Araya Alberta Hargate Net Worth 2024

Araya Alberta Hargate is a Thai – British actress, TV personality, and cover girl. She is mostly known for her role in the movie Doksom Sitting. She is one of the richest actresses in Thailand, and today she lives and works in Bankok.

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Early Life and Career

Araya Hargate is born on June 28th, 1981, in Thailand from a Thai mother and a British father. However, Araya grew up in Thailand and adopted its culture and religion. Therefore, she is a Buddhist. Still, her origins from a British father helped her to improve her acting career later. Araya started to gain an interest in acting since childhood, and she continued with that. After graduating from Badindecha high school, Araya enrolled in Rangsit University, where she got her undergraduate degree.

Araya first started with modeling, where she caught the eyes of the public after winning a Miss Motor Show beauty pageant in 1998. Soon after that, Araya got her first role in Thai soap opera. While being just seventeen, she got the character in a movie Pleng Prai, by Channel 7.

Moreover, Araya has many movies in Thai production behind her, and she became one of the most successful actresses in that country. But, Araya wanted to show her talent outside of her mother country, and try her luck in English – speaking countries. Success was on her side, and Araya made several well-ranked movies and received positive critiques for her roles. Some of the most popular are Crazy Crying Lady (2012), I Love You Two (2016), Tootsies & The Fake (2019), and many more.

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There is even a movie, produced by Channel 3, called Nang Rai Tee Rak from 2015, where Araya played herself, a story about the popular movie actress and her ways of dealing with fame in Thailand.

The talented Thai actress has many acknowledgments that prove her hard work and success, and some of them are:

Top Award 2000, for best female actress in 2000, Thepthong Award for outstanding personnel in Radio-TV in 2002, FHM Sexiest Woman in Thailand in 2007 and Sexiest Actress in Thailand in 2008, W Style Awards for best-dressed actress in the same year. Also, she got some awards outside of the acting business, such as the Outstanding alumni award from Rangsit University in 2010, and Clean bouquet award for promoting honesty from the Office of National Anti – Corruption (NACC).

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Personal Life

Araya A. Hargate is one of the most beautiful actresses in Asia, and she was one of the most wanted single women in the acting world. However, Araya gave her hearth and vows to a businessman Witsarut Rungsisingpipat, and the couple got married in 2015 in a gala ceremony with more than 500 invitations. The couple had been dating six years before they decided to make it official.

The expansion of a family happened in 2017 when Araya gave birth to twin boys called Saifah and Bhayu.

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Araya Alberta Hargate Net Worth 2024

As we already mentioned a couple of times, Araya is known to be one of the most successful and richest actresses in Thailand. Therefore we can expect that her fortune is enormous. Araya Alberta Hargate’s net worth for this year is around $5 million, and we assume that, together with her husband, she shares much more.