Top 6 Causes Of Commercial Water Damage

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Unlike water damage in residential spaces, it can happen in commercial areas as well. Water damage in Medford or Charleston can happen anywhere. This water damage can be very harmful to your business as it may restrict you from operating it in case of severe injury. Water damage can also affect the employee’s productivity as it can cause many types of water-borne diseases.

Commercial spaces witness more damage than residential places, and such cases are far more complex. A comprehensive and well-formulated plan needs to executed to resolve the issue. It is crucial to keep track of sign which tell us that there is water damage.

But the question is, what is the sign? In this blog, Smofmedford talks about some of the most common causes of commercial water damage!

1. Leakage in the pipe

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One of the most common reasons for water damage is the bursting of a pipe or an internal leakage. The temperature change can also damage the pipe. The tube can break due to pressure, lousy water supply lines, sewerage clogs, or maybe because the pipeline is old.

Leakage may be undetectable initially, but after some time, water may start dripping from this place. You can also discover it with the help of stains over the flooring, ceiling, loose tiles, wet carpeting, peeling up of the paint, etc.

These signs indicate water damage, and you should rectify it immediately else the injury may increase. You should hire a professional water restoration service as they have specified tools and equipment to carry advanced assessment, which can help in precisely identifying the fault and taking remedial steps towards it.

2. Leakage in Sprinkler System

All commercial spaces have a sprinkler system and a fire alarm installed, which mitigates the situation in case of a fire. The system trips open whenever there is a fire in the place.

The sprinkler system may get faulty over time.

In such a scenario, the sprinkler may activate in the absence of fire, and the water may affect the flooring, drywall, or the walls.

You can identify the leakage if your encounter the growth of mold and mildew, standing water in the premises, wet drywalls, development of odor. It would help if you regularly carried check-up of the sprinkler system to prevent the damage.

3. Bad Condition of the roof

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Another factor that can cause water damage is the leakage in the roof. The leakage can develop due to bad weather conditions such as tornado, storm, heavy rainfall or wind. The frequent weather change can also damage the roof.

If the roof is more than 20 years old, it is more susceptible to such leakage, and it is necessary to replace the top completely. In the absence of proper maintenance, you may encounter missing shingles that might have fallen because of the rain; the roof might have developed something heavy fall over in it in case of a storm.

These structural damages will let the water enter your house. They can even attract mold growth which can cause infections. The older the roof, the greater are the chance of such damages. You must carry a regular maintenance check  with to ensure it is in good condition.

4. Malfunctioning of HAVC System

HAVC system is standard in commercial as well as private space. They help in maintaining the proper temperature of the room by allowing adequate circulation of the air. This system is essential as it circulates fresh air and makes the place more comfortable for the people while they are working.

HAVC system accumulates dust over time. They can contain debris, leaves, branches, pest or other contaminants. Thus, they run for a much more extensive duration than expected, creating excess load on the system. It involves the part of the system and causes their wear and tear.

Such instances might lead to water damage. It would help if you got the HAVC system cleaned from time to time to avoid such damage.

5. Broken Appliances

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Our house has so much equipment like washing machines, dishwashers, air conditioners, water heater, etc. These types of appliances can also cause water damage. These appliances may have leakage in their pipe.

This malfunctioning may not be visible for quite some time until the damage caused become severe. Check the pipe of these appliances frequently and in case of leakage get them replaced immediately.

6. Window Damage

Commercial water damage can happen because of a broken window as well. If the windows are not correctly sealed, the water may come inside the house during storm or rainfall. The water may increase the moisture and dampness in the area.
This moisture is suitable for the growth of mold, which can cause many respiratory problems as well. The water from the window may spoil your flooring, drywall, or carpeting. It would help if you repaired the windows immediately.

7. Natural Disaster

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One of the significant reasons for water damage is natural disasters like floods, storms, thunderstorms, etc., which can cause massive damage to any property that falls in its way. Improper cleaning of drains and non-removal of waste also led to water accumulation alongside your property, causing water damage.
Flood water can enter your house and destroy everything. In such a scenario, you cannot stop the disaster, but afterwards, you can restore your home with the help of a restoration company.

Last few words!

Water damage is a big problem for commercial as well as residential spaces. Resolving such damages is very important. You must call the professional service as soon as you see any sign of water damage.

To reduce the water damage, you must carry a frequent assessment of all the internal and external pipe. For taking internal review, you require advanced tools to detect water traces inside and check the condition. You must hire a professional water restoration company to carry such an assessment. Such assessments are much cheaper than the bills generated by water damage.
Keep calm and tackle the situation responsibly.