Avitaminosis: Causes, Course, Elimination

Let’s find out its symptoms and signs to know how to treat and prevent it.

What is vitamin deficiency?

Vitamin deficiency is a disease caused by a deficiency of the vitamins. Particularly frequent the vitamin deficiency is diagnosed in the early spring.

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Symptoms of vitamin deficiency

The symptoms of vitamin deficiency depend on nutrients that the body lacks. The common symptoms of vitamin deficiency include

  • malaise,
  • constant fatigue,
  • drowsiness,
  • low efficiency,
  • poor condition of the skin,
  • frequent and severe colds
  • infectious diseases.
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There are some signs of the body that indicate the lack of following vitamins:

  • vitamin_A: blurred vision, dry skin, weakened immune system, headaches, insomnia, etc.
  • vitamin_B1: serious changes in the gastrointestinal tract, heart and nervous system
  • vitamin_B2: inflammation in the mucous membranes, peeling of the skin, visual impairment, etc.
  • vitamin_B3: disgust to food, dryness in the mouth, disorders in the intestinal habits, vomiting, irritability, etc.
  • vitamin_B5: frequent stress, poor state of the nails, brittle hair, slow wound healing, etc.
  • vitamin_B6: anemia, dermatitis, spasms, dyspeptic symptoms, overweight, early appearance of gray hair, etc.
  • vitamin_B7 (Biotine): seborrhea, dermatitis, etc.
  • vitamin_B9: insufficient synthesis of protein, anemia, high chances of having cardiovascular diseases, etc.
  • vitamin_B12: anemia, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, etc.
  • vitamin_C: sickliness, swelling, bleeding gums, tooth loss, bruising on the body, etc.
  • vitamin_E: rapid aging of the body, muscle cramps, neurological disorders, infertility, etc.
  • vitamin_D: pain and fatigue in muscles, joints and bones, bone fractures, memory impairment, weight loss, depression, decreased fertility, etc.
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Vitamin deficiency can lead to severe disorders that can even cause death. But you shouldn’t be alarmed because, fortunately, deaths caused by vitamin deficiency nowadays occur rarely. Meanwhile, in addition to specific signs of vitamin deficiency, patients face mental disorders — neuroses, depression, suffer from deterioration of the quality of life and decrease in physical and intellectual activity.

For women vitamin deficiency in women can end up with violation of the menstrual cycle, decrease in fertility and, as a result, with the development of infertility. During pregnancy, the lack of biologically active elements can lead to various complications. If the mother’s body does not receive enough vitamins during the gestation period. It increases the risk of having a child with congenital diseases and developmental abnormalities.

There are 10 main reasons that lead to vitamin deficiency:

  1. Insufficient vitamins in the food
  2. Sugar abuse
  3. Deletion of the animal food from daily diet
  4. Pregnancy
  5. Dysbiosis
  6. Intestinal parasites
  7. Smoking, alcohol abuse
  8. Destruction of vitamins during storage or cooking of the foodstuff
  9. Polluted environment
  10. Low body temperature
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Treatment of vitamin deficiency

In most cases treatment is prescribed by the doctor after a thorough examination of the patient. The doctor interviews the person in detail, identifies all the causes and symptoms of this state of health. According to the indications, the doctor may prescribe a number of diagnostic tests (electrocardiogram, general clinical tests, CAT scan of the bones, etc.).

When the doctor receives and analyses all the results he or she decides how to treat vitamin deficiency in this specific case. The doctor always takes into account the severity of the deficiency, the age of the patient, possible pathology (cardiovascular diseases, liver and kidney diseases, malignant neoplasms, etc.).

In the treatment of vitamin deficiency it is necessarily included the elimination of the causes that led to this heath state. For example, there are situations when vitamins arrive in sufficient quantities, but they cannot realize their function for many reasons (low sensitivity of receptors, lack of transport proteins, etc.). Then the doctor is looking for ways to cure this disease. In most cases, therapeutic measures include taking special medicines, a daily regime and a balanced diet.

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How to prevent vitamin deficiency

A deficiency of vitamins and minerals always has a negative impact on human health. In some cases, it leads to serious consequences and aggravates chronic diseases. Therefore, the prevention of vitamin deficiency is one of the most important issues, which consists in:

1 Healthy lifestyle (balanced diet, absence of bad habits, sufficient physical activity, walks in parks, alleys, spending a lot of time outdoors etc.)

The main way to treat vitamin deficiency is to eat more healthily and watch the diet, which will be rich in basic vitamins. Daily ration should definitely include fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits. The patient should consume a sufficient amount of high-quality meat and dairy products.

2 Regular and balanced intake of multivitamin-mineral complexes. Vitamins and supplements help to prevent and treat disorders associated with a lack of certain nutrients.

Nowadays, multivitamin medicine can be prescribed in different forms, amongst them are drops, tablets, lozenges, etc. Multivitamin complexes should be selected carefully, and prescribed by a doctor.

Source: medicalnewstoday.com


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Vitamin deficiency is rightfully considered one of the” horseman” of the winter health-apocalypse, along with depression, decreased immunity and exacerbation of chronic diseases. It is caused by a deficiency of vitamins in the body and brings with it problems with the skin, hair, digestive system, general malaise and other illnesses. Of course, there are some ways to cure and prevent this disease: healthy lifestyle, proper diet and natural supplements.