.

#7: Invicta Watch Group

Being a complex eCommerce website, it has a focus on the US-based watch market. Not only does it use a Laravel-based CMS, but it also is equipped with myriad features and handles traffic surges during seasonal hikes. Powered with Laravel, the website helps business owners drive the brand’s identity, innovation and fan following.


#8: Barchart

Being a leading portal, it opens up ample opportunities for financial experts and businesses by delivering the latest market data for the various European markets including the US, UK, Canadian, and Australian stock markets. Thanks to Laravel technology that powers the backend, Barchart offers prices for stock, gold, commodities, currency exchanges, and options data updating in real time. Not only does it bring traders and investors together in one place and allows them to trade online by handling information impressively fast, but they can also make the most of their trades.

#9: Koel

Opting for Laravel technology on the server-side, a web-based personal audio streaming app aims to keep purchased audio files locally. Not only does it free up device space, but it also eliminates the need to rely on the libraries of other streaming services. Only by using Laravel technology can you process terabytes of individual files quickly and increase the app performance.


Final Thoughts: Ready to expand your business with Laravel technology?

Relying on the website or app to present your products and services is a must in today’s fast-paced world. Not only does it help you meet customers and prospects easily and quickly, but you can also provide better customer service, expand your business internationally and increase sales. The more compelling and engaging your web or mobile solution, the more likely customers will be engaged with your brand.

Having that in mind, you need to identify your business goals, a set of required features, and critical requirements. Moreover, it’s imperative to pot for the right technology for your future project. That’s where Laravel technology might be an attractive option. Not only can you apply it when creating a dynamic, full-fledged solution, but it’s also a good fit if you need a simple web app with minimum expenses and in a short time. Once you’ve decided which technology to use, find the technology provider who can bring your idea to life.