13 Reasons Aruba is the One Happy Island

There is no better place on earth than Aruba, and the famous slogan given to this island is One Happy Island. No other island has ever got this title, and this means that there is something in Aruba that has brought this status.

The vibe of Aruba is such that you will feel that you have never seen a place before and leaving the island after your vacation will make you sad. More than perfect are its beautiful beaches that are just pristine. If you are going to Aruba for a vacation anytime soon, make sure that you experience the incredible delights it offers. Annually over thousands of people come to Aruba just to see the tiny paradise on earth.

The Arubans are famous globally for their kind heart, warm smiles, and welcoming nature. During your travel to Aruba, whenever you might encounter the locals, you will truly feel how happy they are with their island life. You will get jealous of their happiness and would want to know the reasons behind their satisfaction. We have especially highlighted the reasons due to which this island is a bliss. There are many reasons Aruba is called the One Happy Island, so let us look at them.

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1. Aruban People

The people of Aruba are incredibly welcoming, hospitable and always have warm smiles gleaming on their faces. They are truly happy living in Aruba, and they have an easy-going attitude about everything. They are living the good Aruban life and are very content with it.

2. Perfect Vacation Rentals

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3. Rich Culture

Diverse culture and history are what you will get to see in Aruba. If history intrigues you, you will be delighted to know about the ancient artifacts found in Aruba. Be an explorer and get to know about the story of how the Aruba that we see today has shaped up.

4. Adventure Sports

There are a vast number of options when it comes to water and adventure sports which makes Aruba the perfect destination for all adventure lovers. There is everything available here, like fishing, offroading, jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, ATV/UTV ride, and much more. You name it, and you will find it in Aruba.

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5. Alluring Beaches

Aruba is home to the most fascinating and beautiful beaches in the world. Eagle beach, which is the most stunning beach of Aruba, ranks in the third position in the list of the beautiful beaches in the world. The other beaches of Aruba are also very alluring.

6. Safety

There is no issue when it comes to safety when you are on the island. There is tight security in Aruba, and guests mostly do not encounter any bad experiences during their stay in Cuba. It is quite a safe destination when planning to visit with family or as a solo traveller.

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7. Variety of Food

What makes Aruba truly a One Happy Island is the lip-smacking food. You will find a variety of cuisines in Aruba that will take your heart away. Make sure to try different cuisines, and don’t forget to try the local Aruban cuisine as it is one of a kind. Also, in Aruba, you will get a fine dining experience to the beachside dining experience, so whatever is on your list, you can experience it in Aruba.

8. Sunny Days

It would be a bummer if you go for an island vacation, and it is raining there. This would spoil your whole vacation and spoil your mood. But worry not as, amongst all of the Caribbean islands, Aruba is the only island that has the most sunny days. This means the rain will definitely be at bay, and you can fully enjoy your beach vacation.

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9. Cool White Sand Beaches

You can walk barefoot on the white sand beaches of the One Happy Island. Isn’t it amazing? Nowhere you would have ever heard that you can walk barefoot on the beach even at noontime because the sand remains hot, but this is not the case in Aruba as the sand is such which remains cool even in the scorching heat.

10. Diverse Nationalities

In Aruba, you will find people living of over 80 nationalities in complete harmony. It is a delight to watch so many cultures blend beautifully into each other and yet give their unique flavour and cultural influences.

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11. Beautiful Sunsets

Only in Aruba will you get to see stunning sunset views. So, when you are visiting Aruba, make sure that you take time out to view the beautiful sunsets. To enhance the experience further, you can head out for a sunset Catamaran cruise where you will get an even better view of the sunset along with enjoying the Caribbean Sea.

12. Local Festivals

Colorful festivals of Aruba are what attract the majority of the tourists, and they are truly one of a kind. Make sure to see the Soul Beach Music Festival, which is famous for all the festivals on the island.

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13. Diving

If you are a diving enthusiast, you must know that Aruba is the wreck diving capital of the Caribbean. So, make sure to try out your driving skills and escape in the marine life and shipwrecks that can be found in Aruba.

Azure Caribbean Sea is calling you to create unforgettable memories. Didn’t you get totally amazed by knowing the 20 reasons why Aruba is famously known as the One Happy Island? There are many beautiful Caribbean islands, but every island failed to get this prestigious title. Just because Aruba is so blissful that people keep on returning to it. Head out for amazing adventures to Aruba with your friends and family. Get more than just a beach vacation when you are in Aruba.